Post date: 05/14/2018 - 18:08

The Looney Tunes - Searchlights (The Modern Sounds of...)
Twangozilla - Mexican Girl vs Voodoo Witch (Mexican Girl vs Voodoo Witch)
diabolico coupe - Saturday Night (little carmine)
Surfin' Beards - Festival de Calaveras (Surfin Beards)
Tarantinos NYC - Shindig (Gnarly Wave Volume 2)

The Clee-Shays - Dynamite (45)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - Take it Off (Surfer's CHoice)
Jan Davis - Hornet's Nest (45)
The Rhythm Rockers - Ramrod (Soul Surfin')
The Champs - Streamliner (Spotlight on the Champs)
The Krew Kats - Jack's Good (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
The Ventures - Tiptoe thru' the Tulips With Me (The Horse)

Frankie & the Pool Boys - La Valenciano (Spin the Bottle)
bang! mustang - Space Cowboys (Big Twang Theory)
Speedball Jr - khamisu khan (Tiki PI 7")
Los Plantronics - Mustang (columbian necktie)

The Astroglides - Tropically Disturbed (sewer surfing with...)
Church Surf - Canticle of the Sun (Church Surf)
Surfana - Come as you are (whatever)
Els Ocells - La Gavina (El Cant Dels Ocells)
The Surfin Barons - Ride Honey Bee Ride (Surfing with Friends)

The Dustaphonics - Tura Stomp (100% Instrumental)
los protones - El Taladro (20 monstruos 2007-2015)
audiosamigos - el cumbanchero (the reacharound ep)
supertones - scrambler (surf fever 2000)

Tito y sus Supersonicos - Lucho Querido (Popular vol 3)
Los Banditos - zwischenfall in orbit (beatclub)
ed burkey - dreams of downey (weird and wonderful instrumentals)
the tornados - life on venus (ridin' the wind disc 1)
Volcano Kings - Beat Girl (Beat Girl (John Barry))

The Madeira - Sandstorm (Center of the Surf)
The Aqualads - Whirling Dervish (Treasures)
Martin Cilia - Futurama (surfersaurus)
The Mobsmen - Le Mans (fraternitas aurum factorem)
Man or Astro-Man? - Tomorrow Plus X (Project Infinity)
The Invisible Surfers - Lucky Bastard (Three-way Vol 1)
Bande de los apaches - Tits out for the boys (bande de los apaches)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - ghost train (feels like buzz aldrin)
The Sidemen - sledge hammer theme (Go Too Far)
the out of limits - Escape from Tharsis (Drinking Scotch from the Skull of John the Baptists with the Gunman from the Grassy Knoll)

Post date: 05/07/2018 - 18:22

Los Coronas - Supertubos (surfin' tenochititlan)
Los Pontiaks - Psycho Sonic Boogie (Motel Acapulco)
Atomic 7 - stab it & steer it (en hillbilly caliente)
The Looney Tunes - Santa Cruz (The Modern Sounds Of)
Pounded By the Surf - Acid Drop (No Waves)
Sir Frog and the Toads - Mustang (It Came from the Beach)

The Chandelles - Jester (that's swift! instrumentals from the norman petty vault)
The Fabulous Wailers - San-Ho-Zay (at the castle)
The Gigolos - Night Creature (Lost-lost Honkers & Twangers)
The Ventures - mariner no. 4 (Knock me Out)
The Pyramids - Pyramid Stomp (Play Penetration)
The Ventures - Slaughter on 10th Avenue (Knock me Out)

Els Ocells - El Cant Dels Ocells (El Cant Dels Ocells)
Los Primitivos Surf - Plan Siniestro (Surf o muerte)
Church Surf - Be not afraid (church surf)
Spitwater - ET out of San Arco (Tapping the Source)
Robotron - Headless robot from planet Zahrkoor (gorgonzolah's revenge)
Snorkel Surfers - Viernes de quincena (live @ the jam room, playa del carmen)

los fantasticos - man turns animal (return of the leopard)
Los Kanibales Surf Combo - Lovebite en la playa (locos singles instrumentales)
ramparts - murder on the spillway (no-fi)

Los Venturas - El Rey de los Cielos (Miles High)
Trabants - Sky Walker (Freakout)
Blackball Bandits - Old Man's Revenge (The Lost Mission)
The Fathoms - Dagger Bones (Fathom This!)

Empiricals qc - Hong Ha (Golden Beat)
Los Cerros - Corte de pelo (Cuchilito)
gitkin - plaid suit (5 star motel)
3 balls of fire - black out! (best of the balls)
The Zip-codes - rally pack (mustang!)

The Delstroyers - Ghost Highway (Diabolical!)
The Nebulas - T-16 (Nebula One)
Los Tiki Phantoms - Fuego (Mueven el esqueleto)
The All-Nighters - Drink the Night (Dance Til' Dawn)
Los Turbos - Natasha (Demo '13)
The Moths - Snake Eyes (to hell with..)
Terror Waves - Radium (Terror Waves EP)
The Spoils - Austerity Bomb (Spend a night with)
Pappys - Space Ride (Crazy Blues Pluggers)
Sandblasters - Quick Sand (Cactus Stingray)
The Grave Diggers - A.Rab (the grave diggers ep)
Surf Coasters - Thunder Wave (Surface Impression)

Post date: 04/30/2018 - 18:04

The Surf Raiders - The Curl Rider (Raiders of the lost Surf)
The Looney Tunes - Gül Bachar (Modern Sounds of)
los twang marvels - Phantom of the Highway (Prueba del fuego)
Greengo - Fantasma Silvestre (Un Par)

Dick Dale & his del-tones - night rider (king of the surf guitar)
link wray & the wraymen - dance contest (white lightning)
Duane Eddy - Yep (45)
The Dyna-sores - jungle walk (45)
the telstars - spaghetti strap (Surf-Age Nuggets)
The Ventures - The Lonely Bull (the ventures play telstar)

Church Surf - One Bread One Body (Church Surf)
Los Pontiaks - Bad Boy Boogie (Motel Acapulco)
robotron - Standard tests for for dimension 35c (gorgonzolah's revenge)
The Fathoms - Incognito (fathomless)
The Men in Gray Suits - Surfing the Saint Lawrence (Panic at the Pier)

The Sci-Fi's - Science Friction Part 1 (45)
Everett Barksdale - Firewater (45)
The Sidewalk Sounds - The Born Loser's Theme (Born Losers)
The Bad Boys - Black Olives (45)
The Rockin' Continentals - 4-3-02 (strummin mental part three)
The Furys - Dolow (45)

Los Freneticos - Frantic Stomp (El Sonido Que Perdura)
The Okay-men - Biem Friseur (Auf Kassette)
Black Flamingos - Devil's Punchbowl (Neon Boneyard)
The Bahareebas - New Crown in Town (Tell Me A Story About)

Spitwater - Surf Shop (Tapping the Source)
The Concussions - Trouble Gum (Newaygo Sound Machine)
The Evanstones - Airstream (Music from the last band on earth)
fifty foot combo - damage report (fifty foot combo)

Switch Trout - Geard (Turn on my Switch)
nahuelaizers - Junior (el hijo no reconocido del Nahuelito) (Profundidad Desconocida)
The One Night Standards - Lethal Plus (Octane)
Terrorist Bengala Party - Topless Virgin Mary (surf post atomico)
Monterreys - Dirty Spurs (The Pharoah)
el ray - Circus Monkey (highwave to hell)
hypnotzar - el recien graduado (hypnotzar)
The Bills - Apollo Creed (Check's in the Mail)
demon vendetta - shock waves (vigilante surf)
kill, baby... kill! - turn your insides out (Corridor X)

Post date: 04/23/2018 - 18:06

los tiki phantoms - Espiral Cósmica (Y el Misterio del Talismán)
los wet guitars - El Barco (Majestic)
The Pulltones - Big Beach (Storm Fisherman)
Langhorns - Fuzzball (club gabardino)
The Barbary Coasters - Cruel Surf (the libertine philosophy of)

Link Wray - Son of Rumble (7")
Albert Collins - Defrost - 45
Sidewalk Sounds - The Loser's Bar (Born Losers)
The Astronauts - Movin' (surfin' with the astronauts)
the ready men - Wipe Out (Get Ready!!)
The Ventures - Diamonds (Surfing)

the atomic mosquitos - Ah, the atmosphere (Meltdown)
rock-a-hulas - el cruncho (Bad Seed is Coming To Town)
The Trashwomen - Space Needle (Spend the Night With)
robotron - the attack of the giants (robotron versus the invincible and indestructable reptilicus)
The Kimono Dragons - Iceberg (Swirldoggin' with)

Slacktone - Stickman (Into the blue sparkle)
El Supernaut - We Go Moon (Gorilla Fighter)
the kilaueas - Taste of Bikini (Waki Waki Woo)
Impala - Woman in Chains (Teenage Tupelo)
The Cameramen - Victory Theme (Sunken City (parts 1 and 2))
frank klepacki - secret track (red alert soundtrack)

The Coffin Daggers - The Forgotten Prisoner (The Coffin Daggers)
The Mermen - Little Stinky Kitty (the amazing california health and happiness road show)
The Akulas - Le Sang du Soleil (Rustines)
bikini machine - cougar 73 (let's party with bikini machine vol. 2)

The Cosmic Sand Dollars - Critical Density (Let's go critical Density)
Sonido Gallo Negro - Cumbia Ishtar (Mambo Cosmico)
Gitkin - El Millionario (5 star motel)
Mondo Sangue - Wanted (Attraverso il Deserto) (No Place for a man)

the twin tones - Trío De Mercenarios (capello di mariachi)
Slingshot Dragster - UTI (bite the bullet)
the isotopes - Unnatural Selection (overstay their welcome)
jubarte ataca - Capeta Com o Cão nos Couros (falso + 4)
trve angst svrf kvlt - safi (بلاك مآتال)
The Perks - Monster's Balls (Tyrantula)
the tomorrowmen - maelstrom (it's about time)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - Science et résistance (Retro Futurisme Volume I LP)
Link Wray - Son of Rumble at Wrong Speed (7")

Post date: 04/16/2018 - 18:08

Longboard Ranch - Bejal (longboard ranch rides again)
The Surfites - Gnarly Charlie Brown (the surfites & co.)
The Hang-Ten Hangmen - Shark Bait (Destination Saturn)
Satan's Pilgrims - Ghoul School (Siniestro)
Fantastic 3 - Indian Tones (14 favorites!!!)

The Shadows - Flyin' High (Surf Guitars Rumble)
The Marlins - Saw Mill Run (Fast Track)
The Silvertones - Bathsheba (45)
Paul Revere and the Raiders - Groovey (Like Long Hair)
The Pharos - Rhythm Surfer (45)
The Ventures - Summertime Blues (Flights of Fantasy)

The Camerman - Casbah (Sunken City (Parts 1 and 2))
Matt Heaton & the Electric Heaters - Copley Soul (Electric Heaters)
Mach Kung Fu - Tough Bounce (Exotic Exhaust)
Boss Fink - Night of the Living Finks (RPM)
The Twang-o-Matics - Red Light (Rock Havoc)

Frankie & the Poolboys - Organic Matters (the adventures of cap'n coconuts)
barbacoa - Beatnik International (italian medallion)
los kahunas - 6g15 (otro reverberante encuentro con)
los fantasticos - papa surf (into the infinity tunnel)

The Bradipos IV - amaro é 'o bbene (The Partheno-Phonic Sound of)
Bevel Emboss - I Thought She Was There (Celluloid)
Expressway Sketches - One Eyed Jack (Love Surf Music)
Gitkin - Canción de Ray (5 star motel)

sonido gallo negro - ¿Quién será? (mambo cosmico)
Wipeouters - Bikini Beach (P'Twaaang!!)
Free-Son-Banguele - Zoombie (Free-son-banguele)
The Ventures - Flights of Fantasy (Flights of Fantasy)
Mondo Sangue - No Place for a Man (Titoli di Testa) (No Place for a Man)

The perks - Los Platos del Diablo (Tyrantula)
The Out of Limits - Zeeman Crater Party (Drinking Scotch from the Skull of John the Baptists with the Gunman from the Grassy Knoll)
The 'Verb - Into the Breach (only 'verb can break your heart)
The Volcanics - Hurricane (Girls Girls Girls)
Rock-a-hulas - El Cuerno Manudo (Bad Seed is Coming To Town)
Doctor a' Go Go - Rabies (Hot Girlie Action)
spaceguards - Stampede (Multivision)
The Reigning Monarchs - Roll the Tanks (Black Sweater Massacre)
Dick Dale - Mexico (Unknown Territory)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - The Clock Crusher (Retro Futurisme Volume I LP)
The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Super Lungbucket (Ramble On)

Post date: 04/09/2018 - 18:08

The OK Kings - Mosquito Man (It's OK)
The Tequila Worms - Running Late (The Tequila Worms)
nahuelaizers - Omega Surf (profunidad desconocida)
The Barbwires - springbreak (Searider)
the dead rocks - crazy race rock (one million dollar surf band)

The Pharos - Pintor 45
Dave Clark Five and the playbacks - Chaquita (original recording from london england)
The Denvermen - Back Rip (Let's Go Surfside)
The Silvertones - Get It 45
The Ventures - Counterpoint (twist party vol. 2)

The Cameramen - Countdown (Sunken City (Parts 1 and 2))

Toxic riders - doctores de la muerte (Doctores de la Muerte)
splashdowns - X15 (Rocket Tales)
Carlo - Commanche Drive (CARLO)

Tuareg - Torbellino (go! go! surf)

Link Protrudi and the Jaymen - Avalanche (Drive it Live)
The infra-men - Doc tiguero (The Outer lariats)
X-Ray Cat Trio - Rockero Fantasma (out for blood)

Mamvt - Broken Bone (Los Malditos vs. Mamvt)

The Space Agency - You Make Me Nervous Twist (The space angency)
sir bald diddley & his right honourable Big Wigs - Chaeto (what's in your fridge)
los straitjackets - Teen Beast (the further adventures of)
Trabants - Wave Rider (Cinematic)

Mondo Sangue - A Stranger Arrives (Il Villaggio delle Donne) (No Place for a Man)

blackball bandits - mesquite (The lost Mission)
Los Aragon - Special 230 (Vol 15)
Gasolines - La Danza de Los Mirlos (Jungle Surfers)
Sonido Gallo Negro - Mambo Egipicio (Mambo Cosmico)

arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - Rupture Continuum Espace Temps (Retro Futurisme Volume I LP)

King Charles' head - Jinx (ld50 split EP)
los cataclismos - Roller Derby (el vertigo de las olas)
El Supernaut - Billions of Bilious Blue Blistering Barnacles - Ode to Captain Haddock (Plays Half Dead)
Invisible Surfers - bad brakes (Till That Day)
We Are a Communist - Biometric Collision (Blast Off!)
the chemist and the acevities - let's dissolve all the bankers (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
The Defiant Ones - shiva's little grind (super secret disaster)

Post date: 03/26/2018 - 18:04

The Denver Men - Surf City Stomp (Let's Go Surfside)
Reverendo Frankenstein - Tailspin (Esta VIvo... esta vivo)
Shark Attack! - Shark City (Chum Punch)
The Falcons - Belair (Atomic Guitar)

Les Talismans - L'Interplanetaire (45)
The Frantics - The Whip (45)
The Five Sounds - The Clumsy Dragon (45)
Xterminators - Wild Hare (Frolic Diner)
Hal Blaine - Midnight at Pink's (45)
The Ventures - Lies (Where the Action is)

The Bum Shakers - Pirates of the XXI Century (Not So bad)

Capitão Parafina & os Haoles - Eu Já Joguei Master System (Frutos do mar)
Saico & Os Reis do Lixo - The Bash (Saico & Os Reis do Lixo)
Jubarte Ataca - Chafurdo Com a Gangue (Falso + 4)
Reverba Trio - Onde Estara Wander? (((RT)))
Intoxicos - Tony Dag (Todo Dia)

The Fathoms - Brainstorm (Fathomless)

Los Galerna - Coche del crimen (Surfusion)
Beach Creature - East Coast High (Party Scar)
Mickey Baker - Baia (45)

The Charades - Die for Diamonds (Lost Tapes '66)

The Jarnos - Sara Mama (Surfin' & Rollin')
The Blue Hawaiians - Quiet Surf (Sway)
Carlo - Florida Keys (CARLO)
The Cords - Termites (45)
terrorsurfs - Sax Fiend (Mutant Surf Trash)

Los Aragon - En Mi Onda (Groovy Hits!)

beninghove's hangmen - surf n' turk (Rattlesnake Chopper)
Volcano Kings - City machine (crime-jazz and film noir (volume 1))
Jetpack - Agent J (Planet reverb)

the intoxicators - easter eggs on halloween (easter eggs on halloween)

Toxic Riders - Olas de Lava (Doctores de la Muerte)
The Mobsmen - Boom (fraternitas aurum factorem)
Sumpump Monkeys - Tractor Beam (Destroy the Waves)
Mofos - ...and the horse you rode in on (supercharged on alcohol)
the mighty gordinis - Monsieur Michalon (Kiss my Wheels)
blackball bandits - Alert! (The Lost Mission)
The Windows - Falseta (promotional)
The Krontjong Devils - The Rafter (War of the Surf Guitars)

Post date: 03/19/2018 - 18:05

Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience - Veracruz (Meanwhile in Mallorca)
durango14 - Desperado (Vol. 3)
Blackball Bandits - Snakecharmer's Dream (The Lost Mission)
The Treble Spankers - Jaa-Rabbi (Hasheeda)

The Ventures - Psyched Out (Super Psychedelics)
Duane Eddy - Gidget Goes Hawaiian (45)
Sandy Nelson - Bouncy (45)
Big Walter - Watusie Freeze (45)
The Bearcuts - Your Barber is a Beatle Too (The Bearcuts Swing in Beatlemania)
The Sentinals - Big Surf (Big Surf!)

Shark Attack! - Stingray's Van (Chum Punch)
the Jarnos - Paranoid (Surfin' & Rollin')
The Charades - Working in the Coal Mine (Lost Tapes '66)
Los Aragon - Demasiado Amor (Groovy Hits!)

The Terrorsurfs - Surf Burger (Mutant Surfing Trash)
man... or astroman? - Flotation Devices For Frequencies Yet To Be Determined (Surf Monsters)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - Ali Boom A Lay (feels like buzz aldrin)
The Milkshakes - Mumble The Peg (107 Tapes)
Los Venturas - O Fata Romana (Miles High)
Jetpack - get even! (planet reverb)

The Ventures - Endless Dream (Super Psychedelics)
The Falcons - Wild Tide (Atomic Guitar)
y niwl - tridegtri (5)
The Ugly Beats - Action Plus (Take a Stand)

davie allan & the arrows - Action on the Street (Blues Theme)
the skins - equiana (exotic mindexpanders vol 4)
Volcano Kings - Vigilante Motors (crime-jazz and film noir (volume 1))
John Lee - In the Ground (The Nature Series)
Pedro Jairo Garces - Cero Treinta Y Nueve (la guitarra estereofonica de)

Los Plantronics - Golden Dawn Surf Patrol (Surfing Times)

The Royal Fingers - Wild Datsun (Wild Eleki Deluxe)
Speedball jr - El Camino (For the Broad Minded)
Los Tiros - Big Chief (expertos en cagarla)
Ramblin' Ambassadors - Cabbage Diablo (vista cruiser county squire)
hypnotic iv - sr. vs the man (go baby go)
the mighty gordinis - theme from "cream pie" (kiss my wheels)
the mofos - spy in your eye (supercharged on alcohool)
Robotmonkeyarm - Dance Party Ending (robotmonkeyarm (part 3))
night birds - escape from new york (born to die in suburbia)

Post date: 03/12/2018 - 18:03

Lot of new things and a lot of Ventures in memory of Nokie Edwards

Los Kosmos - Kosmos (Los Kosmos)
Y Niwl - Tridegpump - 5
swami john reis & the blind shake - The Lonely Sea Sweeper (Modern Surf Classics)
Journal Job - Storm Surf (Drunken Monkey Jungle)

The Ventures - A Go-Go Dancer (A Go-go)

The Ventures - 2,000 pound bee (45)
The Ventures - Chase (45)
The Ventures - Walk Don't Run (Walk Don't Run)
The Ventures - War of the Satellites (Ventures in Space)

Blackball Bandits - The Lost Mission (The Lost Mission)

Johnny & the SHamen - JATS are Go (adventures in espionage)
Vin Khassen Group - Binad (Nomad)
The Aeronauts - Telekenesis (Telekenesis)
Beach Creature - Death Guard (Party Scar)

The Terrorsurfs - Terrorsurfer (Mutant Surfing Trash)
Hypnotide - Eels Seal the Deal (The Ninja and the Sea Monster)
Blue Wave Theory - Lava Spout (live) (Beachcombing)
Surferific Dudes - Midnight Tidal Wave (Mountain Wave)

Durango14 - Tu Madre Se Comió a Mi Perro (Vol. 3)
The Treble Spankers - mirananda (Araban)
pounded by the surf - Lake Elsinore Vipers (No Waves)
The Barbwires - Blood on the Waves (Searider)
Monterreys - Shish Kebab (The Pharoah)

Washed Ashore - Setting Sail (Palm Reader)
The Honeybrains - Tombstoned (Gettin' Tender)
John Lee - In the Wind (The Nature Series)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Lizard (Jet Sound Inc.)
The Ventures - The Bat (Ventures in Space)

The Apemen - Surf Dracula (7 Inches of Love)
The Milkshakes - Shed Country '81 (107 Tapes)
The Terminators - Play Like You've never had (let's rock!)
The Surf Coasters - Intruder (waitin' 4 the surf)
The Irradiates - Satellite Race (Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost)
13th Magic Skull - Eta Carinae (brave coast wild recordings)
amphibian man - racer (speed power turbo racer)
volcano kings - mechanical beast (crime-jazz and film noir (volume 1))

Post date: 03/05/2018 - 18:11

Today's show was all covers of songs that aren't normally instrumental. Thanks to everybody that donated. You can still voice your support for SSOR by making a pledge at

  • The Shockwave - Take on Me (Contact From Space)
  • Los Cataclismos - surf will tear us apart (el vertigo de las olas)
  • el supernaut - kill the poor (Plays Half Dead)
  • Tremolo Beer Gut - a minha menina (Double B-Sided Single)
  • The Charades - Soul bossa Nova (all around the world with)
  • Tarantinos NYC - Chick Habit (Super Sounds of the Cinema)
  • Dinosaur Ghost - Push It (dinosaur ghost)
  • The Dustaphonics - Shot Down (100% instrumental)
  • Real Gone - Here Comes Your Man (The Real Gone)
  • The Isotopes - Indiana Jones (Play Surf Music)
  • Surf Report - Ace of Spades (Supersonic Salvation)
  • The Okay-Men - Pink and the Brain (Auf Kassette)
  • Travelers of Tyme - a fistful of dragons (game of thrones theme) (a fistful of dragons)
  • le grand miercoles - straight to hell (ghost cowboy)
  • The Crimson Ghosts - Where Eagles Dare (Some Kinda Hits)
  • Dragstrip - Dont' Fear the Reaper (Reaction Time)
  • surpatrouille - it's not unusual (Instronaut)
  • Blue Wave Theory - Time Is On My Side (Beachcombing)
  • Sys Malakian - 12:51 (Drifting With the Tide)
  • Original Onions - Call Me (Grill Skills)
  • Surflamingo - Green Hill Zone (Entrepeñas Bay Terror)
  • Par Avion - Unchained Melody (Surf the Friendly Skies)
  • Jack Nitzsche - The Last Race (45)
  • Wave Invasion - Eleanor Rigby (Wave Invasion)
  • The Shockwave - lucifer sam's surf (Death Race)
  • estrume'n'tal - Redemption Surf (surfme'n'tal)
  • Bitch Boys - Knjazigor Vs. Phantom Of The Opera (ride the first wave)
  • The Tomorrowmen - Tunak Tunak Tun (it's About time)
  • The Atomic Mosquitos - Jaan Pehechaan Ho (Bug Music for Bug People)
  • appalachian surf team - Ojo Del Tigre (live at pilot light)
  • Switch Trout - Ever Fallen In Love (blow mind! here are the trouts)
  • Los Plantronics - sheena is a punk rocker (Rancho Notorious)
  • Los Straitjackets - My Heart Will Go On (los straitjackets)
  • The Incredibles Mr Smith - heroes (ziggy played surf guitar)


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