Post date: 09/16/2019 - 18:13

The Beach Combers - Me Encontrei Na Paulista (Beach Attack)
Los Coronas - La Fiebre (Señales de Humo)
El Supernaut - End of the Global Club (Gorilla Fighter)
room thirteen - koo koo rumba (daytona beach)
kepa harkonen - fish fare (spicy tales & spacey tones)

The Ventures - Scratchin' (45)
The Sentinals - The Pipe (Surfer Girl)
The Shadows - Dance On (45)
Sensors - Sen-Sa-Shun (45)
The Lancasters - Earth Shaker (rare west coast surf instrumentals)
the nomads - nightwalk (45)

The A-Men - Dirty Raygun (Let's Fly to Mars)
Zak and the Krakens - Outlander (Zak and the Krakens)
estereofonikos - sexpionaje (Desde CĂ³rdoba)
las olas - macumba en el arrabal (blurlesque & aquellare)
Agent Octopus - Moonlight over mavericks (blue eyed surf)

The Manakooras - Latinia (The Manakooras)
The Mystery Men? - Dance with Andromeda (Firewalkers)
The Madeira - Hail ( Poseidon)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - J-Cat Gone Haywire (Under the Influence of...)

Google-A - Ride on Yamaha (Dendeke Rock Combo)
Jakub Wilak & The Cowboys - baltic surf (sunrise dust)
satan's pilgrims - Brokendown deuce (creature feature)
CapitĂ£o Parafina & os Haoles - Eu JĂ¡ Joguei Master System (Frutos do mar)
phantom four - remo rifles (madhur)

Les Jaguars de Casablanca - Gonzales (45)
Les Players - Manhunt (Cyclone! Gallic Guitars a-go-go)
The Cannonballs - New Orleans Beat (45)
The Concussions - Whack Job (Newaygo Sound Machine)
The Sheldons - The Shark (45)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Kyoto 4.50am (Studio 37)

Amphibian Man - changes (Shapes (Side B))
The OK Kings - Washout (It's OK)
bitch boys - twenty thousand leagues (ride the first wave)
apicultores clandestinos - rage against javali (astronauta del campo)
z & the tiki twisters - professor z (hardcore twist in instanbul city)
the chukukos - Surfeando en los 90's (Deep Latin Surf Attack)
Hawaii Samurai - Blastin' days in honolulu ecouter (the shape of surf to come)
Switch Trout - You! Swivels (turn on my switch)
antena tres - soy un zombie (onda di crimine)
Beach Moonsters - Before the death of the gringo (wild surf power)

Post date: 09/16/2019 - 14:18

The Atlantics - Flight of the Surf Guitar (Flight of the Surf Guitar)
Los Straitjackets - San Diego Shutdown (Supersonic Guitars in 3d)
The Baltic Side - Pilgrim (Hope)
The Televisionaires - Pile Up (Televisionaires 2)
jj and trash dogs - temptation beach (Pôr Do Sol E.P.)

The Teen Beats - Nightspot (45)
Dave Myers and the Surftones - Moment of Truth (Hangin' Twenty)
Les Fantomes - Fort Chabrol (Cyclone! Gallic Guitars A-Go-Go)
The Original Starfires - Camel Walk (45)
Jerry Starr - Side-Steppin' (45)

Esterofonikos - Maldita Adiccion (Desde Córdoba)
Las Olas - Renegado (Burlesque & Aquelarre)
Zak and the Krakens - Nonlinear Larry (Zak and the Krakens)
chewbacca's - wookie beat (the return from echo lake)
The A-Men - Let's Fly to Mars (Let's Fly to Mars)

The Kreeps - Evilous Knevilous (Tales From Grim County (With Digital Comic Book))
Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Down in the Lab (late one night) (Happy Halloween)
The Delusionaires - Butter (Destination Poon)
Kepa Harkonen - Lapache (Spicy tales & Spacey Tones)
The Saints - Sleepwalk (Suomalaisia Rautalankaaanityksia)

Reverberati - 77 (Combat Surf)
Tarantinos NYC - Midnight Confessions (III)
The Unnaturals - Sahara Stomp (Face the Dreaded Kimono Dragon)
The Sophisticats - let's ride (when it rains, it purrrs)
Shark Attack!! - Charm School (WTUL Songs from the Basement)

Les Robots - Big Trouble in Outer Space (The Fascinating World of Les Robots)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Fat Cat Eats Rat (Studio 37)
The Saints (in Chinese) ((in Chinese))
The Saints - Husky Team (vampires, cowboys, spacemen & spooks)

The Royal Pendletons - Guitar Crusher (Trailin' vol. 2)
Black Valley Moon - Skyway to Hell (The Baleful Sounds of Black Valley Moon Vol. 1)
Famous Monsters - Muder Beach USA (In the Night!!!)
The Volcanics - Panic Run (Forgotten Cove)
The Ramparts - Rampart Street Twist (no-fi)
The Head Henchmen - Cissy Surf (Oh no! It's the Head Henchmen)
wild sammy & the royaltones - Wild Jet beach (Speed Crazy)
Threesome - Eddie Would Go (Adriatica)
Spring Break Shark Attack - Red Surf (sharkronomicon)
The Bills - Go Bananas (Check's in the Mail)
Beach Moonsters - Take Off (Wild Surf Power)

Post date: 09/02/2019 - 18:05

Sorry about some streaming issues! Unfortunately that resulted in no archived show this week.

Los Plantronics - From Mecca to Mescalito (Surfing Times)
the reigning monarchs - Thuggery (Black Sweater Massacre)
The Air Cats Band - Billy Bones Boogie (Garagum)
The Flying Faders - Vengo Por el Diente (Tectonic Shifts)
The Black Flamingos - haunted hall (Play Speedway and Other Hits)
Treble Spankers - biarritz 2000 (hasheeda)

les monegasques - psychose (cyclone! gallic guitars a go-go)
The Rumblers - Roll off (Boss)
The new Dimensions - soul out (soul)
The Original Starfires - Fender Bender (45)
The Ventures - Work Song (Wild Things!)
The Grippers - Terror (Jungle Jive)

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Nubian Wasp (Studio 37)
Black Valley Moon - Glade Runner Blues (The Baleful Sounds of...)
Tarantinos NYC - You're Gonna Lose that Curl (III)
Chewbacca's - Delta 9 (The Return from Echo Lake)
Beach Moonsters - Invasion of the Sharkmen (Wild Surf Power)

Bamboogie Injections - Chasing Leone (Take It!)
Timecop Beach Party - Solar Senselessness (transmission received: hang ten!)
The Spoils - Moral Hazard (have a drink with)
Ivan Motosserra Surf & Trash - Ladeira do Funil (Agogo)
The Good The Bad - 7 (from 001 to 017)
The Intoxicators - The Feelgood hit of the endless summer (Easter Eggs on Halloween)

The Mighty Gordinis - Tornado Chasers (Kiss My Wheels)
The Mel-Tones - Astronomic (Surf Sensation)
Crazy Aces - Invasion of the Malibu (Greatest Hits Volume 2)
The Catamounts - Swamp Creature vs. the Banshee (St. Nuomatic)
Bevel Emboss - Three Nudges (Celluloid)

The Break - Cylinders (Church of the Open Sky)
grand kahuna - comanche (Grand Kahuna)
The Phantom Four - Malabar (Mandira)
The Slobodan Experiment - Gankino (Electric Surf School)

Tsunamibots - Short Circuit (Rise of the Robots)
los kanibales surf combo - Roquerio Mortal (locos singles instrumentales)
Genki Genki Panic - Radon Chong (Litanies of Surf)
estrume'n'tal - Meteoras (neandern'n'tal)
Spaceguards - Stampede (Multivision)
The Bonzers - Kamikaze (Loud Fast and Dirty)
the chemist and the acevities - C6H14 (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
The Protons - be prepared for a fantastic adventure into the future (Out of Phase)
Commando - Libertine (Piet)

Post date: 08/26/2019 - 22:14

Surf Raiders - Tsunami (Raiders of the Lost Surf)
Hypnotide - landlocked (landlocked)
Moms I'd LIke to Surf - Pourvu Que Les Gentils Gagnent (Beach Control to Major Knob)
The Sophisticats - Bone Breaker (when it rains)

Calvin Cool - El Tecolote (The Surfer's Beat)
Yuzo Kayama and the Launchers - Violet Sky (7")
The Sentinals - Tor-Chula (Big Surf!)
The Rocking Ghosts - Ghost Walk (45)
The Teenage Hunters - Going Places (45)

chewbacca's - Log Jam (The Return From Echo Lake)
Black Valley Moon - Beach Party of the Damned (The Baleful Sounds of Black Valley Moon Vol. 1)
Tsunamish - La Birra Es Corta (Conquistador)
Shoot the Pier - Mad Summer (single)
Nuclear Juarez - Sunset Ride (45)

The Huntington Cads - Never to Return (introduce the new sound)
The Jagaloons - Knife Bumps (Ruin the Party)
The Tormentos - Surfcosis (Ejecutan el Macabro Plan)
Bloodshot Bill - Peeling (Hang Ten with Bloodshot Bill)
El Gran Miercoles - Johnson City (this is surf-steady)
The Twang-o-matics - Death March (The Wild and Exotic Sounds of...)

Los Straitjackets - Aerostar (Jet Set)
Frankie and the Pool Boys - Skinny Dippin' (The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts)
The Quiets - flukten fra landsbygda (The Many Faces of)
Los Venturas - Nam-o-point (Playtime!)
The Tarantinos NYC (Please DOn't) Dead End (III)
The Telestons - Ekavi's Motorcycle (Poseidon Knows)

Spitwater - Hermosa Beach Pier (Save Those Whales)
Megatronadores - Surfergalactico (Wanglen)
The Dave Myers Effect - Shake-a-Lady (Greatest Racing Themes)

The Coffin Daggers - Coffin Dagger (EP)
Kimono Dragons - Royal Coil (Swirldoggin' with the Kimono Dragons)
theunidentified. - The Excessive Macine (Secret Audio Suspense)
North Shore Troubadors - Tractor Beam (original motion picture soundtrack)
Planet Seven - Crimewave (pleasurecraft recovery theme)
The Wangs - Vlah ( Vlah)
Molokai - Operation Overdrive (you surf)
Hypnotzar - The Mysterious Case of Al-Draquli (Hypnotzar)
Fifty Foot Combo - Sounds from the Abyss (Fifty Foot Combo)

Post date: 08/26/2019 - 12:37

Impala - Jet Action Brunette (Square Jungle)
The Beat Tornadoes - Sting! (Mission to Mir)
the panasonics - Pancake (introducing the inscrutible panasonics)
The Torquays - Nervous Tic (return engagement)
The El Caminos - Pachuko Soul (The Complete Sexcite Works)

Yuzo Kayama and the Launchers - Black Sand Beach (7")
The Newport Nomads - Blue Mallard (Surf-Age Nuggets)
Al Casey - surfin' blues pt 1 (surfin' hootenanny)
Jerry Cole - Deep Surf (Surf Age)
Lee Castle and the Whatniks - Big Texas (45)
The Flee-Rekkers - Shiftless Sam (Joe Meek's Fabulous Flee-Rekkers)

Tsunamish - Sinaloa (Conquistador)
Nuclear Juarez - Bat Country (7")
The Seatopians - The Cat from Outer Space (Underwater Ally)
The Struenos - Surf Twist (The Struenos)
Bloodshot Bill - Shark Tank (Hang Ten 7")

The Arousers - The Grind (Princes of Penetration)
The Jagaloons - The Creature from Jagaloon Lagoon (Ruin the Party)
The Metalunas - Meteorite Mambo (X-Minus-One)
franks & deans - Spiderman (Surfin' Turf)

Danny Amis & Lost Acapulco - Gorditos Party (Shark Beach)
Secret Admirer - Body Snatchers (Secret Admirer)
Lulufin the Woohoo - Bamboo Twist (7")
guantanamo baywatch - Conquistador (Desert Center)
The Keeymen - The Men with No Name (the Keeymen)
husky and the sandmen - riproarin holiday (ridin the wild surf)

Los Bitchos - Pista (Great Start) (Pista (Great Start) single)
Spitwater - Warnemünde (Save those whales)
Lectric Woods - A.L.L. (Apollo Lunar Landing) (45)
Os Pontas - Para-paranóia (Fuzz Jungle)
Laika and the Cosmonauts - Piedras Negras (instruments of terror)

Jon and the Nightriders - The Nightrider (Recorded Live at the Whiskey A Go Go)
Night Birds - Unavoidable Filth (Monster Surf)
The Isotopes - professional driver on a closed course (do not attempt) (overstay their welcome)
The Palermo Surf Experience - Gin Atomic (Far from famous)
Las Yakets - Satananas (Sentimientos Pantera Vol.1)
The Windows - Bikini Bra in the surf (Promotional)
El Ray - Circus Monkey (Highwave to Hell)
The Coffin Daggers - The Cruel Sea (The Coffin Daggers)
SEAWHORSE - galaxified (galaxified)
the surf coasters - Thunder Lilly (Easter!)
The Turbosonics - Journey to the Center of the Sun (Bedrock Stomp/Journey to the Center of the Sun)

Post date: 08/13/2019 - 16:41

The Black Flamingos - Rendezvous (Play Speedway and Other Hits)
The's - Jane in the Jungle (Bomb the Twist)
The Boss Martians - Continental Theme (War of the Surf Guitars)
Los Fereneticos - Espactaculo Hora Cero (Teletransportacion)
Lulufin the Woo Hoo - Jellyfish (Jellyfish / Bamboo Twist)

Duane Eddy - Guitar Child (45)
The Impacts - Wipe Out (Wipe Out)
The Impacts - Shreader (Desert Island Treasures)
The Impacs - Black Lace (Impact!)
? - ? House (45)
The Gems - Shutdown (Fast-Track)
Centochitarre - Centochitarre (Centochitarre)

The Seatopians - Kids (Underwater Ally)
The Struendos - La Mujer Del Hotel Montaña (The Struendos)
Viva Combusta - Untitled (7")
The Turbosonics - Bedrock Stomp (single)
Shoot the Pier - Mad Summer (single)

Jason Lee and the R.I.P.Tides - Swamis Stomp (Monsters and Mai-Tais)
sandy nelson and the sin city termites - backfire (nelsonized)
llobaros - nocturna (llobaros)
impala - Peek-a-boo (in the late hours)
The Bradipos IV - El Segundo (Lost Waves)

The Delstroyers - Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Resurrected)
Danny Amis & Lost Acapulco - Shark Beach (Shark Beach)
Eddie Angel - No Money (Guitar Party)
The Surfrajettes - Mrs. Moto (Stand Up, Stand Up for PJ)
East Coast Tremors - Porcelain Pipeline (EP Collection 2004-2005)
The Vara-Tones - Over the Edge (Jetty Subject to High Surf)

Boom Pam - Rambo (Alakazam)
Los Pirañas - El Colibri Bajo Perfil (La Diversion Que Hacia Falta en mi Pais)
Tajfuny - Sezam Otwarty (Tajfuny - Z Archiwum Polskiego Radia, vol.7)
CARLO - the return (CARLO)

The Beat Tornados - The Griegster (Mission to Mir)
Insect Surfers - Sea Scorpion (Infragreen)
Los Relampagos - Arenas Movedizas (New World Relampagos)
Surf-a-tomica - Rebalaje (surf-a-tomica)
Jubarte Ataca - Rogue Wave (Falso + 4)
Gasoline - don't turn your blade (Fake to Fame)
The Arousers - Road Runnah (Princes of Penetration)
The Twang-o-matics - Ferdinand's Revenge (Rock Havoc)
The Surf Coasters - Midnight Trooper (Easter!!)
Les Tigres du Futur - Course á la mort (collection illusion sonores vol. 1)
The Del-Vipers - Zula Hula (Cannibal Safari)

Post date: 08/05/2019 - 21:39

Mach Kung Fu - Wailin' (The Fabulous Mach Kung Fu)
Bitch Boys - Wave Chasers (In Heat)
C.C. Adcock - beaux's bounce (c.c. adcock)
Los Galerna - Como Pica Esta Arena (Sangre en el Atlántico)
The Arousers - Blow Back (Princes of Penetration)
The Pulltones - Storm Fisherman (Storm Fisherman)

Centochitarre - Gemini (Centochitarre)
The Ventures - Go Go Slow (Ventures A Go Go)
Duane Eddy - Jerky Jalopy (45)
The Crossfires - Inferno (Out of control)
Los Silvertons - Ternura (45)

The Seatopians - Laplace's Surf Demon (Underwater Ally)
Via Combusta - Pole Position (Via Combusta)
Los Tiki Phantoms - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Disco Guateque)
The Strings Aflame - Reduce to Ashes (The Strings Aflame)
Teisco Del Rey - Nut Rocker (Rare & Unreleased 1994-2019)

The Volcanics - Tally Ho (Stand Up, Stand Up for PJ)
Shig & Buzz - Fog City (Double Diamonds)
Death Wave - Grave Rave (Mare Incognitum)
Messer Chups - Gloomy Boy (Mondo Harp)

The Apemen - Arabian Beachstomp (Are You Being Surfed?)
Blackball Bandits - The Lost Mission (The Lost Mission)
The Pyronauts - Jawbreaker ( Play for Surf)
Brazil 2001 - Bikini Summer (Fist Full of Sand)
Mark Malibu and the Wasagas - Longboarding (Return of the Wasagas)
Os Gatunos - Bendito Merengue (Os Gatunos vão à praia)

Odicolon - Long Dream (Dracula's Dream)
East Coast Tremors - 'H' is for Heretic (EP Collection 2004-2005)
C&C Surf Factory - Cobra Basket (Garage City)
de thin marin & the do pingue - Me Dio Culele (Nula capacidad de asombro)
The Raulis - Pipeline (The Raulis)

The Beat Tornados - Nøkken Surfacing (Mission to Mir)
the ramblin' ambassadors - Tyger Beat (Ramble on)
The Cavaleros - Pistolero (Atomic! The Album)
Hella Vader - Under the Shield (XVIII)
Surf Report - Crush the Infidel (Lavarockreverb)
The Wave Chargers - Bambino (The Wave Chargers EP)
Los Tiros - Asegurando el Verano (Fiebre de Oro)
Space Cossacks - Tsar Wars (Tsar Wars)
The Surf Coasters - Tragic Wind (Easter)

Post date: 07/29/2019 - 18:04

steve rowe & the furys - Minor Chaos (Surf Age Nuggets)
The Pyronauts - Mike's Barracuda (surf and destroy)
The Surfrajettes - Party Line (Party Line/Toxic)
The Great White Caps - The Ballad of the Roach (Screech Beach)
The Exploitations - Sunbeam Rock (Reverb Classicks)

Dick Dale & his del-tones - Shake & Stomp (surfer's choice)
The Mockers - Madalena (Sleazy Surf)
The Surfmen - Ghost Hop (45)
The Ventures - Tall Cool One (45)
The Shelltones - Blue Castaway (Technicolor Paradise)
The Tornados - Earthy (45)

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Rocket TX7 (Studio 37)
The Delstroyers - Moon Relay (Resurrected)
Los Freneticos - Palmira (Teletransportación)
CATSITH - Schmendrick (Outsider)

insect surfers - delmarva (reverb nation: live at the 2017 surfguitar 101 convention)
Magic Number - FInal Frontier (Ampersand)
Gold Dust Lounge - Indian Key (Gold Dust Lounge)
Trabants - The Hard Path Home (Nel Cuore Di Una Terra Selvaggia (In the Heart of a Savage Land))

Jason Lee and the R.I.P.Tides - Goon Beach (Monsters and Mai Tais)
Thee Swank Bastards - Wetter is Better (Get Intimate)
The Boss Martians - Rob Roy's Revenge (The Intoxicating Sounds of 7")
The Apaches - Danse Macabre (The Apaches Take Off!)
Sundance Kids - La Ou Les Montagnes Sont De REves (Sundance Kids)

Japanese Television - Crocodile Dentist (JTV II)
The Hypnomen - Need no Doctor (Trip with Satan)
Tajfuny - Niespokojna noc (Tajfuny - Z Archiwum Polskiego Radia)
Sonic Nightmare - iT Comes from the Grave (RIP)
The New Waves - I Melt With You (Volume II)

Evan Foster - Werewolves International (Instrumentals)
Death Wave - The Omega Man (Mare Incognitum)
Phatlynx - Shawnee (Loosen Your Belt)
aloha sluts - Surferama (Return of the Sluts)
Los Tiki Phantoms - El Banquete (Y El Ejercito de las calaveras)
amphibian man - dream (part 2) (shapes (side a))
Seasick 6 - Mi Playa es Tu Playa (Seasick 6/Les Profs de Skids split LP)
Bande de los Apaches - Tennessee Kid (Forever)
Via Combusta - Zero Point (Via Combusta 7")

Listen here while it lasts: 

Post date: 07/22/2019 - 18:06

Kahuna Kings - Trouble in Paradise (Who wants to party with the Kahuna Kings)
Blue Wave Theory - Gumby Goes Green (Radical Waves)
The Hicadoolas - Vangelis (Sympathy for the Ocean)
marshall and the martins - Bundamba (Bundamba)

The Eagles - Stalactite (45)
The Lively Ones - Heads Up (Surf City)
thom starr & the galaxies - Vamonos (South Bay Surf)
The King Pins - Rod Hot Rod (45)
The White Caps - Hi-Roll (45)
Al Casey - Hotfoot (45)
Dave Cox and the Sharptones - Skateland Boogie (45)

Death Wave - St. Sebastian (Mare Incognitum)
The Exploitations - Beach Fuzz (Reverb Classicks)
Franks & Deans - Basket Case (Surfin' Turf)
Guns of Utopia - Electric Crab (mise en place!)
Los Freneticos - Magnetizado (Teletransportación)

the Mystery Men? - Dance with Andromeda (Firewalkers)
The Space Agency - Hawaiian Surf Ride (galactic guitars)
Reverberati - Zako (Combat Surf)
Greg Townson - Part of your World (More Travelin' Guitar)

The Head Henchmen - Cissy Surf (Oh no! It's the Head Henchmen)
The looney Tunes - Santa Cruz (Modern Sounds of)
los twang! marvels - Kaha Huna (Jungle of twang)
the neptunes - I Walk Alone (People of Earth)

CATSITH - Schmendrick (Outsider)
Codename: Carter - Muhamat's Vault (Codename: Carter)
The Falcons - Betrayed (Queen of Diamonds)
Gold Dust Lounge - Better Worsens (Gold Dust Lounge)
The Shandels - Stacked Nasty (strummin mental part three)

Amphibian Man - Highway (Shapes (Side A))
Beyonderers - A Brief History of the US Military's Psychic Warfare Program (Disclosure)
The Treblemakers - Impact Zone (Flippin the Bird)
Los Stomias - La Conquista de Montenegro (Beach)
Mach Kung Fu - Singapore 66 (teach a chick to dance)
Cheap Violent Cats - Sky Team Ace Theme (Seat Slasher & Tales from the Greasy Spoon)
sir bald diddley and his wig-outs - J.A.T.O. (Nitrous Peroxide)
The Royal Fingers - Golden Guitar (Wild Eleki Deluxe)
Johnny Carbonaras - A Scream at the Right Time (Johnny Carbonaras)
the irradiates - Audrey Jr (Revenge of the Plants)
surfpatrouille - taiga beat (instronaut)
Via Combusta - 4000 Rats (Via Combusta)

Stream it here while it lasts! 

Post date: 07/19/2019 - 12:32

WJLP - Assignment Outer Space (WJLP is Out of this World)
The Dangermen - Moon Probe (Meet the Men of Danger)
The Supertones - moonshot part 1 (surf fever 2000)
The Taikonauts - UFO Stomp (mysteriis alienis mundi)

The Citations - Moon Race (45)
The Vistas - Moon Relay (Surf-Age Nuggets)
The Moon Riders - Moon Beat (45)
The Atlantics - Moon Man (The Complete CBS Recordings)
The Vulcanes - Moon Probe (Toes on the Nose)

Beyonderers - Ultra-terrestrial (Disclosure)
Guns of Utopia - moon dogs (mise en place!)
Los Freneticos - Teletransportacion (La Furia)
Greg Townson - Runaway Train (More Travelin' Guitar)
Thalasses - Viajes de Alejandro (Navegando Entre Escila y Caribdis)
Gold Dust Lounge - Storm Surge (Ankle Deep) (Gold Dust Lounge)

Aloha Screwdriver - Paint it Black (the 6th kfjc battle of the bands)
The Hollywood Persuaders - Satisfaction (Drums-a-go-go)
The Ventures - Jumping Jack Flash (The Horse 1969)
Blue Wave Theory - Time is On My Side (Beachcombing)

The Overtones - Calhoun Surf (45)
Agent: Octopus - Spacewalk (Bottoms Up!)
The Splashdowns - Saturn V (Rocket Tales)
The Sir Finks - Moon's Theme ((tres mexicans) del surf del texas)
Rocket Motors - Giant Leap '69 (Back to the Moon)

Les Robots - One Way Ticket to the Moon (Do the Robot 7")
roger lavern & the microns - Moon Rocket (vampires, cowboys, spacemen and spooks)
john anthony & the saturn expedition - Theme for Apollo 11 (45)
The Moon Surfers - Surfin' on the Moon (45)
Duane Eddy - Theme for the Moon Children (45)

Franks & Deans - Time Bomb (Surfin' Turf)
The Bills - Apollo Creed (Check's in the Mail)
The Unnaturals - Sahara Stomp (Face the Dreaded Kimono Dragon)
The KBK - Stop off in Ridgeview (Acute Exposure: The First Ten Years)
Man? or astro-man? - F=GmM(moon)/R² (Your Weight on the Moon)
Los Deformes - Saturno 5 (Saturno 5)
The Surfites - Moon Buggy (Escapades in Space)
The Akulas - Moon Shot (Rustines)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - Buzz Aldrin (Feels Like Buzz Aldrin)
Los Cataclismos - Moon Valley (el vertigo de las olas)


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