Post date: 10/01/2018 - 18:07

Humanga Danga - Tuna Twister (Humanga Danga EP)
The Cholla - Sous le soleil de bodega (Summer Songs from the Secret Oasis)
The Surfites - Gnarly Charlie Brown (The Surfites & Co)
The Galaxy Trio - Shaken not stirred (Saucers over vegas)
Los Pontiaks - Gorilas A Go Go (Motel Acapulco)

The Nomads - Desert Tramp (45)
The Temptations - Blue Surf (45)
The Reveliers - White Water (Honkers and Twangers)
b. bumble & the stingers - Flight of the Hornet (45)
The Blue Beats - The Big Shoe (Dance Discotheque LP)
The Ventures - Kickstand (45)

Sys Malakian - Opening Stage X (Me & the Reverb Part 1)
Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Sea Foam Mean (Blue Transporter)
Satan's Pilgrims - Neakhahnie (Taco Truck 7")
Leroy Green and the Boneless Ones - Third Assault (Goes West)
Beware of Blast - The Unknown Calls (The Legacy)

Tres Gatos - Spanish Phly (Out of the Bag)
The Men in Gray Suits - Norco (Panic at the Pier)
The Charades - Thunderbirds Are Go! (Lost Tapes '66)
Bombón - La Sirena (a date with bombón)

Black Flamingos - Black Swan (Play Speedway and Other Hits)
los straitjackets - Space Mosquitos (Jet Set)
The Mystery Men? - Twice as Bright (Firewalkers)
The Madeira - The Secret Route (Sandstorm)

Condor Gruppe - Saraba (Interplanetary Travels)
The Diminished Men - Shadow Petram (Vision in Crime)
Ed Burkey - Dreams of Downey (weird and wonderful instrumentals)
Los Javelin - Caramelo e Chocolate (cocktail caracas)

The Hollow Grinders - Piha Death-Rip (Surfin' Taniwha)
Jon & the Nightirders - Moon Cricket (live) (rumble at waikiki)
The Delstroyers - They Could Be Anywhere (Diabolical!)
The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Clambake! (Ramble On)
Johnny and the Shamen - Straight 8 Shake (Operation twang!)
Switch Trout - Let Me Go Now (Blow Mind! Here are the Trouts)
The OK Kings - Waikiki Curl (it's ok)
the dynotones - Injector (Beach Party a-go-go)
The Pulltones - Baleia Song (Storm Fisherman)
night birds - Pull the String (Roll Credits)
The Del-Vipers - Cobra's Fang (Cannibal Safari)

Post date: 09/24/2018 - 18:07

Watang! - Wok don't run (Miss Wong)
stereophonic space sound unlimited - Shark surfin' girl (Play lost tv themes)
The Huaraches - Three Up, Three Down (Curl up with the Huaraches)
The Bomboras - Beyond the Sound of Time (Head Shrinkin' Fun)
Huevos Rancheros - Dust Devil (muerte del toro)
The Green Reflectors - Space Cadet (Tune Up)

The Ventures - The Swinging Creeper (45)
The Torques - Sticky (45)
bob summers - one-stop (45)
the buena vistas - t.n.t. (45)
Tony and the Initials - Taboo (45)
The Ventures - Pedal Pusher (45)

Satan's Pilgrims - Taco Truck (Taco Truck 7")
Los Atascados - El conjuro que le dio el poder a Mola Ram de sacarme el corazón cada que te veo con otro güey (Sixpack)
Lost Culture - Purple Waves (Lost Culture)
mariachi death squad - Invasion 500 (Rituals of the Deep)

Thee Phantom 5ive - Tube City (Thee Phantom 5ve vs The Penetrators)
The Supertones - Russian Roulette (Going to a Rock & Roll Dance Party)
The Surge! - Escape from Siesta Key (Dam! (Another Release))
Bambi Molesters - Wanganui (Coastal Disturbance 7")

Coffin Daggers - Hornet's Nest (Coffin Daggers)
The Bahareebas - New Crown in Town (Tell me a Story About)
surfpatrouille - Venus Pussy Polka Riot (get your stomping exploding eruptions with the kilaueas)
terror waves - olas del terror (terror waves ep)
Evan Foster - She Rides a chopper (Instrumentals)
The Mystery Men? - Dance with Andromeda (Firewalkers)

y niwl - DAUDDEGWYTH - 5
empiricals qc - Mrs. Boss (Golden Beat)
Bikini Machine - Strange Day (let's party with bikini machine vol. 2)
The Ho-Dads - Legends (45)
The Del-Toros - Octowave (Ten Stories High)

The Bills - The Fly (Check's in the Mail)
man... or astroman? - draining their batteries (ex machina)
estrume'n'tal - a tampa da cumbuca (neander'n'tal)
The Mobsmen - Le Mans (fraternitas aurum factorem)
The Tequila Worms - Running Late (The Tequila Worms)
The Invisible Surfers - Nympho Little Mama (Straight From Hell)
The El Caminos - exotic (The Complete Sexcite Works)
The Terminators - Fix and break, get high from it (single)
Dinosaur Ghost - Jeff Goldblum (Dinosaur Ghost)
amphibian man - Valley of the Kings (pyramids)

Post date: 09/17/2018 - 18:04

moussaka - Jednom mi se osmehnula - 1111
the volcanics - fury stomp - (girls girls girls!)
The Ghastly Ones - Now Fear This - (Target Draculon)
satan's pilgrims - Splashdown - (Splashdown/Dr Mortis 7")
The Supertones - K-39 - (Going to a Rock & Roll Dance Party)

The Roemans - Misirlou (45)
The Torques - Tidal Wave (45)
Tony and the Initials - War Cry (45)
The Joy Boys - Kurrawatha (45)
Jim Coyle and his Glimmering Guitar - Measles (45)
The Ventures - Blue Star (45)

Lost Culture - Jayne loves Beach Parties - (Lost Culture)
the Mystery Men? - Hotel Loneliness - (Firewalkers)
Ted Boys Marinos - Panico Na Riviera - (Surf Sessions)
The Tsunami Brothers - Cool Joe - (The Tsunami Brothers)
The Phantom Dragsters - Tiki Horror Island - (At Tiki Horror Island)

The Surge! - High Water Mark - (Dam! (Another Release))
Bambi Molesters - Coastal Disturbance - (Coastal Disturbance 7")
(The) Katatonics - J's Juicy Jangle - (The Katatonics / Enstrangers Split)
the greaseballs - Froggie Waxes Down - (Tombstone Wax)

Los Plantronics - Beatnik Bandolero (is coming to town) - (Columbian Necktie)
Prince Fatty meets Mutant Hi-Fi - Up the Creek - (in return of gringo)
The Tiki Creeps - The Crawling Terror - (invaders from beyond the sound of surf)

Teacho and his Students - Rock-Et (45)
The Ho-Dads - Honky (45)
Los Banditos - Mr Elimiter - (Beatclub)
The Rockets - Journey to Midnight (45)
The Diminished Men - Oistros Dolorous - (Vision In Crime)
Burt Wheedon - Teenage Guitar (45)

The Invaders - Cats Eyes (45)
The Del-Toros - 05 21-74 - (Ten Stories High)
Man or Astro-Man? - Cuts and Volts - (Ex Machina 7")
The Royal Fingers - West Side Guitar - (Wild Eleki Deluxe)
The Penetrators - The Jester - (The Phantom 5ive vs The Penetrators)
The Brummbars - Poison Arrow - (The Brummbars)
The Atomic Mosquitos - 77 No Pest Strip - (California Swarming)
The Apemen - Surf Dracula - (7+ inches of love)
Antena Tres - Onda di Crimine - (onda di crimine)
The Nebulas - Solid State - (Aktion Faktion)

Post date: 09/10/2018 - 18:10

frankie and the poolboys - The Wet Season (Spin the Bottle)
Los Tiki Phantoms - La Patilla (La Patilla Single)
Satan's Pilgrims - Dr. Mortis (Spashdown/Dr Mortis 7")
The Treble Spankers - Brunhilde (Araban)
Omega Men - Cat Robot (The Spy-fi Sounds of the Omega Men)

The Territones - Go! (45)
jim doval & the gauchos - barracuda (45)
Phil Upchurch - Honest Injun (You Can't Sit Down)
The Impacs - Kool It (45)
The Rockin' R's - Nameless (45)
The Ventures - Lullaby of the Leaves (Another Smash)

The Mystery Men? - Sky Lanterns (Firewalkers)
Ted Boys Marinos - Blue Hawaii (Surf Sesssions)
Lulufin the Woo hoo - Bamboo Twist (Jellyfish / Bamboo Twist)
The Bigfoot Rocketship - Upsurf (The Bigfoot Rocketship)
the phantom dragsters - Escape from the Island (At Horror Tiki Island)

The AmpFibians - Surf Riders in the Sky (Enigma of the Deep)
The Flying Faders - No Sweat (No Sweat)
Messer Chups - Swamp Cowboy (Zombie Shopping)
Tsunami Experiment - Planes to Spain (Lost in the Circuit)

The's - Pinball Party (the's can't help it)
Impala - Johnnie's Jive (In the Late Hours)
the delusionaires - Skin City (Flooze Party)
Diabolico Coupe - Mombay Express (Little Carmine)
13th Magic Skull - Twistin' Massai (sungazing in rapa nui)

Prince Fatty meets Mutant Hi-Fi - Transistor Cowboy (Prince Fatty meets Mutant Hi-Fi)
CAMPOS - Dream of the Bell Flower (Miracles of the Bell Flower)
Los Dragones - Mas Accion (45)
Jerry & the Catalinas - The Arabian Night (Technicolor paradise)

The Nebulas - Aktion Faktion (Aktion Faktion)
(The) Katatonics - SPF 666 (The Katatonics / Enstrangers Split)
demoni - defcon 4 (dawn of demoni)
the one night standards - blast off (sunset)
the beyonderers - Incursion at O'Hare (Estimate of the Situation)
los cataclismos - roller derby (el vertigo de los olas)
Atomic Mosquitos - Hank Scorpio (California Swarmin')
Go! Tsunami - Come in XB-13 (Radical Waves)
man... or astroman? - interstellar hard drive (Eeviac)
Forbidden Waves - Dunes Day (Tiki Torture)
kill, baby... kill! - trioxin twist (corridor x)

Post date: 09/10/2018 - 13:00

Los Twang! Marvels - Runaway from Zardoz (Prueba del Fuego)
The Archers - Rise of the Megalodon (7"s and stuff)
Krontjong Devils - Black Boots and Bikes (War of the Surf Guitars)
The Apemen - Pogo A Gogo (7 inches of love)
los freneticos - rompan todo (el playa)

jim waller & the deltas - work song (surfin' wild)
The Champs - Club House (Spotlight on the Champs)
Johnny Devlin - Teen beat (45)
The Delanceys - High Voltage (45)
dave myers & the surf tones - Gear! (birth of surf vol 3)
The surfmen - el toro (45)
aki aleong & the nobles - earthquake (come surf with me)

lulufin the woo hoo - Jellyfish (Jellyfish / Bamboo Twist)
Ted Boys Marinos - Tesoura Voadora (Surf Sessions)
Satan's Pilgrims - Que Honda? (At Home With...)
the head henchmen - party at the bongo (oh no! it's the head henchmen)
de surfures - rodeo (fino a go go)
moms I'd like to surf - surf cops are watching you (moms I'd like to surf)

The Surfin' Surfers - The Hearse (Surfer's Surf)
jeff hart - hobnail boots (fiberglass jungle)
earl and the losers - john wayne's got the blues (fuzz overdrive)
davie allan & the arrows - thunderball (wild angels)
Beach Creature - hiding tide (party scar)

atomic mosquitos - delicious strawberry flavored death! (california swarmin')
los tiki phantoms - patada trueno (y el misterio del talisman)
demoni - war of the satellites (dawn of demoni)
langhorns - the victor (club gabardino)
penelope cruisecontrol - turf war (demonstrations to the world)

acker bilk - acka raga (mindexpanders volume 2)
The Wipeouters - Dangerdog (P'Twaaang!)
The Quaketones - The Bogey Man (The Quaketones)
The Ventures - What is Life? (New Testament)
Los Beta 5 - Sueño hippie (45)

(The) Katatonics - The Pillager (The Katatonics / Enstrangers Split)
The Surf Coasters - Work Song (Waitin' 4 the Surf)
dead rocks - sonic stars (one million dollar surf band)
the one night standards - the dredge (sunset)
barbacoa - hammerhead (barbacoa)
beware the danger of a ghost scorpion - haintmaker (blood drinkers only)
The Moths - Tornado (Lightning Coyote/Tornado)
mullet monster mafia - neptune's fury (dogs of the seas)
el ray - spacecar 2001 (shoot from the hip)
Les Tigres du Futur - decapitron (collection illusion sonores vol. 1)
Chayns - Live with the Moon (Technicolor paradise)

Post date: 08/27/2018 - 18:04

The Head Henchmen - Opener (Oh no! It's the Head Henchmen)
WJLP - chinchilla con queso (Uncle Henry's Magic Shizzle)
The Bomboras - Mile Zero (head shrinkin' fun)
Said the Ripper - Emma Peel out (Shadow Alley)
Toro Jones - Unraveler (Toro Jones EP)
The Incredible Heavies - Blackball Rebellion (Blackball Rebellion)

Johnny Devlin's Devils - Rumble (45)
The Bloopers - Blooper Morse Code (45)
The Nitecaps - Sassy Frug (FRUG!)
The Charts - Ooba Gooba (Las Vegas Grind Part two)
The Buddies - skateboard u.s.a. (Go Go With the Buddies)
The Ventures - Ginza Lights (Go with the Ventures)

man... or astroman? - Mouthful of Exhaust (Live! Transmissions from Uranus)
Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory - Am 666 (crime scenes and murder songs)
Huevos Rancheros - 64 slices of american cheese (Dig In!)
The Thurston Lava tube - Peruvogator (the pink elephant with nipples for tusks)
surf zombies - Don't Let the Admiral Out (Something Weird)
The's - Jane in Jungle (Bomb the Twist)

Magic Number - Darling, Darling (Ampersand)
Burt Rocket - Wave Vehicle (Fiberglass Frenzy)
The Aquasonics - The Pier (Return to Earth)
The Torquays - Milagro del Mar (live) (Return Engagement)
Rondo Hatton - Storm Surge (breaking the sound barrier)

los coronas - go kato go (surfin' tenochititlan)
hypnotide - and then the sharks came (landlocked)
El Supernaut - Bang Your Head (Gorilla Fighter)
The Mighty Gordinis - Monsieur Michalon (Kiss My Wheels)

Los Protones - Centauri (Misión:OA4)
Los Javelin - El Toro (Cocktail Caracas)
The Mutants - Cachaca Rumble (mutacalypso now!)
Puta Madre Brothers - El Toro Bravo (queso y cojones)
Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Buumu (In Venice)
The Ventures - Eight Miles High (Go with the Ventures)

Outronaut - Jag Wire (Episodes)
the infrareds - The Rambo Kid (Sounds from the Darkroom)
surf coasters - Mad Soldier (surfdelic)
captain ahab & the sea cracken - Surf Ninja (captain ahab & the sea crackens)
The Isotopes - pearl harbor necklace (Play Surf Music)
molokai - attack of the radiation crabs (you surf, we send piranhas)
The Cave 4 - Blast Off (Bikini Crash)
The Astroglides - Mystic Sphinxter (Sewer Surfing With...)
Rapido T Lusso - Suicide Bay (Caffeine Racer EP)
Abdul & Cleopatra - Surfin Bumblebee (Surfing with Friends)
The mermers - Skeleton Bay (2017 EP)
Fifty Foot Combo - The Brain From Planet X (Go Hunting)

Post date: 08/20/2018 - 18:08

the exotics - sandoway (go go guitars)
los tiki phantoms - El Hombre de las Tabernas (Y el Misterio del Talismán)
THE KRONTJONG DEVILS - Black Boots and Bikes (war of the surf guitars)
aaron and the burrs - Aaron's angry dance (aaron & the burrs)
guantanamo baywatch - the scavenger (Desert Center)

the fender iv - everybody up (randy holden - early works '64-'66)
the thunderheads - thunderhead (strummin mental vol. 4)
the vee eights - trick fueler (sleazy surf)
thom starr & the galaxies - Shake & stomp I (south bay surf)
Hal Blaine & the young cougars - Nashville Coupe (Deuces, Ts, Roadsters & Drums)
al casey - lonely surfer (surfin hootenanny)
The Ventures - No Tresspassing (Walk Don't Run)

The Head Henchmen - Cissy Surf (Oh no! It's the Head Henchmen)
Radio Ray - Uomo Senza Nome (First Expedition)
The Green Reflectors - Hitchcock Presents (Tune Up)
Nuclear Juarez - jackrabbit Road (single)

the mystery men? - Cassandra Complex (Reverb nation)
The Real Gone - Uprising (The Real Gone)
Twang! Marvels - Luna Park (Prueba del fuego)
the surfites - rainy days in space (escapades in space)
The Illuminoids - I miss you so (Secret Society of Surf Guitar)

Los Protones - Olas Anómalas (Misión:OA4)
eldanka - paranta beach (Rusty treasures)
retrofoguetes - Supersonica (Enigmascope: Temas Compostos e Executados Pelos Retrofoguetes)
OK Kings - Argentino (It's OK)

WJLP - Traveling Light (Uncle Henry's Magic Shizzle)
Cumbiaman y su sonido nueva Religión - El Ventarrón (Noche caliente)
los jaguar's - tengo el corazon contento (de fiesta con los jaguars)
marshall and the martins - weston (bundamba)
langhorns - the sinner (langhorns)

Los Plantronics - Zapatista Surfista (Surfing Times)
The 'verb - into the breach (only 'verb can break your heart)
jon & the nightriders - storm dancer (rumble at waikiki)
beach craft bonanza - charlie's point '17 (greatest dips)
satan's pilgrims - ichabob crane (frankenstomp)
the really rottens - bullet drama (surf trash au-go-go)
the blue demons - casbah (mad fabricators vol. 2)
bande de los apaches - shootfest (bande de los apaches)
the defiant ones - thunder & brine (super secret disaster)
The Squares - Track 2 (eight songs)
Atomic Mosquitos - Dial "M" for Mosquito (bug music for bug people)

Post date: 08/13/2018 - 18:06

Los Kahunas - N.O.S. (7 Mares)
Surfin Beards - Berber Stomp (Fuel / Ocean 10")
Los Freneticos - Bamboo (el sonido que perdura)
Lost Acapulco - Burning Patrol (Los Obligados Racing Team)
the tormentos - Bapa Nui (Ejecutan el Macabro Plan)

The Spectrums - Topless (Wailin' in West Covina)
The teammates - nightfall (45)
The Strangers - Hill Stomp (45)
The Sherwoods - El Scorpion (45)
Les Cooper & the Soulrockers - Garbage Can (45)
Duane Eddy - Creamy Mashed Potatoes (dance with the guitar man)

Los Protones - Infiernillo (Misión:OA4)
The Hang-Ten Hangmen - The Incredible Hip Shaker (This is Boss)
Fascinating Creatures of the Deep - Panic at the Point (Float on Forever)
Jason Lee and the R.I.P.Tides - Medusa's Clam Shack (Monsters and Mai-Tais)
The Green Reflectors - Lane Bandit (Tune Up)

Ghiblis - Novembre Mood (Surfinia)
Lava Rats - Hey Link! (Surfing the Magma)
The Illuminoids - Vanatu Reef (Secret Society of Surf Guitar)
Tikiyaki 5-0 - Eleanor Bigsby (Tone Control)

Sir Finks - Mondragora (Instrumentals in the Key of... BoSS!!!)
The Milkshakes - El Salvador (107 Tapes)
The Flat Duo Jets - Crow's Feet (Introducing)
Bradipos IV - El Segundo (Lost Waves)

the five outsiders - The Showdown (On the Run)
the hellbenders - Winchester Justice (today we kill... tomorrow we die)
Pollo Del Mar - navajo joe (for a few guitars more)
Oskar Benas - Puente Rojo (OBIC)
Camarada Nimoey - Tres minutos no espazo (Alucinacións acústicas)

John and the Nightriders - Thunder over Rincon (Rumble at Waikiki)
The Moths - Tornado (Lightning Coyote/Tornado)
Surf Report - Wrist Rocket (Inferno)
Ivan Motosserra Surf & Trash - Ladeira do Funil (Agogo)
appalachian surf team - Raking the Lawn (Live at Pilot Light)
Link Protrudi and the Jaymen - Backfire (Drive it Live)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - Surf as Houdini (fried on the altar of good taste)
Outer Space Heaters - Burn Supernova (Desolate Surf)
Los Cataclismos - Piel de Tiburon (El Vertigo de la olas)
Atomic Mosquitos - Zombie Church Bells (Reverb Nation: Live at the 2017 surfguitar 101 convention)
estrume'n'tal - Baja (surfme'n'tal)

Post date: 08/07/2018 - 21:51

Picked up a monstrous amount of music at Surfguitar 101. Nearly all of this show was from that.

Tikiyaki 5-0 - El Atacor! (Tone Control)
The Daytonas - Go! (Ready Set Go!)
The Illuminoids - Funeral for Queen Mary (Secret Society of Surf Guitar)
The Charades - Sentimental Spy in the Mirror (Supersonic Action)
The Sir Finks - Knights of the Long Board (Instruments in the Key of Boss!!!)

The Lincoln Trio - Shake Down (45)
Sir Frog - Mustang (45)
The Spectrums - Sandflea (Wailin' in West Covina)
The Crescent Six - Nightmare (45)
The Surfin' Beards - La Huida (10")
the arousers - Dale Stomp (7")

les agamemnonz - Diana (Diana / Lacrymos)
Jason Lee and the R.I.P.Tides - Mr. Moai's Mash (Monsers and Mai-tais)
The Hang-Ten Hangmen - Electro-matic Twist (This is Boss!)
Frankie and the Pool Boys - Ewa on the Beach (Ewa on the Beach / Tan Line Fever)
The Volcanics - Trick Shot (Reverb Nation)
The Reverbivores - The Volga Serf (Orbit to Intercept)

husky & the sandmen - Surfin' Mosquito (arabian nights)
The Wanglers - 13th Ride (Glass Radio)
the mariners - Undertow (Demon Surf!)
spy-fi - memory burn (black tie spy)

siluetler - Ali Baba (Anilarla)
Voodoo Court - Sex Wacks (Electric Beach)
Insect Surfers - 3rd Stone (East/West)
Impala - Prime Directive (In the Late Hours)

The Tormentos - Wrecked Boards (Ejecutan el Macabro Plan)
sir bald diddley and his wigouts - Surfeit (Beach Party)
The Dragtones - Paranoia (Drag)
men from s.p.e.c.t.r.e. - Revenge of the Blind Man (7")
dustburds - private catwalk (summer pleasures)
Ivan Motosserra Surf & Trash - Kamboya (Agogo)
Los Kahunas - N.O.S. (7 mares)
The Delstroyers - Time to Kill (Diabolical!)
Surf Report - Surfonica (Inferno)
The Madeira - Caravela (Reverb Nation)

Post date: 07/30/2018 - 18:04

The Dustburds - Hell's Racers (Summer Pleasures)
Blackball Bandits - Blackball Stomp (The Lost Mission)
Surfer Joe - A-Frame (Swell of Dwell)
agent: octopus - spacewalk (Bottoms Up!)

Sir Frog - The Frog (45)
The Belmont Five - Cobra (Dancehall Stringbusters Part 2)
The Sentinals - Tor-Chula (Big Surf!)
The Lively Ones - Surf Battle (kfwb's battle of the surfing bands)
Randy Holden - Little Ollie (randy holden early works '64-'66)
The Dee-Jays - Twistin' Drums (Board Boogie)
The Ventures - Night Drive (going to the ventures dance party)

The Hang-Ten Hangmen - This is Boss (This is Boss)
The Urban Surf Kings - Tesla Re:coil (Astro Surf A-Go-Go)
Fascinating Creatures of the Deep - Rail Grabber (Float on Forever)
The Reverbivores - Moroccan Swell (Orbit to Intercept)
Los Cracken Feat Sys Malakian - Cracken (Adventures in Mexico City)

Bambi Molesters - Bikini Machine (Intensity!)
Impala - Peek-a-Boo (In the Late Hours)
The Black Flamingos - The Gurch (Neon Boneyard)
The 427's - Victory City (Stay Gold)
The blue Hawaiians - Quiet SUrf (Sway)

The Tremolo Beer Gut - The Last Booze Fighter (Under the Influence Of...)
Bang! Mustang! - El Dorado (Surfin NSA)
Frankie and the Pool Boys - San Quixote (Spin the Bottle)
King Pelican - Cricket (Matador Surfer)
The Cavernarios - camino a varadero (camino a varadero)
The Tormentos - Contact (go! the phantom surfers against the tormentos)

les agamemnonz - À Palavas-les-Flots (Au Revoir)
les guitares du diables - Train Bleu (l'integrale)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - space mission number 12 (plays lost TV themes)
The Incredible Mr Smith - Heroes (Ziggy Played Surf Guitar)

The Madeira - journey to the center of the surf (Center of the Surf)
Moussaka - Jednom mi se osmehnula - 1111
Daikaiju - Spiral Serpent Strike (Monsters of Surf)
Ava Kant - Highwave Star (Highwave Star)
sir bald diddley & his right honourable big-wigs - re-intensified (what's in the fridge)
The abstinence - Mas Turbante (paraiso de excesos)
the heatscores - The Spiderwalk (Surf & Destroy volume 2)


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