Playlist! 10-24-22

The Volcanos - Beatnik Bandit (Surf Quake!)
The Whys - Clump On Beach (A Day On Mercury)
The Bomboras - Mile Zero (Head Shrinkin' Fun)
The Surfaders - Dragstrip Murder Mystery (Dragstrip Murder Mystery)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Evilvis (The Inebriated Sounds Of...)

Ike & Tina Turner and the Kings of Rhythm - Katanga (I Had a Notion)
Ed Burkey - Whitewater Wipe Out (More Long-Lost Honkers & Twangers)
Los Temerarios - Jala Jala (A Go Go... Con)
The Tornadoes - The Tornado (Beyond the Surf - Best Of)
The Hollywood Persuaders - Drums (Drums A Go-Go)
Billy Strange & the Challengers - Can I Trust You (Billy Strange & The Challengers)

The Currie Brothers - No Go-Go The Bogeyman (No Go-Go The Bogeyman)
The Eye Five - Boogie Bones (Boogie Bones EP)
The Slimetones - Slime Wave (The Curse Of The Blackcat)
Martin Cilia - On the Beach (6 Track EP)
The Tiki Creeps - Gringo Parade (Lava Rockin' Psycho-rama)

The Concussions - Storm Team Dave (Newaygo Sound Machine)
Slobodan Experiment - Riptide (Electric Surfin' School)
Robotron - Surfin' Fjord (Atomium)
Big Guitars From Texas - Chainsaw (Trash, Twang and Thunder)
Beach Combers - Carta de Sangue (Beach Combers Ao Vivo)

The Exotics - Taste Of Honey (Go Go Guitars)
The Hang Ten Gallon hats - Honey Glaze (Giddy Up Surfboard)
Thee Orbits - Wolkowisky (Unknown Hits From Outer Space)
Los Daytonas - The Contest (Troublemaker)

Dick Dale - Haji (Electric) (Spacial Disorientation)
The Mutants - Mambo Mutant (Deathrace 3000)
Pretty Lightning - Crystal Waltz (Dust Moves)
Spies Who Surf - Cyanide Junkie (Calling All Martians)
Messer Chups - Jokermobile (The Incredible Crocotiger)

Daikaiju - Red Tsunami (Red Tsunami)
Evil Waves - Shinebox (Despotic Machines)
Los Atarrayas - Il Pianeta Proibito (Killed by Surf)
The Cavernarios - La Fuga (The Cavernarios)
The Lake Devils - Lake Surfari (Bad Times in Bad Waters)
The Milk Lizards - Surfin' Cyborg Blues (Planet Beach)
Hypnotzar - Assets Intact (Hypnotzar)
Radio Ray - Arctic Fear (Neverland)
Bamboogie Injections - Asleep in Armageddon (Orbit Chaos)
Lords of Atlantis - Barbary Corsairs (The Continental Magazine )


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