Post date: 05/03/2020 - 22:50

Humanga Danga - Tuna Twister (Humanga Danga)
The Surfintynes - The Rocketeer (Surf Music for the 21st Century)
Barbacoa - Teen Beast (Italian Medallion)
the reigning monarchs - Sea Ghost (

the duvals - ferny roast - 45
eddie & the showmen - toes on the nose (toes on the nose)
the reveliers - hanging five (surf age nuggets)
the sentinals - vesuvius (sunset beach)
the ventures - the creeper (walk don't run 64)
the vibratones - expressway (board boogie)

the tiki creeps - atomic age to stone age (more "live" than deaD)
mercedes culebra - la serrana del caldero (jotas)
sys malakian - kingdom of madness (kingdom of madness)
Shark Attack!! - Toxic (songs to sink your teeth into)
operazione dyn-o-mite - senorita, senorita (operazione dyn-o-mite)

Beware of Blast - Outer Space (Outer Space)
Hang-ten Hangmen - Shut em down in Zombie Town (Wet Sounds)
The Aqua Barons - Ζεχρά (Southeast Stompers)
Skurkarna - the triggerman (in the web of villainy)

the sonoras - el baile del silencio (el baile del silencio)
The Mobsmen - Gridiron Syndicate (Scelerats Syndicate)
Messer Chups - War Party (the incredible croco-tiger)
gasolines - beachnik road II (jungle surfers II)
sleepy heads - bug juice (sleepy heads)

The Hi-Tide Orchestra - Lockdown (Lockdown/Six Foot Rule)
The Dustburds - Maigret Theme (Summer Pleasures)
tito y sus supersonicos - ta llorando (popular vol 2)
los piranas - quedar bien con el oyente (historia natural)
pax - exorcismo (back to peru)

swami john reis & the blind shake - sea saw (modern surf classics)
rapido t lusso - caffeine racer (caffeine racer ep)
terrorist bengala party - escape from gotham (terrorist bengala party)
captain ahab & the sea cracken - geist (jurmungandr)
twenty euro for love - fastidiots (unsurfing bastards)
mono men - switchblade (shut up!)
the beyonderers - operation: trojan horse (Estimate of the Situation)
the perks - Los Platos del Diablo (tyrantula)
the space cossacks - red sunrise (interstellar stomp)
Man...or Astro-Man? - Man made of CO2 (1000X)
The Nebulas - Retribution (The Nebulas)

Post date: 04/21/2020 - 20:49

Laika & the Cosmonauts - Beat '88 (Zero Gravity)
Los Straitjackets - Pop Rocks & Coke (Jet Set)
Johnny Knox & Hi-Test - Renegade Grinder (Stomp! Shout! Scream! Original Soundtrack)
The Volcanos - Sand Crab (Surf Quake)
The Dynotones - The Fuzz (The Dynotones)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Theme from the Beer Hunter (Under the Influence Of...)

Dave Myers and the Surftones - Surf Breaker (Moment of Truth - Best of Dave Myers and the Surftones)
John Taylor - Taylor's Rock (Jungle Exotica Vol. 2)
The Genteels - The Force of Gravity (The Birth of Surf Vol 3)
The Ready Men - Disintigration (Get Ready!!!)
The Fender IV - Highway Surfer (Randy Holden Early Works '64-'66)
Dick Dale - Tidal Wave (Summer Surf)

Shark Attack!! - Surfin!! A Descent into Maelstrom (Songs to Sink Your Teeth Into)
The Hi-Tide Orchestra - Six Foot Rule (Lockdown b/w Six Foot Rule)
Beware of Blast - A New Galaxy (Outer Space)
Twenty Euro for Love - Surfenstein (Unsurfing Bastards)
Sleepy Heads - Surfenstein (Sleepy Heads)

CARLO - Surficide (CARLO)
Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Sea Smoke Searchlight (Little Orbit)
Los Daytonas - La Mana Del Muerto (En el Salvaje Oeste)
Los Protones - Infiernillo (mision OA4)
The Fathoms - She's the One (Fathom This!)

Condor Gruppe - Cardinale (Latituds Del Cavall)
Los Kosmos - Mega Hit (Los Kosmos)
Matorralman - Bardott (Adulterio Estereofonico)
Bikini Machine - Get Down (Let's Party with Bikini Machine, Vol. 2)

Bongho Krappul - Labohiru (BOLA)
Boom Pam - Cicek Dagi (Manara & Summer Singles)
The Kreeps - Triple Hexxx Curse (Tales from Grim County)

The Monarchs - Pedal Pusher (Et Vincere Et Mori)
Nahuelaizers - La Coca (Profunidad Desconocida)
Les Fradkin - Kick Sand (Gnarly Wave Volume Two)
Die Krabben - Fitzcoraldo (Welcome to Surf Trash Island)
The Swiv-o-Matics - Barbara Eden Roc (Return of the Fez Men)
The Bills - Drunk and Loose (Hag in a Black Leather Jacket)
The Noones - Rip Curl (Noones Instrumentals)
Gasoline - Monkey Tone (Fake to Fame)
Los Tiki Phantoms - Muertos y Furiosos (Y El Ejercito de los Calaveras)
The Wangs - Sushi (On Target!)

Ted Boys Marinos - Magala (Shot One) (Surf Sessions)

Post date: 04/14/2020 - 11:14

The 'Verb - Sun Beached Reef
Los Freneticos - Heat Wave (Teletransportacion)
The Kanaloas - The Bronze Bull (Surf A Go Go)
The Bitch Boys - 4th Dimension AKA The Outer Limits (Ride the First Wave)
Bang! Mustang! - Dusty (Surfin' NSA)

The Creations - The Crash (Surf Age Nuggets)
Impact 5 - Riptide (Strummin Mental Part Two!)
The Galaxies - Tremble (Wax, Board and Woodie)
los shains - ciudad de rompientes (et ritmo de los shain's)
the vibrasonics - drag race (surf guitars rumble)
Jan Davis - The Flight of the Bee (Boss Guitar)
The Counts - Chitlin, Etc (Frolic Diner Part 3)

Twenty Euro for Love - Sambapatia (Unsurfing Bastards)
Les Atlantiques - Atlantis (Promo Recordings)
The Volcanics - Freakout (Freakout)
Wave Tables - Suck N' Roll (Natives)
Los Surfer Compadres - Las Mananitas & Happy Birthday

Girl Over Planet - Most People Call Me... Jim (In Search of Cosmic Oceans)
The Green Reflectors - Hitchcock Presents... (Tune Up)
Fountouki - galameli (blah)
Los Misterios - Oh Carino (Planeta Misterio)
Stories from Shamehill - Queen of Tides (El Salto del Jalapeno / Queen of Tides)

The Necronautics - The Chase (The Necronautics)
The Curse of Harry Dean - The The Curse (The Curse of Harry Dean: The Curse)
Reverba Trio - Onde Estara Wander? (((RT)))
Bevel Emboss - Hot in the House (Celluloid)

Malphino - Mono Borracho (Visit Malphino)
Bongo Krappul - Atrium Phatoz (JAO SAN)
Arthur Andersen - Turnpike Cruiser (psycho serf)
The Grunions - Night Shift (Star Fish Prime)

The Noones - Journey to the Center of Uranus (Noones Instrumentals)
(THE) Katatonics - Shreddy Roosevelt (The Katatonics/Estrangers Split)
The Delusionaires - Dinosaur (Desination Poon)
The Dead Rocks -
The Telestons - Bourneli Surf (Summer Licks
Surf Report - Surfonica (Inferno)
Necronomikids - Rocket Man (Necronomikids)
Dick et les Epsions - Popcorn (The Fabulous Frozen Sounds Of)
Los Pecadores - Shark Attack (Tough Love)
Thee Cormans - Surf Shack of Doom (Halloween Record w/ Sound Effects)
Theeee Gondola - Theeee Fly (Pirate Wray)
Terreur Twist - Hotep California (pre prod. 03.2020)
The Twang-o-Matics - Vesle Hoa (The wild and Exotic Sounds of)

Post date: 04/06/2020 - 21:26

Langhorns - Las Vegas Fist Fight (Las Vegas Fist Fight)

The Bluebottles - Smack in the Face (Poolside with the Bluebottles)

Los Misterios - Carrusel Glactico (Planeta Misterio)

The Surfer Novas - Radio Galaxy (Project Serpo EP)

Os Gatunos - Voltron (Os Gatuons Vao a Praia)


The New Dimensions - Rumblebee (Deuces and Eights)

The Busters - All American Surfer (Arlen)

The Bel-Airs - Ramrod (Volcanic Action)

The Denver-Men - Stomp Fever (RCA)

The Piltodwn Men - Night Surfin' (The Piltdown Men Ride Again)

The Tornados - Alan's Tune (Ridin' the Wind)


The Volcanics - Return of Mr. Midnight (Freakout)

Girl Over Planet - Tangerine bAY (In Search of Cosmic Oceans)

Los Surfer Compadres - Maximizer (Happy Birthday)

Los Atarrayas - Dispersion de la Atarraya (Premiere Vague)

Magla Waves - Moussaka (CRABS)


The Madeira - Undercurrents (Center of the Surf)

Voltz Supreme - Mystery at Sundown (Western Music)

Intoxicos - Keep Out (End Times)

WJLP - Cuban Heels (Queen of the Jungle)

Albert Gines - Cato Fong Theme (The First Monkey in Space)


Wave Tables - Spy Song (Natives)

Funny Bunny - Great What (Terror at Cape Canaveral High! Original Soundtrack)

Ichi-Bons - Don't Call Me Flyface (Black Dice Demos)

Theeee Gondola - Pirate Wray (Pirate Wray)

The Bumblebats - Balaclava (Standing in the Shadows of Moncton


The Grunions - The Scrunger (Star Fish Prime)

Gene Sikora & The Irrationals - Tanganyika (Technicolor Paradise - Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights)

Tikiyaki Minus Orchestra - A Pacific Isle Soundscape (Sketches with Guitar and Bongos)

Bongho Krappul - Abyzz (Jao San)

Arthur Anderson - Black Canyon (Psycho Serf)


The Coffin Daggers - Psychonaut (The Coffin Daggers)

Amphibian Man - Sea Treasure (Waves)

Los Tiros - Forjado a Fuego Lento en Fort Knox (Expertos En Cagarla)

Molokai - The End of Time: Molokraj 1.0 (Rack Attack)

The Bills - Carbomb (Hag in a Black Leather Jacket)

Les Atlantiques - Torpedo (Promo Recordings)

Fountoukla - Galamemeli (no)

Los Pecadores - Tough Love (Tough Love)

Los Pinche Pinches - Social Mierda (Best Album I Ever Heard *****)

Arno de Cea & the Clockwork Wizards - Fluide Glacial (Flash Freezing the Sun)

Post date: 03/31/2020 - 14:49

The Bluebottles - Gas Guzzler (Poolside with the Bluebottles)
The Barbwires - At the Skyline Drive-In (...Sounds like Trouble)
The Tarantinos NYC - Hell's Belles (Surfin' the Silver Screen)
WJLP - The Prince of Persia (Queen of the Jungle)
FUNNY BUNNY - Here Comes the Big Kahuna (Terror at Cape Canaveral High!)

The Buddies - Pulsebeat (Dancehall Stringbusters)
The Rockin' Ramrods - Jungle Call (Explosive)
The Strangers - Rockin' Rebel (Titan)
The Torques - Tidal Wave (Lemco)
The Champs - Wing Ding (The Champs & the Fabulous Cyclones)
THe Surfmen - Stompin' at the Surfside (dra)
Peter Jay & the Jaywalekrs - Jaywalker (Phantom Guitars)

The Surfer Novas - Blueshift (Project Serpo)
Los Atarrayas - Sheherazade (Premiere Vague)
Paco Seren & Indy Tumbita - La Venganza de Arghasso. Main Title (Eclipsis Soundtracks Vol. 1)
Terreur Twist - Requiem Pour un Loup (Pre Prod 03.2020)
Hawaiian Roller-Coaster - Attack of the 50 Foot Pin Up (Live from the Riff Haus)

Ichi-Bons - The Rockin' Gypsy (Black Dice Demos)
Crown Cobra - Try the Egg (demo)
Operation Octopus - Hermosa (El Calavera)
Herr Neilsson und Seine Kapelle - Strandbar am Neckar 2019 (Bermuda)

Los Misterios - Chino Zombie (Planeta Misterio)
The Delstroyers - Ghost Highway (Diabolical!)
Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks - Speed Cops (Four Tales of Chemistry)
The Jagaloons - Overdrive (Knock You Up!)

Bongho Krappul - Oktubre Tzang (Jao San)
Tikiyaki minus Orchestra - Pearl Diver (Sketches with Guitar and Bongos)
Dara Puspita - Pest Pak Lurah (The Garage Years)
Surf Sabbath - Symptom of the Universe (Symptom of the Universe/Wicked World)

Los Pecadores - Sinbad (Tough Love)
Wave Tables - The Gutter (Natives)
Surf-a-Tomica - La Lucha (Autentico del Libano)
13th Magic Skull - Shui Ting ER (Brave Coast Wild Recordings)
The Swiv-o-Matics - The Return of the Fez-Men (Return of the Fez-Men)
The Overtones - Black Eyed Surfer (Search for Atlantis)
The Mystery Men? - The Age of Envy (Sonos Delirium)
Genki Genki Panic - Zelda II The Adventures of Link "Palace THeme" (Demo Mix) (Kahuna Mutato)
Los Pinche Pinches - Frankie Teardroppin' In (Best Album I Ever Heard*****)

Post date: 03/23/2020 - 21:47

So I'm back to 4-6pm as WTUL shifts into a remotely-run station. This was a big experiment and though it had a few hitches, I think it'll be smoother next time.

The Shockwave - Flow Waves (Contact from Space)
Moms I'd Like to Surf - Messiah Jerk (beach control to major knob)
Los Blue Marinos - Adventure Reef (Off the Lip)
Operation Octopus - Dick Dastardly (El Calavera)
The Daytonas - Surf Spot (Ready Set Go!)

The Swanks - Ghost Train (Long-lost Hokers & Twangers)
link wray and the wraymen - Crossties (Jack the Ripper)
The Motivations - The Birds (Strummin Mental)
The Handclappers - Three Gassed Rats (45)
Thom Starr & the Galaxies - Jellyfish Kiss (South Bay Surf)
The Crossfires - Chunky (Out of Control)

The Bluebottles - Around the World (Poolside with the Bluebottles)
wjlp - creatures from mars (queen of the jungle)
The Jagaloons - sour times (knock you up!)
Balu & Die Surfgrammeln - tungurahua (pepe)
Herr Nielsson und seine Kapelle - artatore (bermuda)

dick dale - fish taco (unknown territory)
the mutants - karate-child (mutacalypso now!)
x-ray cat trio - blue drag (out for blood)
rondo hatton - switchblade (breaking the sound barrier)

lulufin the woo hoo - Jellyfish (Jellyfish / Bamboo Twist)
bambi molesters - Coastal Disturbance (dumb loud hollow twang)
Los Twang Marvels - Prueba de Fuego (Prueba de Fuego)
The Space Agency - You Make me Nervous Twist (The Space Agency)
Didi Wray - Nocturna (Buenos Aires Go G Go (Special Editon))

Omar Khorshid - Rahbiniyat (Guitar el Chark)
Dirty Fuse - Why I Smoke Cocaine (Surfbetika)
Los Banditos - Cairo (Opiumparty)
Spitwater - Old Man's (Save Those Whales)
Catsith - Bullwinkle Pt. 5 (Surf Magic)

Genki Genki Panic - Mosrite Brigade (demo) (Kahuna Mutato)
The OK Kings - Pinball (It's OK)
Los Galerna - Jaguar Stomp (Sangre en al Atlantico)
The One Night Standards - Sidejack (Sunset)
The Del-Vipers - Rumhammered (Cannibal Safari)
The Bitch Boys - Wave Chasers (In Heat)
Langhorns - Awesome (Langhorns)
Man? or astro-man? - DNI (Experiment Zero)
Amphibian Man - Eye of Ra (Pyramids)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - The Clock Crusher (Retro Futurisme Volume I LP)

Post date: 03/18/2020 - 14:55

New timeslot adjusting to Corona stuff. 1-3pm CST.

The Flying Faders - Over Yonder on Ponder Rock (No Sweat)
Huevos Rancheros - Get Outta Dodge (Get Outta Dodge)
MFC Chicken - God Surf the Queen (Music for Chicken)
Los Coronas - Coronas Stomp (The VIvid sounds of...)

The Bob-Chords - Hi-Voltage (45)
The Handclappers - The Other Side (45)
The Pygmies - The Other Side (45)
The Cyclones - Bullwhip Rock (45)
The "Go" Boys - Flippin (45)
Aki aleong & the nobles - panic (come surf with me)

balu & die surfgrammeln - The Slaves of Nunki (Pepe - a Tale of Love and Passion)
The Breakers - Cosmic Current (Voodoo Treatment)
didi wray - caminito (buenos aires go go go)
night zoo - Creature from the gowanus canal (beach bully)
the quaketones - batman (the quaketones)

rocket motors - trick or treat (vamos!)
husky & the sandmen - Surfin' Mosquito (arabian nights '96)
the pistolrays - enforcer (corona del mar)
el supernaut - If you tolerate this your children will be next (plays half dead)
The Krontjong Devils - Malibu Run (Romp Out!)
bamboogie injections - chasing leone (take it!)

operation octopus - evil thought (el calavera)
Mark Malibu and the Wasagas - surfin' a go go (return of the wasagas)
The Beach Combers - Rockstar da Lapa (Beach Attack)
Baja Bug - Moose on the Loose (The Surf Will Rise Again)

le grand miercoles - fukushima (ghost cowboys)
puta madre brothers - NOS QUIEREN MUERTOS (amor y basura)
big lazy - influenza (big lazy)

Retrocaine - Surf Virus (Back to the 90's)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - asiatic flu (feels like buzz aldrin)
the volcanics - panic run (forgotten cove)
the cavaleros - pistolero (atomic! the album)
bobby's bar - weirdo jungle (shrunken head familia)
amphibian man - sea treasure (waves)
El Ray - Tornado (Shoot from the Hip)
Fifty Foot Combo - The Descent (Fifty Foot Combo)
Paqueta - Eu não tenho controle sobre as minhas atitudes (Surfadelic Dreams)
The O'Hara's - Ghosttown Exit (Devil's Desert)
the Mystery Men? - Blood at Dawn (Sonos Delirium)

Post date: 03/09/2020 - 18:03

north shore troubadors - no bien! (original motion picture soundtrack)
Bang! Mutang - Tormenta (The Big Twang! Theory)
Planet Seven - Heart Full of Soul (The Tomorrow That Never Was)
los straitjackets - sasquatch (the further adventures of los straitjackets)
de surfures - dragster start point (fino a go-go)

The Pygmies - Don't Monkey with Tarzan (45)
The Ventures - He Never Came Back (Ventures in Space)
The Winners - Cops and Rodders (Checkered Flag)
bo diddley - bo's waltz (bo diddley beach party)
the impact v - riptide (that's swift: instrumentals from the normal petty vault)
The Gladiators - Tovarich (phantom guitars)

Phantom Four - Marula (Yarana/Marula)
The Breakers - Mesozoic Melee (Voodoo Treatment)
The Apaches - The Red Scare (Rancho Deluxe)
Danger!! Death Ray - Hot Rod Burnout (INVASION)

Rondo Hatton - Pedal Pusher (Rondo Hatton)
The Kilaueas - Return of the Monkey Spy (Touch my Alien)
los twangers - roma twist (planeta twanger)
The Tormentos - Apa Maui (Ejecutan el Macabro Plan)
The Metalunas - It Came from the Nebula (X-Minus one)
The Vara-Tones - Headin' Out (Headin' Out)

Baja Bug - Surf & Destroy (Baja Bug)
les agamemnonz - Apollo (les agamemnonz)
The A-Men - Let's Fly to Mars (Let's Fly to Mars)
los freneticos - bamboo (el sonido que perdura)

BRUUT and Anton Goudsmit - Baha (Surf Sessions)
C&C Surf Factory - Phasors on Stun (Garage City)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - section 5 (the spacesound effect)
the marketts - borealis (out of limits)

beach moonsters - death race (Surfin with the bird dragon (from Venus))
The Apemen - Toronado (7 inches of Love)
The Apemen - Surf Dracula (sounds of the apemen)
Fifty Foot Combo - can I have some brandy with that? (caffeine)
demon vendetta - real surfers wear black (vigilante surf)
estrum'n'tal - anda (Neander'n'tal)
moussaka - Jednoj ženi (1111)
Les Tigres du Futur - Course á la mort (collection illusion sonores vol. 1)
light strucks - light strucks (light struck)
The telestons - bourneli surf (summer licks)

Post date: 03/02/2020 - 18:02

the treble spankers - Mirananda (Araban)
The Surfin' Beards - El Cable (Surfin' Beards)
Abdul & Cleopatra - Surfin Bumblebee (Surfing with Friends)
Frankie & the Pool Boys - San Quixote (Spin the Bottle)
The Sophisticats - Deadline (when it rains, it purrrrs)

Duane Eddy - The Avenger (45)
Sandy Nelson - Quite a Beat (45)
Freddy King - Closed Door (High Rise) (The Mojo!)
The Ventures - Lady of Spain (45)
The Majestics - Oasis Pt. 2 (45)
The Teen Beats - big bad boss beat (TABU)
Bob Kuban & The In-Men - Batman Theme (45)

The Phantom Four - Yarana (Yarana / Marula)
Os Gatunos - Onde Está o Wally? (Swing Manifesto!)
The JBK Band - Thunderbird (Thunderbird)
If Mars Had Waves - Veggie Surfer (Veggie Surfer b/w Springtime Stroll (Live))
Baja Bug - El Mustacho (The Surf Will Rise Again)

MFC Chicken - Wild Safari (Music for Chicken)
Atomic 7 - Theme from Atomic 7 (...gowns by edith head)
Tres Gatos - Spanish Phly (Out of the Bag)
The Illuminators - Sunset riders (Desert Rocks)

Los Tiki Phantoms - Rescate (mueven el esqueleto)
Los Straitjackets - Squid (supersonic guitars in 3d)
The Volcanos - Bikini Sunset (Surf Quake)
The Nebulas - Green Room (nebula one)
Le Grand Miercoles - I've Got To Surf Away (ghost cowboys)

Los Seitans - Piramide (Vol. 1)
Stereo Donkey - Tune from Rangoon (Stereo Donkey)
the concussions - Storm Team Dave (Newaygo SOund machine)
Mustafa Ozkent ve Orkestrasi - Lorke (Genclik ille elele)
The Aquasonics - The Lonely Apache (play songs for the surfin' set)
the shadows - Stingray (shadows are go!)

Beach Moonsters - Surfin with the Bird Dragon (From Venus) (Surfin with the Bird Dragon (from Venus))
Atomic Mosquitos - Mosquito Royale (Meltdown)
The Mullet Monster Mafia - Swamp (Power Surf Orchestra)
galactic coffin - target earth (surf the skulls or die)
appalachian surf team - valley of the kaisers (live at pilot light)
The Dustaphonics - Eat My Dust-a-phonic (100% Instrumental)
We are a Communist - The Silent Bugler (Blast Off!)
Dick Dale - The Pit (Calling Up Spirits)
The Revomatics - Good Nice Day (Nocturnica)

Post date: 02/17/2020 - 18:04

frankie and the poolboys - tan line fever (Spin the Bottle)
The Arousers - Blow Back (Princes of Penetration)
The Beat Tornados - Sting! (Mission to Mir)
The Sand Devils - Stacatto Lane (the sand devils)
Surf Truckerz - Can't Buy Me Love (Benefit of Mr. Kitesurfer)

Gene Moles & the Softwinds - burnin' rubber (surf & drag vol 1)
The Crescendos - Countdown (Las Vegas Grind Pt. 1)
The Dantes - Zebra Shoot (Strummin Mental)
The Statics - Static Beat (Battle of the Bands)
The Nocturnes - Cyclone (Elemental Instrumentals)
dave myers and the surftones - Laguna Limbo Luau (Surf's Up)

Bloodshot Bill - Stumble (Come Get Your Love Right Now)
peopleperson - surf cubist (coochie!)
los ultraman - big surf (el disco del helado)
Los Atascados - Hubo Fuego (Destino vedette)
The Coffin Daggers - That Sweet Girl (Eleki Album)
The Terrorsaurs - Freight Train (Swamp Beat)

The Falcons - Western Dreams (Atomic Guitar)
the bradipos iv - La Ultima Ola (Surf Session)
The Hypno-Twists - Cape st. Francis (introducing hte hypno-twists)
The Pulltones - Obsessão (Storm Fisherman)
swami john reis & the blind shake - Hang 11 (Modern Surf Classics)

Thee Milkshakes - club m.i.c. (thee knights of trashe)
The Cavaleros - Banzai Pipeline (Atomic! The Album)
the incredible heavies - severino drops in (Blackball Rebellion)
The Concussions - Hairy Son (Break Up With)
Wasagas - pushin' too hard (Crash Monster Beach)

Langhorns - Pall Mall (club gabardino)
Hypnomen - Dubrovnik (City of Love) (Watusi 99)
The Invisible Surfers - Desert King (Desert King)
The Insect Surfers - 77 Gaza Strip (Death Valley Coastline)

El Caminos - Gerugugu (Reverb Explosion)
The Volcanics - Panic Run (Forgotten Cove)
The Wangs - Vlah, Vlah, Vlah! (on target!)
Man? or astro-man? - DNI (Experiment Zero)
the chemist and the acevities - let's dissolve all the bankers (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
Threesome - hydro-active desert (On Tour)
The Beyonderers - Flexible Phantoms (of the sky) (Fourth Wave)
The Dynotones - 99 A.D. (The Dynotones)
The Good the Bad - 25 (From 018 to 033)
John Lee - In the Ground (Reprise) (The Nature Series)


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