Post date: 06/17/2024 - 15:46

Frankie and The Pool Boys - Tan Line Fever (Spin the Bottle)
Slacktone - Daytona Mona (Into the Blue Sparkle)
The Biarritz Boys - Fire in the Hole (Inside Clean Waves)
El Ray - Cheese on a Cup (Chasing Ray)

Dick Dale & his Del-Tones - Take it Off (Surfer's Choice)
The Centurians - Body Surfin' (Surfers' Pajama Party)
Jim Messina and the Jesters - High Voltage (Jim Messina and the Jesters)
The Ventures - Escape (Go With the Ventures!)
Teddy and The Rough Riders - Path Finder (Dancehall Stringbusters! V1)
Lee Hazlewood’s Woodchucks - Bangkok Cock Fight (Cruisin' for Surf Bunnies)
The Teemmates - Nightfall (45)

Las Animas - Space Invader (Cult Of The Black Wave)
Digital Vegetable - Desert Runner (Mescaline Rush)
The Dirty Licks - Olas Furiosas (Revancha Surfista)
The Other Timelines - Public Access '66 Theme (Doubleshot, Vol. 1)
Pointbreak - Four Can Frogman (Ming Dynamite)

Langhorns - Project Grudge (Showstopper)
The Jagaloons - Ghost of the Sargasso (Forbidden Words)
The Tourmaliners - Con Permiso (Surfidia)
Th' Losin Streaks - Mangalore (Last House)
Unkle Kook - Astro (COMING IN BUNCHES)

Surfer Joe - Stay Stoked (World Traveler)
The Kneejerk Reactions - Volatile (Wiggin' Out With...)
The Phantom Surfers - Rootin' Around for Ramona (Great Surf Crash of 97)
Long Boards - The Wave (Gnarly Surf)

Peter Pan and the Good Fairies - Kaleidoscope (45)
Trabants - Surfers On Acid (Mantra)
The Leonites - Monika M (Age of Lotharius)
Chef Menteur - Surface Tension (Force Majeure)

Tiki Bombs - Surf And Kill (Blood Surf)
The Chukukos - Fiebre Altiplanica en Oruro (Deep Latin Surf Attack!)
The Volcanics - Trick Shot (The Lonely One)
The Frogenstein - In Reverb We Trust (Surf Clusters)
The Milk Lizards - The Butcher of Bakersfield (Warm)
Threesome - Snow Surf (Adriatica)
The Aquaholics - Spy Vs Spy (Surfing With Satan)
The Young Barons - Malagueña (Hella California)
Red Hot Org - Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie (Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie)

Post date: 06/10/2024 - 10:49

The Delstroyers - Time To Kill (Diabolical!)
The Infrareds - Half Moon Bay (Sounds From the Darkroom)
Burt Rocket - Boss Board (Fiberglass Frenzy)
The Mobsmen - Boom (Fraternitas Aurum Factorem)
Bodhi and the Zephyrs - Charging (The Third Wave E.P.)
Hypnotide - Number One Chinese Restaurant (Landlocked)

The Ventures - Fuzzy and Wild (Wild Things!)
Billy Mure - Firecrackers (Fireworks)
Thunder Rocks - War Path (On the Rampage)
Marrell's Marauders - The Marauder (The Birth of Surf Vol. 3)
The Viceroys - Seagrams (45)
Sonny Burgess - Thunderbird (Sonny Burgess Vol. 3)
The Surfaris - Big Surge (Fun City U.S.A.)

The Other Timelines - Unsafe at Any Speed (Doubleshot Vol. 1)
Messer Chups - Charade (Dark Side of Paradise)
MuniMula - Shit, I almost had it (Runnin' Wild)
The Jagaloons - Forbidden Words (Forbidden Words)
Pointbreak - Tiger Hour (Alt Take) (Ming Dynamite)

Trabants - Mantra (Mantra)
The Viking Surfers - Hawaii 500 (upcoming release)
Langhorns - Stagger (Showstopper)
The Katatonics - Dallas (The Katatonics)
Trve Kvlt Surf - The 4th Wave (feat. Board Thrower) (The 4th Wave (feat. Board Thrower))

Surf Zombies - Gaijin Smash (In Color)
The Kilaueas - La Gondola Lactasia (Touch My Alien)
The Surfaders - Sarpha (A Greater Silence)
The Phantom Dragsters - Escape from the Island (At Tiki Horror Island)
The Frigidaires - Blue Worlds (Play It Cool)

Babington - Cosa Nostra Goat (Formosa)
Doombox - Digital Junkie Ninja (DBX-1)
Oskar Benas Instro Combo - Pericolossus (Obic)
Los Bitchos - Good to Go! (Good to Go!)

Tendinite - Smurf and Flam (Tendinite/Demon Juice Split)
Turbine Powered Heroes - In The Hands Of Dr Tårtspade (Totally Wiped Out! - Deluxe)
Los Pecadores - Los Pecadores vs the Scum of Uranus (Escape From Uranus)
The Mermers - Bloodier Barrel (AAHHHH!! IT'S THE MERMERS)
The Illumignarly - The Mung Eater (Particle Shore)
Volcano Kings - Surfing On Chainsaws (Music For An Exotic Monster Beach Party in Outer Space : Volume 1)
Crystal Shit - Postal Surf (Earth Fed)
The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Double Dipper (Por El Atajo Instromundial)

Post date: 06/03/2024 - 14:38

The Windows - High Tide (Promotional)
Los Plantronics - Hieronymous Bosch (Organic Voodoo Soup)
Ventura Dives - Red Coast (Ventura Dives)
Guantanamo Baywatch - Witch Stomp (Desert Center)
Operation Octopus - Dick Dastardly (El Calavera)

The Twilights - 007 (Surf-Age Nuggets: Trash & Twang Instrumentals 1959-1966)
The Tornadoes - The Swag (Charge Of The Tornadoes)
Jerry Cole - Midnight Surfer (Outer Limits)
The Astronauts - Surf Softly and Carry a Big Board (Rarities)
The Jordans - Anda (Suspense)

The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Dog of Mischief (Por el Atajo Instromundial)
Langhorns - The Hog (Showstopper)
The Babalooneys - Tomatillo (Late To the Party!)
Aloha Screwdriver - Shock 15 (Lunar Wobble)
The Jagaloons - Ghost of the Sargasso (Forbidden Words)

Sant Anna Bay Coconuts - La Jolla (The Pineapple Parade)
Los A-Tunes - Tormenta (Cabos Sueltos)
Rev Hank - Cyclops (Longhorn)
Kent Wennman feat. Ulf Holmberg - Surrender (Elvis I Parksnäckan 10 År (2002-2012))
Man... or Astro-man? - Madness in the Streets (Mission into Chaos)

Lords Of Atlantis - The Fiery Trident (Lords of Atlantis)
The Mystery Men? - Hotel Loneliness (Firewalkers)
HJ & The Constellations - Dawn of a New Day (Golden Age Rocketry, Vol. 1)
Jim & the Sea Dragons - Attila (Sous les Paves, la Plage!)

Pointbreak - The Dripping Forecast (Ming Dynamite)
Theo Schumann Combo - Aladin (Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain Vol. 1)
The Tornados - Earthy (Ridin' the Wind - The Anthology)
The Mutants - Bungalow Boo-boo-boo (Deathrace 3000)

K.V. Raucous - Run Bubba Run (Screwdriver E.P.)
The Telestons - Game Over (Blast Beach)
Z & the Tiki Twisters - Z man (Z & The Tiki Twisters)
The Psyders - Pharoah Surf (Introducing Psyders)
THE CHEMIST & THE ACEVITIES - Green Cytochrom (L'Appel de la musique Surf, Vol. 2)
Demon Vendetta - Shock Waves (Vigilante Surf)
The Beyonderers - Novel Attack Vector (Novel Attack Vector)
The Del-Vipers - Disaster Magnet (Terror of the Del-Vipers (2023 Remaster))

Post date: 05/27/2024 - 14:29

The Volcanics - Futureman (Girls Girls Girls)
The Bahareebas - Moai from Outer Space (Tell me a Story About)
The Falcons - Wild Tide (Atomic Guitar)
Intóxicos - Riviera (Sick Drop)

Duane Eddy - Slalom (Water Skiing)
The Du-cats - Round and Round (self-titled)
The Creations - The Crash (Surf-age Nuggets)
The Pyramids - Paul (Penetration! The Best of the Pyramids)
B. Brock and the Sultans - Feed the Beetle (Do the Beetle)
Johnny Fortune - Lone Surfer (Original Mix) (Soul Surfer)

Langhorns - Project Grudge (Showstopper)
Aloha Screwdriver - Turducken of the Sea (Lunar Wobble)
Light Strucks - Distante do Sol (Sunstruck)
K.V. Raucous - The Julep (Screwdriver EP)
The Babalooneys - Locked In (Late To the Party!)
The Jagaloons - Space Junk (Forbidden Words)

Messer Chups - The Girl With the Sun In Her Hair (Dark Side of Paradise)
Surf-a-tomica - ANIMALES BRAVIDOS (Surf-a-tomica)
Said the Ripper - Ricky the Gambler (The Hanging at Barbed Wire)
Hipbone Slim and His Crown Toppers - The Hump (The Toppermost Sounds of?.?.?.?)

The Space Rangers - La Magia Verde (Ready To Take Off!)
Laika & The Cosmonauts - S.P.Y.D.A.'s Web (Cosmopolis)
Wjlp - 1999 AD (WJLP Is out of This World)
The 427's - Victory City (Stay Gold)
The Desolate Coast - Save a Horse, Ride a Surfboard (Without A Planet)

Mitko - Pomagatje Drugovi (Mitko)
The Manakooras - Howl of the Jaguar (Howl of the Jaguar)
Olson, Van Cleef, Williams - Good as Gold (As Gold Turned to Black Powder)

Amphibian Man - Speed (Speed Power Turbo Racer)
The Invisible Surfers - Burned Brain (Till That Day)
Hula Ghost - Movie Seatre Theating (You Have to Be Quiet and Not Eat Things)
Night Birds - Escape from New York (Born to Die in Suburbia)
The Del Roswells - Earth Vs the Del Roswells (Death from Above)
The Tentakills - Dog Days (Rage of Aquarius)
The Protons - Be Prepared for a Fantastic Adventure Into the Future (Out of Phase)
King Ghidora - A Cosmic Nemesis (The Secret Origin of an Unknown Planetary Destroyer)
The Squares - Owt (The Squares)

Post date: 05/20/2024 - 14:17

The Space Cossacks - Red Sunrise (Never Mind The Bolsheviks - The Best Of…)
The Krontjong Devils - The Lone Surfer (ACTION)
The Daytonas - Emerging from the Tube (Parabolica)
Brainwashers - Dripper (Be Careful with that Surfboard)
Lewis Bailey - The Ageo Flash (The Instrumental Stylings of Lewis Bailey)

The Du-Cats - Shindig (The Du-Cats)
ZZ and de Maskers - Beat Girl (self-titled)
The Cornells - Malibu Surf (Surf Fever!)
PJ & the Galaxies - Andele (Rare Surf vol. 1 The South Bay Bands)
The Rhythm Surfers - 502 (Like Getting Pinched On a 502) (Surf-Age Nuggets: Trash & Twang Instrumentals 1959-1966)
The Arrows - Moon Dawg '65 (45)
Los Belking's - Bolido de Fuego (45)

The Babalooneys - South Short (Late to the Party)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Branded Dinosaur (Branded Dinosaur)
Light Strucks - Surf Opera (Sunstruck)
Surf-a-tomica - PICUDO ROJO (Surf-a-tomica)
Messer Chups - Charade (Dark Side of Paradise)
Jaguatirica Fever - Vale Verde Ranch (Felino)
The Smokewagons - Diabalo Sandwich and a Dr Pepper (40 Watt Surf Party)

Man or Astro-Man? - Planet Collision (Experiment Zero)
Phono-Comb - Grip 'n' Grin (Fresh Gasoline)

The Shockwave - Death Race (Death Race)
X-Ray Vision - The Man with X-Ray Eyes (Panique au Biblos)
The Apemen - Creature from the Haunted Sea (Are You Being Surfed?)
Night Zoo - War of the Satellites (Cold War Classics)
East Coast Tremors - The Pit & The Pendulum (EP Collection 2004-2005)
Urban Surf Kings - Not Of This Earth (Surf Vs The Flying Saucers)

Yawning Man - Split Tooth Thunder (Rock Formations)
Dirty Fuse - Kill Ellie / ? ???? T??e? S??t?µa (Surfbetika!)
Les Robots - Standoff at Planet T (Standoff at Planet T)
Thomas Natschinski & His Group - Kosmos 354 (Indie Psyche Rock - Rare Recordings from the Attic)

The Obsidians - Seismic Surfin' (Live) (Notre Histoire)
The Terrorsurfs - Spit Roast (From The Jaws Of Hell)
Mysterious Tape Man - Taniwha (feat. The Tape Wolves) (ESOTERIC SURF TRASH)
The Atom Jacks - Mirage IV (Mirage IV)
The Orions - Oil-Whales' revenge (The Orions)
theunidentified. - Ctrl-Alt-Delete (Secret Audio Suspense)
The NineteenElevenS - Warheads on Foreheads (The NineteenElevenS - EP)
wormkids - ninjutsu (inzen)
Captian Ahab & the Sea Crackens - Surf Ninja (Captain ahab & the Sea Crackens)
The Hangees - Fuzz and Loud (Heading Back to the Good Valley)

Post date: 05/13/2024 - 14:41

Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience - Yozora No Hoshi (Meanwhile in Mallorca)
The Surfers - Surf Party! (Surf Party!)
The Silver Hawks - Tsunami Struck (The Silver Hawks Shurf Coast to Coast)
Los Daytonas - The Contest (Troublemaker)
Longboard Ranch - Bejal (Longboard Ranch Rides Again!)
The Belmont Playboys - Chaparral (Country Masters: Hot Rod Heart)

Duane Eddy - Movin' N' Groovin' (Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel)
Link Wray & His Ray Men - Turnpike U.S.A. (45)
Dick Dale - Banzai Washout (King of the Surf Guitar)
The Ventures - The Cruel Sea [Live In Japan 1965] (The Cruel Sea [Live In Japan 1965])
Duane Eddy - Gidget Goes Hawaiian (45)

Messer Chups - Blood and Black Lace (Dark Side of Paradise)
Magnatech - ? Fragezeichen (? Fragezeichen / Exodus)
Desert Undertones - The 48ers (Massacre Canyon)
Satan's Pilgrims - Rev-It (Peregrinaje Instromundial)
God of Surf - Nosara (Instrumentals)
Jaguatirica Fever - Pantanal (Felino)
The Malbehavers - Surfari (Tout Tilburg Surft)
Impala - Experiment in Terror/Stalkin' (R & B Favorites)

The Cavernarios - Soy de la Costa (Camino a Varadero)
Los Frenéticos - Macumba (Macumba)
Zak and the Krakens - Mindbender (Zak and the Krakens)
The Doltones - Hai Horto Kaalot (Gypsy Ride) (Stormrider)
Retrofoguetes - A Nova Onda Hipnótica dos Retrofoguetes (A Nova Onda Hipnótica dos Retrofoguetes)

Project K/67 - Sirocco (Sirocco)
Dalindéo - The Devil From Porthan Street (Kallio)
Burrito Wolf - Monterrey's (Wolf Burritos (teaser))
Duane Eddy - Ramrod (45)

The Wangs - Firelord (Live) (Halloween Party - Live)
The Meteoroids - Wild Hari (The Meteoroids)
The Tiki Bombs - A Tiki Full of Maggots (Blood Surf)
Los Manolitos - SurfinSpoooooks (Creature Features Boogaloo)
The Good The Bad - 027 (From 018 To 033)
Bitchin' Rail Banger - Surf Age (Shacked)
Howling Guitar - Boogie Train (Motor Noise)
The Nebulas - Euphorion (Euphorion)
The Apemen - Bongo Bongo (Surfvival of De Onbeschoneste)
Hawaii Samurai - Pacific Darkside (Let There Be Surf)

Post date: 05/06/2024 - 11:14

Los Straitjackets - New Siberia (Jet Set (Bonus Track Version))
Ethan Luck - Dorado (The Golden West)
The Volcanos - Riverside Run (Finish Line Fever)
Tsunami Samurai - Peeling Out (C'est la vie! C'est la surf)
The Supertubes - El Zalamar (Wham! Experience)

The Challengers - Rampage (Lloyd Thaxton Goes Surfing with the Challengers)
The Sherwoods - Tickler (Surf-Age Nuggets: Trash & Twang Instrumentals 1959-1966)
The Super Stocks - Gridiron Goodie (Toes on the Nose - 32 Surf Age Instrumentals)
The Ted Taylor Four - Surf Raider (Ku-Pow! British Instrumental Guitar Music of the 1960s)
Les Versatiles - Marisa (Les Versatiles)
Richie Allen & The Pacific Surfers - Ridin' the Woodie (Surfer's Slide)
Lee Hazlewood's Woodchucks - Quiet Village (Cruisin’ for Surf Bunnies)

Satan's Pilgrims - 32 Miles To Avalon (Peregrinaje Instromundial - EP)
The Malbehavers - Carambola (Tout Tilburg Surft)
Los Manolitos - To Surf (Breed) (Creature Features Boogaloo - EP)
Jaguatirica Fever - Baile Stoner (Felino)
God of Surf - Life's a Beach (Energy)

Mick Beaulieu - Surf Breaker (Seashore)
Longboard Cruise Control - Bazzar Nights (Counter Trails - EP)
Fuzzy Loom - Wrist Breaker (Mormodrama)
Captain Rico & the Ghost Band - Running in the Wind (The Forgotten Memory of the Beaches)
Pounded by the Surf - Acid Drop (No Waves)

Los Tiki Phantoms - Juno (Y el Misterio del Talismán)
Os Gatunos - Otarião, Surfe! (Vão a Praia)
The Tormentos - New Wave (Grab Your Board!)
FAT KAHOONA - Drummer's Delight (Casino Coral - EP)
The Wave Chargers - Destinazione Roccapina (The Wave Chargers)

Los Baby's - Jinetes in el Cielo (Album de Oro)
Son de Huesos - Dzulu´m (Armonía De Las Esferas)
Blue Spectre - L'auberge (Silver Screen)

The Apemen - Joop Walvis hangs ten (Surfvival of de Onbeschoneste)
Cherokee Astro - Dance of the Shogun (Cherokee Astro - EP)
Miserable Ones - Bajkonur (Live) (Ziki records live session (Live))
The Telestons - Antipina (Blast Beach)
Creature of the Wheel - Shred of the Living Dead (DethSurf)
Thee Cormans - Creature's Crawl (Halloween Album With Sound Effects)
Astroglides - Sewerpipe Ride (Penetrate with...)
DREBIN - Oss 118 (Y2k19 - EP)
Daikaiju - Deluxe Electric Ninja Mistress (Phase 3)
The Nebulas - Null Set (In Medias Res) (Euphorion)
Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards - Rupture continuum espace-temps (Rétrofuturisme, vol. 1)

Post date: 04/28/2024 - 22:54

Slingshot Dragster - Ode to the Od (Bite the Bullet)
The Head Henchmen - Party At the Bongo (Oh No! It's the Head Henchmen)
The Routes - Shake Five (Shake Five)
The Surf Motherfuckers - Ted's Twist (Kaifuku)
The Untamed Youth - The Hearse (Untamed Melodies)

The Arrows - Hell Cats (The Hellcats: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Safaris - Kick Out (Surf-age Nuggets)
The Rhythm Rockers - Surfin' At Mazatlan (Surfing Classics)
PJ & the Galaxies - The Schimmy (Rare Surf Vol. 1 - The South Bay Bands)
The Swingers - Nitro (Boss Drag '64)
Link Wray - Roughshod (Big City After Dark - Missing Links Volume 2)

Jaguatirica Fever - Canoa Quebrada (Felino)
Longboard Cruise Control - Propulsion (Counter Trails)
Creature of the Wheel - Shred of the Living Dead (DethSurf)
Mick Beaulieu - Cold Waves (Seashore)
God of Surf - Manta Ray (Power)

The Surfers - Distance (Surf Party!)
Los Dedos - Hot Rod Bob (El Salado)
The Hula Girls - Tabou (Tabou / Zombie Stomp)
Little Kahuna - 3 Day Weekend (Summer by the Beach)
Los Venturas - El Rey De Los Cielos (Miles High)

The Hypnomen - Panorama Red (Supersonico)
Pounded by the Surf - Acid Drop (No Waves)
Los Protones - Presagio (Misión: OA4)
Sun Bus - Diablo Del Mar (Waves Into...)
Swami John Reis - The Lonely Sea Sweeper (Modern Surf Classics)

Sheverb - Redemption of the River Witch (Redemption of the River Witch)
The Break - The Surfing Priests (Church Of The Open Sky)
Megatronadores - Azra (Wanglen)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Rocket Tx7 (Studio 37)

Astroglides - Mystic Sphynx-Ten (Penetrate With...)
The Apemen - De Wip (Surfvival Of De Onbeschoneste)
Underwater Bosses - Sea Wolf (The Night Divides The Ride)
Speedball JR - V8 (U69)
Surf Cult - I'm Wild At Heart (Surf Cult)
Kólga - Is This Real? (Black Tides)
Galactic Coffin - Apocalipsisa Adin (Surf the Skulls or Die)
The Ghastly Ones - Attack Of Robot Atomico (A-Haunting We Will Go-Go)
The Nebulas - Friccion (Euphorion)

Post date: 04/22/2024 - 14:33

The Bomboras - P.O.P. Pier (Songs From Beyond!)
God of Surf - Waves of Fury (Good Waves)
The Kanaloas - Toxica (Surf a Go Go!)
The Razerbills - Death Ride 65 (Omniscient Omnipotent Omnipresent)
Surf-a-tomica - La lucha (Auténtico del Líbano)
Sun Bus - Diablo Del Mar (Waves Into...)

Teddy and the Roughriders - Distant Thunder (Swingin' with Wing)
The Arondies - El Rondie (7")
Os Morgans - Opus (Os Morgans)
Los Supersonicos - Introducción (Surf Con Los...)
Sant Anna Bay Coconuts - Whiskers Aflame (The Pineapple Parade)
The Surfers - Baltic Pirates (Surf Party!)

Los Dedos - Carajillo (El Salado)
The Hula Girls - Zombie Stomp (Zombie Stomp)
Kitten And The Tonics - Alarmium (Alarmium - EP)
Sheverb - She Shanty (She Rides Again)
Pekka Laine - L'enfer des Cannibales (The Enchanted Guitar of Pekka Laine)
Little Kahuna - Fools Gold (Summer by the Beach)

Eddy Djé et ses Silhouettes - Le Gitan (Hey Tequila)
Chris Casello - Taboogie (Surfin' Hayride)
The Cowabungouls - 15th Street NPB (Cowabunghouls EP)
Los Misterios - Kit the Car (IV)
Fuzzy Loom - Comets Fall For The Last Time (Mormodrama)

Age of Lazers - Aquaholics - Satan's Tsunami (California Games 4: Original Soundtrack)
Nusantara Beat - Mang Becak (Mang Becak)
La Banda Chuska - Bar Secreto (Bar Secreto)

The Nebulas - Convective Activity (Euphorion)
Silindrisch - Final Solar Transmissions (Initiation Program Report)
Chum - Pencil Fight (Super Not Cool)
The Frogenstein - Voodoo Twist (Surf Clusters)
Atomic Mosquitos - Pluto's Revenge! (Bug Music for Bug People)
The Tiki Creeps - Bottom Feeder (Live) (More "Live" Than Dead!)
The MES - Hypno Preacher (Hypno Preacher)
Kólga - Riptide (Black Tides)
Arno De Cea And The Clockwork Wizards - Planète antichromatique (Flash Freezing the Sun)

Post date: 04/15/2024 - 14:37

Another MARATHON SHOWDOWN, where we took donations over the phone in the name of either FOOLS (it was April Fools) or GOLD

FOOLS were stupid/novelty songs

GOLD were my favorites

It was a genuinely thrilling battle, with Fools winning out by only a few dollars in the end. And we raised well over $1000 for WTUL with your support.

Blue = FOOL, Red = GOLD

Lord Rockingham's XI - The Squelch (45)
Duane Eddy - Twistin' Off A Cliff (Twistin' 'N' Twangin' (With Bonus Tracks))
Frankie Stein and His Ghouls - The Wrist Twist (Ghoul Music)
Logic Circuit - Motocross Pt. 1 (45)
Los Straitjackets - Kawanga (Deke Dickerson Sings The Great Instrumental Hits)
Cosmo Piluqui - Speed Racer Vs. The Macrists from Hell (Proletarian Psycho Surfer Tunes, Vol. 1)
The Guitaraculas - Insomnia of the Mummies (Two Bottles of Blood)
Bo Diddley - Mumblin' Guitar (The Story Of Bo Diddley: Very Best Of)
Frankie and The Pool Boys - The Wet Season (Spin the Bottle)
Les Agamemnonz - Diana (Diana b/w Lacrymos)
Louie & The Fat Men - Fat Man (Las Vegas Grind, Vol. 7)
The Sophisticats - Groovy (Meow, baby!)
The Ampfibians - Wolf Whistle (Enigma of the Deep)
Cat Sith - Immigrant (Cat Sith)
The Kilaueas - Why Do Fools Fall in Lava (Touch My Alien)
The Bills - Go Bananas (Check's in the Mail)
The Terrifics - Loco (Drive-Thru)
Link Wray - Jack The Ripper (Easily Stop Time)
Byron Gosh Group - Disgusting (Weird Instrumentals, Vol. 1)
Jim Backus and Friend - Delicious (Frolic Diner Vol. 3)
The Thurston Lava Tube - Bohemian Rhapsody (The Poodle Collector)
The Fuzziyama Surfers - My Wave (Wild Echizen)
Amphibian Man - The Last Wave (Waves)
The Madeira - Undercurrents - Live (Center of the Surf)
The Continentals - Pussycat Pt. 2 (45)
Thomas Lauderdale - Out of this World (Thomas Lauderdale Meets the Pilgrims)
The Barbwires - La Caja Del Muerto (Searider)
The Krontjong Devils - Apres Ski (On Tour!!)
Les Talismans - L'interplanetaire (45)
El Ray - The Spider (Locos Instrumentales Around the World)
The Champs - Club House (The Chaps & the Fabulous Cyclones)


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