Playlist! 8-22-22


Los Coronas - Sangre En La Arena (El Baile Final De Los Locos Y Los Cuerdos)
Los Reverb - Mia W. (Ondas Solitónicas)
Wave Electric - Alien Attack (Wave Electric)
Los Kahunas - 6g15 (Otro Reverberante Encuentro Con los Kahunas)
13th Magic Skull - Sharana (Brave Coast Wild Recordings)
The Mach IV - Beach Bound (Eleki! Extra)

Eddie Beram - Riot In Thunder Alley (Thunder Alley)
The Teemates - Nightfall (Jet Set Dance Discothèque Vol. 4)
The Super Stocks - "T" Roadster (Thunder Road)
T-Bones - High Boy Hauler (Boss Drag a the Beach)
The De-Fenders - Skin Diver (Drag Beat)
Bob Hafner - Surf Creature (The Birth Of Surf, Volume 2)

Cato Dojo Clan - Waluigi Shuffle (Cato Dojo Clan EP)
Joe McAnaney - The Banzai Summer (The Banzai Summer)
Mayor of Donutville - The Plover (Heracleion)
Thee Orbits - El Wanderley (Unknown Hits from Outer Space! !!)
SPF 1985 - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (The Infinite Radness)

Los Daytonas - Urethane (Troublemaker)
Night Zoo - War Of The Satellites (War Of The Satellites)
Danny Amis & Twin Tones - F.B.I. (An Evening in Nivram: A Tribute to the Shadows)
The Charades (Theme from) Goldfinger (Plays Exciting Electric Guitar Hits)
The Bradipos IV - Sloth til Death (The Bradipos IV)

The Panturas - Area Lepas Pantai (Ombak Banyu Asmara)
Reverbivores - Slipstream (The Reverbivores Watch TV)
The Madeira - Farthest Shore (Ancient Winds)
The Swongos - Julie Ann's Dance (Curious Tourist)

Men in Grey Suits - Aquatica (Return of the Cnidarians)
Repeter - Escapist Fantasies (Blue Perfidia)
The Manakooras - Blue Sunset (Blue Sunset)
Les Baxter - Barbarian (Les Baxter's Teen Drums)

Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio - The Adventures of Able and Baker (Universum Faller)
Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks - Sham (Fried On The Altar Of Good Taste)
Threesome - Snow Surf (Adriatica)
Johnny & the Waves - Ranchero Deluxe (Johnny & the Waves Vol. 1)
The Phantomatics - She Left Her Brain at the Drive-In (She Left Her Brain at the Drive-In)
Los Yetis con Jeans - Foragidos en los Castillos de Piincheira (Los Cuates del Ritmo)
Molokai - Grujo (Rack Attack 2.0)
WANGS - Firelord (Halloween Party)
Hella Vader - Slew Gin Fuzz (XVIII)
The Alohas - Lunalaguna (Get Leid With)
Daikaiju - Zombie Harem (Phase 2)


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