Trabants release FREAKOUT

Trabants - FREAKOUT

Every Trabants release has stuck out to me so far, and this is no exception. Or rather, this is also exceptional. You know what I mean. I'm not sure if I can pinpoint exactly what it is, they just seem to be one of those bands where everything lands in the right place. The drums aren't necessarily showy, but keep things moving in the right way, and really know how to add some punch when they need to. They've always got a good helping of variety and fresh ideas on every album, and the tunes stick with you.


The Monterreys release The Pharoah

The Monterreys - The Pharoah

Early this morning my car was parked in North Carolina, where I drank many interesting sodas and hiked some beautiful mountains for a weekend. After a long day driving back here, I found that North Carolinans the Monterreys had made their new album available to those of us that didn't get to catch them at the Instro Summit. One of these years.


The Mighty Swells release Off The Top

Off the Top with The Mighty Swells

Gee Whiz! The Mighty Swells have been dripping songs onto Soundcloud and Reverbnation for years, but finally went ahead and made a long-player. They've got a well polished very trad sound where the fun finds its way through. This LP is predominantly covers, but originals like "Lone Rhino" and "Mr Infiltrator" really hold their own amidst the time-tested classics. Apparently they've got another LP of originals on the way!


Puta Madre Brothers release Amor y Basura

Puta Madre Brothers - Amor y Basura

Puta Madre Brothers are a pretty oddball group. A three man one-man band (each member plays guitar and drums simultaneously), their sound is pretty unique. There's a semi tex-mex sound, but with an off-kilter beat, and all sorts of what-not thrown into the blender. It's not entirely instrumental, but it's instrumental enough. Here, have the description from , I like what they say more.


The Revomatics release We Come In Peace

The Revomatics - We Come In Peace

This is the third LP from Wisconsin's The Revomatics (second studio LP). I've only heard "Live at Lucky Joe's Tiki Room" but it was a blast the whole way through. From the previews, this seems like a slight departure: darker, more mysterious, more thunderous.  Now I've got no issue with bands trying to go straight for a sound from the early 60's and leaving it at that, but it's also cool to hear a band push themselves and work out a sound of their own.


The Cavernarios and Los Galerna release Sangre en el Atlántico split EP

The Cavernarios and Los Galerna - Sangre en el Atlántico

Great lineup for a split EP, each band from a place where surf just won't quit. Los Galerna take the first half of the split at a fast pace. Their sound is pretty standout mix of distinct percussion, quick-pickin' guitar and honkin' sax. It's got great punch and really comes together! I'm a little more familiar with Mexico's The Cavernarios, and they definitely hold up their end. They start with a blistering fuzzy number, then move to a pretty one, and end with a sunny twister.

Whole thing is pay-what-you-want on bandcamp, absolutely worth a listen!


The Satin Chaps release Stompin' 7"

Just a few weeks ago I was listening to The (Fabulous) Wailers' "Tall Cool One" LP and thinking "Why are there not thousands of bands still making this stuff?". I just wanna stomp and twist and dance and leave my music at that!

The Satin Chaps get it! They've got some swingin' organ, honkin' brass, and percussion ready to make you move. Too bad two tracks aren't even enough to work up a sweat, but they're both right on target!


Los Plantronics release Surfing Times

Los Plantronics - Surfing Times

Los Plantronics are a gift from the Norse gods. Their previous record "Organic Voodoo Soup" was a knockout, but also a bit experimental. Often that means strange and moody, but I really mean it wasn't strictly surf, dipping into soul music, boogaloo etc. Check out the song "Cin-a-Delico" from that album for a surf track that tries to be a whole lot more.



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