Bombón releases A Date with Bombón EP

Bombón - A Date with Bombón

You gotta be careful looking for surf rock on Burger Records. They're home to an awful lot of the bands that are muddying up the term. You know, garage bands with a lot of reverb on the vocals, stuff derived from Wavves, Black Lips etc. And right from the first track one might think that's the case here, with summery girl-group-garage sing-a-long vocals, but I urge you to stay! The next track is "Swedish Fish", a rippin' surf instro with punchy, splashy percussion free of pretention and all about fun. That's one out of 3.5 surf instrumentals ("Pow Wow" probably totals at about 20 unique words) out of a total 6 tracks. While I don't think that ratio beats their last LP I'd say it qualifies for this site and aw heck, the vocal songs are fun anyway.

You can get it from  or . And check out the mutant-ooze colored cassette!

Bombon cassette


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