Post date: 03/21/2022 - 12:23

The Del-Vipers - Zula Hula (Cannibal Safari - EP)
Man or Astro-Man? - Yo Yo Pad (Delphonic Sounds Today)
The Shubie Brothers - Cosmic Oddball (Casual)
The Space Rangers - Good Morning, Svetlana (Ready to Take Off!)
Jonny & the Shamen - From Dusk 'Till Dawn (Adventures In Espionage)

Richie Allen - Goochy Bamba (Long-Lost Honkers & Twangers)
Richie Allen & The Pacific Surfers - Surfer's Slide (Surfer's Slide)
Sandy Nelson - Casbah (Drums A Go Go)
The Ventures - High And Dry (Guitar Freakout)
Los Iracundos - Caravana (Discografia Completa Vol. 2)
The Avengers VI - The Avenger's Stomp (Real Cool Hits)
The Trashmen - On the Move (Bird Call!)
The Rhythm Rockers - Ramrod (Soul Surfin')

The Delstroyers - Zomb Zomb (10,000 Ways to Die)
The Fuzziyama Surfers - Wild Echizen (the Continental Disc )
The Green Reflectors - Dr. Goldfoot (Sea-Esta - Single)
Bottle Caps for Dollars - Banzai Washout (Nuclear Summer)
Pointbreak - The Foggy Dew (Turf Rock - EP)
Janglin' Jack - Chupacabra (Coyote Hill - EP)

Ramble Tamble - Monkeywrenchin' (Ramble Tamble)
Electrohumedos - Popol Vuh (Electrohumedo's First Album)
The Spiratones - Six Before Breakfast (Sunworshipper)
Par Avion - Sonido Exotica (Surfzilla)
The Desolate Coast - Time Slips Away (Time Slips Away)

The Avocados - Bampheus (¡Ensalada!)
The Mexican Weirdoh's - Cerritos Custom (Triple Agent Records Vol. II)
Estereofonikos - Sexpionaje (Desde Córdoba)
Kimono Dragons - Red Viper (Swirldoggin' with Kimono Dragons)
Twang Inspectors - Serial Killer Surf (Alpha Breaker)

Les Robots - Hommage Au Le Trio Fantastique (Extracts from the Multiverse - EP)
Kazi Aniruddha - Aao Twist Karen (Bollywood Steel Guitar)
Omar Khorshid - Guitar el Sharq (Giant + Guitar)
The Tone Zones - Penetration (The Tone Zones)
Men in Grey Suits - Cull the Cream (Return of the Cnidarians)

The Void Surfers - Rodeo Stampede (Satanic Cowboy Surf Rock Mayhem)
The Madeira - Sandstorm (Live) (Center of the Surf (Live))
Les Tigres du Futur - Les motos de la violence (Collection Illusions Sonores, Vol. 2)
The Nebulas - The Growler (It's Go Time!)
Chewbacca's - I Sing the body Electric (Chewbacca's Meets Espectroplasma)
Apollo 14 - Ripcurl (Apollo 14)
The Infrareds - Opening the Watergate (Recorded on Microfilm)
The Terrorsaurs - Catnapped (SWAMP BEAT)
Amphibian Man - Scylla and Charybdis (Hellas)
Daikaiju - Red Tsunami (single)
Jakub Wilak & the Cowboys - Muerta (Sunrise Dust)

Post date: 03/12/2022 - 08:32

Bevel Emboss - Rumba Nova (Celluloid)
Black Flamingos - Rendezvous (Play Speedway And Other Hits)
Atomic 7 - Daddy's Little World (En Hillbilly Caliente)
OK Kings - The Fraud (It's OK)
The Aeronauts - Telekinesis (Beltway Recording Company)
Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Splat (In Venice)
The Hypnomen - Brainwasher (Supersonico)

The Little Bits - Spoofin' (Girl Give Me Love)
The Clee-Shays - The Spy (The Dynamic Guitar Sounds of The Clee-Shays)
The Animated Egg - Dark (Guitar Freakout)
The Tornados - Earthy (Earthy)
The Ventures - Paper Airplane (Guitar Freakout)
Los Belkings - Condenado a Muerte (El Sonido de los Belkings)
The Stylers - You'll Only Live Twice (Non-Stop Dancing Music)

Janglin' Jack - Cemetery Smile (Coyote Hill)
Ramble Tamble - Bonanza (Ramble Tamble)
Pointbreak - Cooley’s Reel (Turf Rock - EP)
The Green Reflectors - Dr. Goldfoot (Sea-Esta)

The Desolate Coast - My Soul Waits for You (Time Slips Away)
Waveyard - Cobra vs Pungi (Embuscade à la Station Service)
Surfer Boy - Surfing the Net (Surf Ace of the Moon)
Mark Brodie - Jazzin' the Glass (single)

The Necronautics - The Chase (The Necronautics)
The Razorblades - Adrenalin Twist (Twang Machine)
Bang! Mustang! - Surf Buggy (The Big Twang! Theory)
Los Frenéticos - Radio to Birdman (El Playa)
The Supersónicos - Fenómeno (Telekinesis)

The Tone Zones - Crossfire (The Tone Zones)
Kai Winding - China Surf (Kai Winding)
The Cyclist Conspiracy - Aidiniko (A Night at Cafe Constantinople)
Les Robots - The Rossumovi Univerzalni Roboti Walz (Extracts from the Multiverse)
Lieutenant Pigeon - The villain (45)
Golems of the Red Planet - Paschar/Tzofeh (Paschar/Tzofeh)

Amphibian Man - Effort (Seven)
Radioactive Electric Eel Factory - The Last Trout on the Left (The Last Trout on the Left)
The Void Surfers - The Killing Of The Duck Rapids (Satanic Cowboy Surf Rock Mayhem)
Terrorist Bengala Party - kali's double kick flip (surf post atomico)
Los Plantronics - Stumblin' Guitars (The Worst is yet to Come (Best of 1995-2017))
Toni OK - Stormy Night Ride (Golden Guitar Mood)
The Kahuna Kings - Trouble in Paradise (Who Wants to Party With the Kahuna Kings)
The TomorrowMen - Requiem for a TomorrowMan (It's About Time!)
Durango14 - Malibú (Gigante Panamericana)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Anytime But Not Today (The Flawless Ms Drake)

Post date: 03/07/2022 - 09:22

The Head Henchmen - Cissy Surf (Oh no! It's the Head Henchmen)
the south street soul guitars - Soul Fire (45)
curtis baker & the bravehearts - peter gunn (peter gunn ep)
the sherwoods - el scorpion (45)
jason janik - firemist (summer begins)

jimmy maddin and the rainwaters - mardi gras (bossa nova) (45)
eddie angel - casbah (guitar party)
the champs - lowdown (spotlight on)
Dick Dale & his Del-Tones - Let's Go Trippin' (Better Shred than Dead)
JJ and the Trash Dogs - The Mighty Anchor (Donde Estas)
Trabants - Black jack (Freakout)

impala - the scratch (45)
the apemen - shake your hoover (7 inches of love)
The Sidewinders - Too Much (45)
The Sophisticats - Big Shiver (When it Rains it Purrs)
The Triumphs - draggin' waggin (45)
The Pixies - Cecilia Ann (Bossanova)

Shark Attack!! - Big Chief (7")
mandelbaum - palomitas del maiz (cumbiabilly surf)
now that's what I call surf - my boo (now that's what I call surf)
Mike Barbwire - el surfista de mambo no. 1 (el surfista de mambo)
Durango14 - malpario (gigante panamericana)
fifty foot combo - dr. hammond's private stash (caffeine)
satan's pilgrims - wylde tymes (psychsploitation)

los supersonicos - turquia (surf con los...)
the wailers - tough walk (tall cool one)
the silvertones - get it (45)
jim doval & the gauchos - scrub (weirdsville)
The Royal Teens - Royal blue (45)
Laguna Limbo Luau - Dave Myers and the Surftones (Surf's Up!)
The Furys - Dolow (45)
The New Dimensions - Bongo Shutdown (Deuces and Eights)
The Five Sounds - Clumsy Dragon (45)
Jimmy Beck - Fiesta (frolic diner vol 5)

the satin chaps - catch on quick (might I suggest the satin chaps)
the krontjong devils - gangsters (music from the stars)
the Surfbeat Club - Shakedown (Shakedown and More Hipshakin' Bronco Beats)
par avion - surf boots (surfzilla!)
The Kahuna Kings - Shake It (Who wants to party with the Kahuna Kings)
The Fuzillis - Dos Chupitos (Grind a Go Go Vol. 1)
Les Robots - Invasion of the Ara-Bots (single)
The Moongooners - Moongoon Twist -

Post date: 02/21/2022 - 22:43

Special show with quick memorials to King Louie, Sandy Nelson and Dallas Good

The Surfites - Ankle Buster (surfites and co.)
The Aquaholics - Bollywood Bullfight (Surfing with Satan)
THe Aqua Barons - Spy Romance (Extreme Guitar Conditions)
Surf Zombies - Gaijin Smash (In Color)
The Krontjong Devils - Call Me (Music From the Stars)

The Starfires - somethin' else (surf guitars rumble)
Mus-Twangs - Wolf Pack (more long-lost honkers & twangers)
Fabbulous Raiders - Handclapping Time (Las Vegas Grand Part Two)
The Treasures - Minor Chaos (The Birth of Surf Vol 3)
The Rumblers - Wiggle Wobble (It's a Gas!)
Luis Enriquez - incontro a roma (hilton hotel) (electronia)

waveyard - Chasse à l'Homme (Embuscade à la Station Service)
Captain Rico and the Ghost Band - a long time ago (frequences d'outre-tombe)
insect surfers - suicide point (wave walk'n: tribute to the surf raiders)
Stories from Shamehill - Salsa Verde (Return of the Space Mariachis)

king louie one man band - Heartbreak Habitrail (Chinese Crawfish)
the royal pendletons - guitar crusher (trailin' vol. 2)
the royal pendletons - royal blood part II (No-Fi: a live documentation of New Orleans garage/surf/punk)
The Royal Pendletons - Mecca (Oh yeah, baby)
impala - king louie stomp (night full of sirens)
man... or astro-man? - eric estrotica (posession by remote control)

Sandy Nelson - Let There Be Drums (45)
Renegades - Charge (Strummin Mental Part One)
Sandy Nelson and the Sin City Termites - Senior Beat (Nelsonized)
Sandy Nelson - Dance of the Krelbs (The Veebles)

The Sadies - Rat Creek (In Concert Vol. 1)
The Sadies - Hi-Jinx (Tales of the Rat Fink)

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Land of Swinging Atoms (The Flawless Miss Drake)
Los Bitchos - Good to Go! (Let the Festivities Begin)
the phantom four - sitara (madhur)
spindrift - joe medicine crow (classic soundtracks vol. 3)
the cosmic sand dollars - finn's blanket (let's go insertion)

via combusta - zero point (via combusta)
the surf coasters - test driver (surfside village)
bitch boys - shark attack (in heat)
futurevolt - >Infinity (The futureVolt is NOW!)
NIght Birds - Harbor Rats (Night Birds)
Gangrena Surf - rey de ratas (quemar - hundirse - profanar -refractar)
The Nebulas - von schlieffen plan (the nebulas)
apollo 14 - fishstick (apollo 14)
the squares - track07 (the squares)
echo sector - 12th planet (...from the 12th planet)
friends of dean martinez - coppertone (atardecer)

Post date: 02/14/2022 - 20:58

The A-Men - Dirty Raygun (Let's Fly to Mars)
The Mings - Ming vs. Ming (Can't Win)
Bitchin' Rail Banger - Rum Runner (Shacked)
Mermen - Pulpin' Line (Pulpin Line)
Wave Electric - Fantasmatron (single)

captain rico and the ghost band - sun worship (frequences d'outre-tombe)
theunidentified. - ctrl-alt-delete (secret audio suspense)
Threesome - Raked Over (Adriatica)
peopleperson - pagan wagon (the fuck that no one gave)

Surf Zombies - Jelly Board (Wave Walk'n: A Tribute to the Surf Raiders)
Playa colérica - Videojuegos a Gogo (Cartagua Sound Machine)
Twang Inspectors - Twister (Alpha Breaker)
The Razerbills - Don't Look in the Eyes (Omniscient Omnipotent Omnipresent)
Stories from Shamehill - El Corazon del Gato Gris (Return of the Space Mariachis)
The Krontjong Devils - Quiero (Music from the Stars)

Les Jaguars - Supersonic Twist (45)
Shondells - Thunderbolt (45)
CHarlie Hoss and the Ponies - The Raunchy Twist (45)
Jack E Lee - Octavepuss (45)
The Night Beats - Exotic (TABU)
the gems - sabrosa (walla walla wipeout)

Alberta Beach - Distant Chores (Prairie Flashbacks)
Les Surfsonics - Curl Rider (Les Surfsonic's)
The Daytonas - Surf Encounter (Parabolica)
sirfjsh - islander (subacquea)
the fathoms - el toro (overboard)
Laika and the Cosmonauts - lands end (absurdistan)

stereophonic space sound unlimited - Return to Marrakech (The Flawless Ms Drake)
Spindrift - Treasure of the Black Jaguar (Classic Soundtracks Vol. 3)
The Cosmic Sand Dollars - Drop In 4037 (Let's Go Insertion!)
los bitchos - las panteras (les the festivities begin)

The Creature Preachers - When You Sleep (Single)
Southern Culture on the Skids - For Lovers Only (For Lovers Only)
The Volcanics - Moonlight Serenade (The Lonely One)
The Mystery Men? - Sky Lanterns (Firewalkers)
Huntington Cads - Lovers Lane (introduce the new sound)
The Shadows - Theme For Young Lovers (The Shadows Know)
The Manakooras - The Moon of Manakoora (Southern Surfxotica Sessions)
Pekka Laine - Enchanted (The Enchanted Guitar of Pekka Laine)
santo & johnny - sleepwalk

Post date: 02/09/2022 - 20:29

The Krontjong Devils - I feel Love (Music From the Stars)
The Beach Combers - A Maldição de Montezuma (Beach Attack)
Ventura Dives - Cherry Pie Popsicle (Ventura Dives)
el ray - on the way home (transitions)
langhorns - slipstream (mission exotica)
the masonics - runaway goblin (outside looking in)

Jerry Cole & His Spacemen - midnight surfer (outer limits)
jan davis - run for your live (boss guitar)
doc bagby - the spider (45)
the flairs - brazil (45)
jackie lee - happy vacation (45)
the hondells - haulin' honda (the complete motorcycle collection)
the thunderbolts - I'm Sorry (45)

stories from shamehill - il sorpasso (return of the space mariachis)
draculina - the stranger (shadowy bites)
Unkle Kook - Seven Surf (Surf Beat)
The Mings - Chinese Burn (Can't Win)
The Razerbills - Death Ridde 65 (Omniscient Omnipotent Omnipresent)
Spindrift - Jackhammer (Classic Soundtracks Vol. 3)

The Del Sotos - Moscow River Coast (The Del Sotos)
Gemini 13 - Temperance (Gemini 13)
magic number - snakecharmer (ampersand)
atomic mosquitos - dusty dusty riding nugget nugget nugget (meltdown)
the fathoms - the palomino (fathom this!)

bang! mustang! - russian roulette (surfin' NSA)
mach kung fu - three colors (japanese groupsound)
the metalunas - monkey knife fight (interstellar surf party)
the bluebottles - stink face (poolside with the bluebottles)
the tormentos - the impostor (Grab Your Board!)

los bitchos - tripping at the party (let the festivities begin)
par avion - a patricia (par avion variety)
full load of king - cocktail moon (hula blue aloha cocktail)
tito y sus supersonicos - progresivo 70 (popular vol 6)
The Cosmic Sand Dollars - Insertion (Let's Go Insertion!)

Bitchin' Rail Banger - Surf Time (Shacked)
mofos - enrico diablo (six pack performance)
the irradiates - dark matter (revenge of the plants)
demoni - defcon 4 (dawn of demoni)
tje dracula factory - the dracula factory stomp (the dracula factory... stomp)
Johnny Carbonaras - hiastos (johnny carbonaras)
man... or astro-man? - 10 Years After World War 4 (made from technetium)
surfterraneous - orion (transmission a venus)
lone rider - lone rider (chapter one)
Davie Allan & the Arrows - ghost riders in the sky (moving right along)

Post date: 02/07/2022 - 12:55

Amphibian Man - The battle of kadesh (babylon)
surf-a-tomica - tras el rastro (a por la ola del melillero)
Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience - Pólvora Negra (meanwhile in mallorca)
johnny and the waves - wet noodle (johnny and the waves)
the kanaloas - toxica! (surf a go go)

the chancellors - mach 1 (more long-lost honkers & twangers)
the toads - morpheus (surf-age nuggets)
x-cellents - hang it up (party party party)
the impacts - revellion (wipe out)
the escorts - wiped out (las vegas grind part two)
The Orchirds - Good Time Stomp (Twistin' at the Roundtable)
Gene Moles - Burnin' Rubber (surf & drag vol 1)
The Ventures - The Cruel Sea (Ventures in Japan '65)

The Razerbills - Rossito's Revenge (Omniscient Omnipotent Omnipresent)
Unkle Kook - Surfin Maremma (Surf Beat)
Hughlie Landshark and the Sandblasters - Unwaxable Odds (Dead Love)
atomic drag - brain blob in jar grows eyes (black magic spells and other neat weird stuff)
night zoo - penetration (single)
the babalooneys - wide-track weekend (wide-track weekend)
The Krontjong Devils - Oxygen (Music from the Stars)

The Swongos - Cardboard Creature (Curious Tourist)
The Space Agency - Teeside Guitar (The Celestial Sounds of the Space Agency)
Agent octopus - cape fear (blue eyed surf)
The Wave Chargers - La Gachette Sauvage (The Wave Chargers)
The Quiets - Song of Delilah (The Many Faces of)

Les Robots (Say I Love You) Doo Bee Dum (12 Favorites from Planet Earth)
Now That's What I Call Surf - My Boo (Volume One)
Zerox - Ad Music for the Venusian Tourism Board (August, 2021)
Mandelbaum - La Danza de Los Mirlos (Cumbiabilly Surf)
son de huesos - calzada de los muertos (armonia de las esferas)
superdune - the dromedary (superstition mountain)
volcano kings - 3000 A.D. (Lonesome Cybernetic Drifter on Mars)

Retrocaine - Milagros (single)
Bitchin Rail Banger - Surf Punk (Shacked)
The Del Roswells - Set a course for (martian girls are easy)
The Mings - Nightmare (Can't Win)
The Switch Trout - Psychodestruct (Psycho Action!)
bande de los apaches - tennessee kid (forever)
estrume'n'tal - fuzzdido (Neander'n'tal)
los pecadores - disintegrator cannon (tough love)
speedball jr. - el camino (for the broad minded)
volcano kings - abandoned planets (Lonesome Cybernetic Drifter on Mars)

Post date: 01/30/2022 - 15:31

dr frankenstein - Night Train to Liverpool (In 4 Dimensions)
The Surf Coasters - Twistin' Away (Surface Impression)
Vice Barons - Unabomber (Steel Blue Moods)
The Volcanics - The Sabotage (Stompin' Garage)

The Jordan Brothers - Basin Street Rumble (45)
Lonnie and the Legends - Crazy Penguin (45)
The Cherokees - Cherokee (45)
Cecil Moore & the Diamond-Backs - Diamond Back (More Long-Lost Honkers and Twangers)
Jim & Joe - Fireball Mail (45)
The Volcanoes - Polaris (Phantom Guitars)
The Challengers - Rampage (lloyd thaxton goes surfing with the challengers)

The Ventures - slaughter on 10th avenue (Knock Me Out)
satan's pilgrims - ginza lights (around the world wtih)
The Ventures - Diamonds (Surfing)
The Kustard Kings - Vampcamp (Blam!)
The Ventures - Kickstand (go with the ventures)
The Space Cossacks - War of the Satellites (Live Supernova)
Venturesmania - Walk Don't Run '64 (Reverb Nation: Live from the 2017 Surfguitar101 Convention)

The Krontjong Devils - The Force (Music from the Stars)
atomic drag - beware the creeper (magic spells and other neat weird stuff)
The Del Roswells - surf-a-nova (martian girls are easy)
Cameronoise - Windmills (Cameronoise)

The Sandblasters - Toothless Cannibal (Cactus Stingray)
Fantastic 3 - Egyptian Reggae (14 favorites!!!)
The Kaputniks - H-Bomb (A Brief History of the Cold War, Vol. 1)
Halibears - Lonely Cowboy (Hasta la twista)
Garner Firebird - Rebound (This is Garner Firebird)
The Falcons - Eldorado (Queen of Diamonds)

Sonido Gallo Negro - alfonso graña (Sendero Mistico)
The Fantoms - The Fantom Jump (Work in Progress Vol. 1)
Charlie Electric Guitar Band's Sound of Japan - Tough Time Missing You (Singapore A-Go-Go)
The Iceman Special - Lila Grace (Oceano)

Underwater Bosses - Juan of the Waves (The Night Divides the Ride)
The Void Surfers - The Vault of the Abyss (Void Surfer)
Cheap Violent Cats - Annabelle (Punk is Dad)
WANGS - Nitro (Halloween Party)
Crystal Shit - Goop Detox (Earth Fed)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - Saturne = hula hoop éternel (Rétrofuturisme, vol. 2)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - Maelstrom chromatique (Rétrofuturisme, vol. 2)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - Maï Taïson (Retrofuturisme Vol. II)

Post date: 01/24/2022 - 15:23

Better late than never!

Twang! Marvels - Phantom of the Highway (prueba de fuego)
dalindeo - the devil from porthan street (kallio)
the barbwires - the biggest wave (...sounds like trouble)
The Delstroyers - Cannibal Car (Diabolical!)
Longboard Ranch - Bejal (longboard ranch rides again)
The Coffin Daggers - Chidori No Kyoku (Eleki Album)

The Winners - Cops and Rodders (Checkered Flag)
Alan Pierce and the Tonekings - Tension (Dancehall Stringbusters Volume One)
Calvin Cool - El Tecolote (Surf Age Nuggets)
The Bel-Airs - Volcanic Action (Volcanic Action!)
richie allen and the pacific surfers - Put It On (The Rising Surf)
The Fabulous Wailers - Shanghaid (The Golden Crest Masters)
Gene Sikora & the Irrationals - Tanganyika (Technicolor Paradise)

cameronoise - ingenue emeritus (cameronoise)
the spark boys - waiting for the wave (Twistin party)
The Surf Junkies - The Tube (Meet... The Surf Junkies)
The Currie Brothers - The Swarm (We Are the Currie Brothers)
The Keeymen - Nomand - 2

the black flamingos - speedway (Play speedway and other hits)
The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Camino Real (Vista Cruiser Country Squire)
The Fleshtones (Legend of a) Wheelman (Hexbreaker)
Les Surfants Terribles - Kilonova (Kilonova / Surf Strut Single)
X-Ray Vision - Le Guignolo (Panique au Biblos)
Pounded by the Surf - Acid Drop (No Waves)

Jon and the Nightriders - Banzai Washout (Live at the Whiskey)
the ghastly ones - double agent 73 (who can in from the cold) (target draculon)
lewis bailey - throttlehead (the instrumental stylings of lewis bailey)
The Royal Fingers - Go Royalfingers Go (Wild Eleki Deluxe)
Thee Cormans - Satanismo (halloween record w/ sound effects)
Timecop Beach Party - Reach the Beach/Rule the Pool (transmission received: hang ten)
The KBK - Occupation of the Body Snatchers (Acute Exposure: The First Ten Years)

Unknown Artist - Afrah el Chabab (Oriental Dances Past & Present)
Halibears - Menghai 0532 (Hasta la Twista)
Louie Zong - La carrera Gourmet (Kirbia)

The Bomboras - Planet of the Ape Hangers (The Return of the Up Up Sound)
Chung Kings - Sombra (Kaleydo) (Chung Kings Present Surf-O-Tica)
The Routes - Trapped Inside (Shake Five)
Ethan Luck - Dorado (The Golden West)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Barfield's Gambit (you can't handle the)
The Surfbeat Club - Ell Club de los separados (Shakedown (And More Hipshakin' Bronco Beats))
The Silicon - Woody Goes to Nice (Woody Goes to Nice)
Jason Janik - Movin' (AM Waves)
Pekka Laine - The First Day (The Enchanted Guitar of Pekka Laine)
The Hang Ten Gallon hats - Orange & Blue (Giddy Up Surfboard)
Les Agamemnonz - Artemis (Amateurs)

Post date: 01/14/2022 - 13:57

Ted Boys Marinos - Adrenal (Surf Sessions)
The Bradipos IV - L'inseguimento (Surf Session)
Jonny & the Shamen - JATS Are Go! (Adventures In Espionage)
Flat Duo Jets - Pink Gardenia (Wild Wild Love)
Lost Acapulco - Escape de Sta. Martha (Los Obligados Racing Team)
The Razorblades - Beach Racer (The Dark Side Of The Beach)

The Surfaris - Scatter Shield (Hit City '64)
The Impact V - Riptide (That's Swift: Instrumentals From The Norman Petty Vaults)
The Crossfires - Inferno (Out of Control)
The Stringman - Pow Wow (I Remember, Vol. 3 - The Story of Pop)
The Hindus - Frenzy (Intoxica! Strange And Sleazy Instrumental Sounds From The SoCal Suburbs)

Stories From Shamehill - Desfile De Los Locos (unreleased)
Gurús del Vudú - mama vudu (pantano sessions)
The Keeymen - Mousse (2)
The Currie Brothers - No Go-Go, No (The Currie Brothers)
Moscow Beatballs - When I Go to the Quick River (Surf Camp ''Russian Wave'')
Frogman - Sea Sea Rider (Sea Sea Rider)

Halibears - Hasta la Twista (Hasta la Twista)
Sys Malakian - Dolphin Ride (Unknown Creatures)
The Silicon - Port Pickpocket (Woody Goes to Nice)
The Rumtones - Nazare (The Rumtones)
Secret Agent Men - Song of the Pearl Diver (Secret Agent Men)

Sant Anna Bay Coconuts - The Transporter (Harbor City Surfing)
Surfer Joe - Kaiju (World Traveler)
JJ and The Trashdogs - Donde Estas (Donde Estas)
The Avocados - Thirteen (¡Ensalada!)
Los Blue Marinos - Punto Límite (Big Mamma)
Surf Zombies - Cocklebur Boogie (In Color)
Blackball Bandits - The Cursed Island (The Cursed Island)

The Insanitizers - Fright Night (Reverb Rocket)
Astrosurf - Highlife (Anything But...)
Manzanita su Conjunto - El Zambito Rumbero (Peru Maravilloso: Vintage Latin, Tropical and Cumbia)
The Young Barons - Skyline (Hella California)

Beach Moonsters - Possessed Tiki (Wild Surf Power)
Futurevolt - Protocol Panic (Protocol Panic)
The Infrareds - Opening the Watergate (Recorded on Microfilm)
The Palermo surf experience - Special Agent Karlson (Tips from the inside: Instrumental surf rock)
the monterreys - the pharoah (the pharoah)
The Madeira - The Argonaut (Live) (Center of the Surf (Live))
the necronomikids - mazeppa (the necronomikids)
Bamboogie Injections - Asleep in Armageddon (Orbit Chaos)
Blackball Bandits - The Wolves and the Fireflies (The Cursed Island)


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