Playlist! 9-5-22

Ramblin Ambassadors - Twenty Original Fembots (Avanti)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - The Minx (You Can't Handle…)
Moms I'd Like to Surf - Messiah Jerk (Beach Control to Major Knob)
Dinosaur Ghost - Playing with It's Food (Dinosaur Ghost)
Los Tiki Phantoms - La pequeña Emma (Y el Ejército de las Calaveras)

The Original Surfaris - Bombora (Bombora!)
The Elite U.F.O. - Tarantula (Strummin Mental Part Two)
The Sidewalk Sounds - Pete's Orgy (Thunder Alley (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
The Gee Cees - Buzz Saw (Las Vegas Grind Vol. 2)
Link Wray and His Ray Men - Steel Trap (Jack the Ripper)
The Super Stocks - Wheel Stands (Thunder Road)

Hula Ghost - Break the Code, Solve the Crime (You Have to Be Quiet and Not Eat Things)
Satan's Pilgrims - Beenz and Greenz (Go Action!)
Cato Dojo Clan - H.P. Djangorowicz (Cato Dojo Clan EP)
The Electric Heaters - Smart Aleck Kill (From the Film of the Same Name)

Thalasses - Revival (feat. Sys Malakian, Tete Orta, Coko Tagle & Chucho Roñas) (Navegando Entre Escila y Caribdis)
Gemini 13 - Halter Top (Gemini 13)
The Swiv-o-matics - The Woman in Skin 13 (Charm City Surfer)
The Keeymen - The Men With No Name (The Keeymen)
The Surf Raiders - Wave Walk'n (Surf Bound)
The Astronauts - El Aguila (The Eagle) (7")

The Reigning Monarchs - Short Pants For Fatty (The Reigning Monarchs)
Jason Janik - Fire Walker (A.M. Waves)
The Concussions - Fur-Lined Speedo (Break Up With the Concussions)
The Fuzziyama Surfers - Nantoka Beach (Wild Echizen)
The Arousers - Shanghaied (Princes of Penetration)

Takeshi Terauchi & His Blue Jeans - Feedback Guitar (The Complete Collection)
Chicha Libre - Un Shipibo En España (Sonido Amazonico!)
Akron - Robot Grind (The Akron Quartet Plays "Ritualul Sferei")
Les Robots - To the Moon and Back Again (Exploring the Boundaries of the Multiverse)
The Original Checkmates - The Spy (Vampires, Spacemen, Cowboys and Spooks)

The Treble Spankers - Laguna Beach (Hasheeda)
Speedball Jr - El Camino (For The Broad Minded)
Los Pecadores - Inferno (Tough Love)
We Are a Communist - The Silent Bugler (Blast Off!)
Sir Bald Diddley & his Right Honourable Big Wigs - Re-Intensified (What's In the Fridge)
CHUM - In the Green Room... (KCR Radio Presents Aztec Beach)
Commando - irene S. (Piet)
Bande de los Apaches - Shootfest (Bande de los Apaches)
Amphibian Man - Apep the Serpent from the Nile (Pyramids)
Blue Spectre - L'auberge (Surf Britannia)


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