Gimme stuff to play!

I am ALWAYS DESPERATE for new material. If you play instrumental rock & roll/surf you almost certainly will be played on the show. However, I don't make exceptions, and won't play it if it's not instrumental. If I have written about your band as a new release on this site, don't assume that I already have your album. Those are not reviews, they're merely letting people know your album exists. Even commentary is often based on samples. Even if your album is streaming on bandcamp, that's not something easily played in the studio, so an invite to download is great. If you want to hear your stuff on Storm Surge of Reverb you can do it in a few ways

Physical Media

I used to lug a huge binder packed to the brim with surf CDs. I was seriously concerned about my back. As a result, I plan it advance and play digitally, and bring a separate case for vinyl. So I *LOVE* vinyl, but CDs are fine, great even, because even though I'll end up ripping them I appreciate the liner notes. If you want to send me a CD or record, you can send it to

WTUL New Orleans
ATTN: Hunter King
Tulane University
6823 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70118 United States

Digital Stuff

As I mentioned above, most of what I play is off my laptop now, so I got no issues with digital. I do have preferences though:


  • Bandcamp codes
  • FLAC files

Am Cool with

  • MP3s
  • WAV files
  • OGG files (seriously though?)

Can't do

  • Youtube links
  • Soundcloud
  • Reverbnation, Myspace... anything I can't download

FOR ALL OF THOSE (or to let me know about a newly released album) YOU CAN SEND IT TO releases at

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