Post date: 01/04/2022 - 14:52

llobaros - la perla exotica (llobaros)
OK Kings - Mosquito (It's OK)
the Intoxicators - Gary 2 (Journey to the Center of the Earth)
The Flying Faders - Sharks in the Water (Tectonic Shifts)
Baja Bug - Surf and Destroy (The Surf Will Rise Again!)
Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers - Tremblin' (Tremblin')

The Fabulous Playboys - Cheater Stomp (Lost Legends of Surf Guitar III: Cheater Stomp!)
Jerry Warren - Tremble (Strummin Mental Part 1)
The Rumblers - It's Stomping Time (It's A Gas)
The Chevell's - Let There Be Surf (The Best of Surf Music - 50 Hits (Vol. 1))
Journeymen - Bag's Groove (Nobody Sings Tonight: Great Instrumentals Vol. 9)
The New Dimensions - Totaled (Deuces and Eights)

Sys Malakian - Zombie (Unknown Creatures)
The Keeymen - Piper (2)
The Rumtones - Sand Spitters and Painkillers (The Rumtones)
The Sparks Boys - Storm in the Glass (Twistin Party)
The Surf Junkies - Barrel Pounder (Meet...The Surf Junkies)
Footstep Surf Music Band - Burning Sun (Space Mission)

Genki Genki Panic - The Munge Parasito (The Munge)
Jubarte Ataca - Lobo de Atlantico (Das Profundezas, Emerjo!)
Blackball Bandits - Green Beach (The Cursed Island)
The Routes - Shake Five (Shake Five)
les Robots - Standoff at Planet 'T' (Standoff at Planet 'T")
Les Agamemnonz - Mount Harissa (Amateurs)

The Surfbeat Club - Tres (Shakedown (And More Hipshakin' Bronco Beats))
Barbacoa - Moon Rock (Pharoah's Camaro)
The Starhoppers - Rochelle: Space Vixen (Nominal AF)
Tragic Vision - Anna Mare (Motel Songs)

the insanitizers - wild loco motive (reverb rocket)
Los Banditos - Sex (Beatclub)
gold dust lounge - desperado (gold dust lounge live series )
Secret Agent - Stasi Romeo (Stasi Romeo - Single)

The Terrorsurfs - jesus juice (the gospel according to reverend tonto)
Underwater Bosses - Aqualizer (The Night Divides The Ride)
The Cannibal Mosquitos - The Very Bad and the Very Good Mosquitos (Surprise Attack)
wormkids - ghostwave (inzen)
The Mono Men - pete's pango (stop draggin' me down)
The Bikini Men - Bomb-o-rama (stampede party)
Said the Ripper - Flight of the Vickers (The Hanging at Barbed Wire)
docteur legume et les surfwerks - docteur legume et les surfwerks (la planete sauvage)
DREBIN - Astrofan (Y2k19 - EP)
captain ahab & the sea crackens - vengeance (jürmungandr)
Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards - The Song That Wouldn't Die (Rétrofuturisme, vol. 2)
Os Pontas - 7 Palmos (Selva de Fuzz)

Post date: 12/28/2021 - 17:12

One little note about this one: I was definitely a little rushed on this. I made the playlist Christmas evening, recorded some of the voice breaks in a burger king parking lot during a road trip. Every song on here deserves to be here... but there are a lot of songs that ALSO did. This is of course a testament to how great of a year this was for surf, but I think there are some glaring omissions that I feel I should apologize for.

Man Or Astro-Man? - Space 1991 (None) (Space 1991)
The Bomboras - Party at Gregg's (Party at Gregg's)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - The Minx (You Can't Handle…)
Blackball Bandits - Bullshark (The Cursed Island)
Ethan Luck - North Beach (The Golden West)

The Silicon - Woody Goes to Nice (Woody Goes to Nice)
Jason Janik - Spyglass (A.M. Waves)
Surfer Joe - Coil Burner (World Traveler)
JJ and The Trashdogs - Goin' Down (Donde Estas)
Los Blue Marinos - Wild Marino (Big Mamma)
The Avocados - Bampheus (¡Ensalada!)
The Guantanamos - Asylum Escape (Asylum Escape)

B. Confidential & The Secret Four - Black Is the Color of My Baby’s Soul (Black Is the Color of My Baby’s Soul/Satan Is Her Name)
Flower Smellers - My Dad Flint (Flower Smellers 3-4)
Surf Zombies - Iron Invasion (In Color)
The Routes - Fashion Victim (Shake Five)
The Surfbeat Club - Ell Club de los Separados (Shakedown (And More Hipshakin' Bronco Beats))
Black Valley Moon - The Haunted Waves of Hells Bay (Spectral Melodies Vol. 1)

Les Agamemnonz - Mount Capitola (Mount Capitola)
Pekka Laine - Déjà Vu (The Enchanted Guitar of)
Volcano Kings - Tharsis Montes Gundown (Lonesome Cybernetic Drifter On Mars (or Lo-Fi Morricone-esque in Space))

The Tarantinos - Durango Twist (Durango Twist/El Guapo)
Chung Kings - Sombra (Chung Kings Presents Surf-O-Tica)
Girl Over Planet - Mod Monster Mania (Mod Monster Mania)
Messer Chups - Zombienuelle (Dracula Hates Killer Icicles)
The Mighty Gordinis - Trapped Like Rats in Space (Sounds from a Distant Galaxy)
The Starhoppers - Dragon (Nominal AF)
Os Brutus - Vampira Russa (Primitivo & Civilizado)

Mandelbaum - La Sampuesan (Cumbiabillysurf)
Son de Huesos - Calzada De Los Muertos (Armonía De Las Esferas)
Zerox - March of the Turtle God (March 2021)
Les Robots - Don't Ask Me Love (12 Favorites from Planet Earth)
Now That's What I Call Surf! - My Boo (Now Thats What I Call Surf, Vol. 1)

KV Raucous and the Cave Dwellers - Hypnotized in Hawaii (Beach Party at Drac's)
Cheap Violent Cats - Annabelle (Punk Is Dad)
Colt Cobra - Blood Beach (Split: Gasolines X Colt Cobra)
The Cholla - Dragon Clouds (Anthropocene)
WANGS - Sushi (Halloween Party)
Jay Poisön and the Bat People - City of the Bat People (Escape From the Bat People !)
Underwater Bosses - Sea Wolf (The Night Divides The Ride)
Egotones - Night of the Dugong (Geodesic Dome)
Crystal Shit - Judgement Day (Earth Fed)
Terreur Twist - Clown Party (Hotep California)
The Void Surfers - Satanic Panic (Void Surfer)
Atomic Drag - Cecilia Ann (Atomic Drag EP)

Post date: 12/20/2021 - 13:31

The  Delstroyers - matador (diabolical!)
husky and the sandmen - riproarin' holiday (ridin' the wild surf)
the charades - banned on the beach (all around the world with)
The Surfites - Launch Pad (Escapades in Space)
los wet guitars - ride the wave (keep surfin')
the bomboras - swingin' on pier 13 (head shrinkin' fun)

elite U.F.O. - Tarantula (Surf Age Nuggets)
Dick Dale - Nitro Fuel (Mr. Eliminator)
The Astronauts - surf softly and carry a big board (rarities)
the centurions - Sano (bullwinkle pt. 2)
The Teen Tones - Sands of Arabia (Elemental Instrumentals!! Raw, Primitive Instrumental Rock From Cuca)
The Super Stocks - Oceanside (Toes on the Nose)

mandelbaum - Palomitas De Maíz (cumbiabilly surf)
Carl Satan - corona (O mundo assombrado por idiotas)
The Avocados - Chamuko (¡Ensalada!)
Underwater Bosses - Ride Baby (The Night Divides the Ride)
Magnatech - Dún Laoghaire (Surfing the Tolka)

Shark Attack!! - Shark Bunda (upcoming release)
Trio Koko - Hula Hips (Taruko 1)
The Incomprehensible Static - Eliminate Agent Palmer! (Transmitting LIVE from the Future!)
9th wave - ridin' the chop (time tunnel)
the mel-tones - breakers at hanalei (surf sensation)
the aqualads - castaway (castaway)

the krontjong devils - the breeze and I (surfin' sounds of...)
count zero and the cosmic naughts - point zero (locked in to surf (part 2))
garner firebird - cajun train (this is garner firebird)
par avion - the thump (surfzilla!)
janglin' jack - jacks theme (longrider)

Vinny Bell - Fever (Whistle Stop)
les robots - I'm alive (I'm Alive)
mefisto - return of gemini (surfbeat behind the iron curtain)
the spacemen - echoigo jishi (cherry viewing a go-go)
Abderrahman El Khamissi - Abderrahman El Khamissi (Music from the Soundtrack "Respectable Families")

The Terrorsurfs - Swedish Doom Goblin (The Gospel According to the Reverend Tonto)
The Telestons - Pensa Me Moutso (Blast Beach)
robotmonkeyarm - l'automa (robotmonkeyarm (part one... robot senza nome!))
les tigres du futur - course a la mort (collection illusion sonores vol. 1)
The Cavaleros - Chinese Takeaway (Atomic!)
The Irradiates - Beta Surfari (Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - The Song that Wouldn't Die (Rétrofuturisme, vol. 2)
the hypnomen - morfoman (supersonico)
the sub-vectors - intercept (music on the bones)
speedball jr. - v8 (whiplash)

Post date: 11/30/2021 - 16:08

The Bomboras - Planet of the Ape Hangers (The Return of The Up Up Sound)
The Kanaloas - Toxica (Surf a Go Go!)
The Head Henchmen - Business As Usual (Oh No! It's The Head Henchmen)
The Supertones - Subway (Made in Japan)
The Surfintynes - Surfin' the Baja (Surfin' the Baja)

The Astronauts - Movin' (7")
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - the victor (Mr. Eliminator)
The Ventures - The Creeper (Trumpet Sounds)
Davie Allan & The Arrows - Theme (From "Thunderball") (Blues Theme)
Los Belkings - Bólido de Fuego (El Sonido de los Belkings)

The Brain Waves - Shave Your Beard (The Sultan's Night Out)
The Phantom Operators - The Interceptor (Into the Wasteland)
The 3rd Wave - En El Pico (En El Pico)
Messer Chups - Zombienuelle (Dracula Hates Killer Icicles)
The Swongos - Julie Ann's Dance (Curious Tourist)

Just Leg It!!! - A Junky and a Thief (Just Leg It!!!)
Eldanka - Bend or Stretch (Rusty Treasures)
The Whodads - El Flicko (Bongo Festeris)
Les Agamemnonz - Mount Capitola (Mount Capitola)
Los Frenéticos - La Cautiva (Teletransportación)

Captain Rico & the Ghost Band - V8 Interceptor (The Forgotten Memory of the Beaches)
Operation: Diamond Bikini - Beijing Jewels
The Omega Men - Susan Goes To Work (The Spy-Fi Sounds of the Omega Men)
Los Tremoleros - The Rip (The Winter Sessions)
The Evanstones - Eruptors (1961)
The El Caminos - Hornets Nest (The Complete Sexcite Works)
Thalasses - Zeus (Navegando Entre Escila Y Caribdis)

Les Robots - I Need You (I Need You)
Chung Kings - Mulati (Chung Kings Presents Surf-O-Tica)
Jubarte Ataca - Peixe Demonio (Das Profundezas, Emerjo!)
Omar Khorshid and his group - El Fann (Mohamed Abdel Wahab) (Live in Australia)
Vincent Bell - Farewell, Farewell (Airport Love Theme)

Hypnotzar - The Mysterious Case of Al-Draquli (Hypnotzar)
The Palermo surf experience - Surfing Gonzales (Tips from the inside: Instrumental surf rock)
The Del-Vipers - Tecate Run (Terror of the Del-Vipers)
The Pulltones - Baleia Song (Storm Fisherman)
boulevard park trio - long shot (civic pride)
Cannibal Mosquitos - wave of death (Surprise Attack)
The Chukukos - La Venganza de Ramon Ramon (Deep Latin Surf Attack!)
betasurfers - betaman (land beyond)
The Apemen - When Johnny Comes Wreckin' Home (7+ Inches of Love)

Post date: 11/23/2021 - 13:02

The Tremolo Beer Gut - The Reno Bundle (You Can't Handle…)
The Apaches - Buckaroo (Rancho Deluxe)
The Eliminators - Snake Eyes (Room to Move)
WJLP - pasta for lulu (petomaniac)
Barbacoa - Shadowcaster (Pharoah's Camaro)

OPERAZIONE DYN-O-MITE! - Outrigger Saloon (The First Riders)
Blackball Bandits - Tema Del Pistolero (The Cursed Island)
Reverberati - Zako (Combat Surf)
rocket motors - man high (back to the moon)
The Deaf Surfers - A Shark in the Setting Sun (Now the Sharks Are Your Friends!)

The Jet Black's - Les Indiens (Top Top Top)
Filthy Boots - Sweet Cryin' Guitar (Filthy Boots)
The Eyeberries - Sheriff from Trashville (Don't Blink)
Diablo Pussycats - The Phantom Riders (We are the Diablo Pussycats)
Planet Seven - A Great Divide (The Tomorrow That Never Was)

The Dirty Licks - Van Cleef (Dusty Boots and Snake Skin Suits)
The Hang Ten Gallon hats - Giddy Up Surfboard (Giddy Up Surfboard)
Supertubos - Espectro de Brocken (Rendezvous)
The Honeybrains - Theme from Bad Heaven (Strange Things Afoot in Bad Heaven)

Nico Fidenco - For the Taste of Killing (45)
The Cholla - Santiano (Anthropocene)
Lone Rider - Lone Rider (Chapter One)
Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience - El Valle del Silencio (El Verdugo de Red Rock)
the vice barons - durango vice trap (friends in low places)
The Routes - Pistolero (Instrumentals II)

Mar Caribe - El Bandito (Fast) (The Law)
Rifamos - Aye Te Watcho (Rifamos)
Boss Cuts - The Song with No Name (Psycho Nite A-Go-Go!)

Franco Bixio/Fabio Frizz/Vince Tempara - Sella D'Argento (The Ecstasy of Gold Vol. 5)
Chris Gillrie - Wide Open Sky (Secret Ponchos Original Soundtrack)
Pajaro - Apocalipsis (He Matado al Ángel)
Tmgs - A 1000 Dollar Ride, Pt. II (The Moe Greene Specials)
Ethan Luck - Guadalajara (The Golden West)
Trabants - Last Man Standing (Nel Cuore Di Una Terra Selvaggia)
The Spiratones - Rope for a Bastard (Sunworshipper)
Robby Poitevin - Little Rita nel far west (The Italian Western Collection, Vol. 1)
Bruno Nicolai - Sfida Eroica (From "100.000 Dollari Per Ringo") (Sterling Soundtracks Vol. 3)
Volcano Kings - Mechanical Beasts (Lonesome Cybernetic Drifter On Mars (or Lo-Fi Morricone-esque in Space))

Post date: 11/21/2021 - 20:04

Oh yikes, I'm late with this one. But you can still

The Ghiblis - La nana (Domino)
The Supertones - Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (Made in Japan)
The Torquays - Milagro Del Mar (Live) (Return Engagement No Cover)
Los Misterios - Carrusel Galáctico (Carrusel Galáctico)

The Ventures - Bulldog (In Japan)
Thunder Rocks - War Path (On the Rampage)
The Chantays - Beyond (45)
The Tramps - Maharadja (Surfin' on Wave Nine)
Alan Caddy - Workout (An Outbreak Of Twangin' - Phantom Guitars - 26 cool early 60's guitar instrumentals, Vol. 2)
The Sounds - Mandschurian Beat (45)
Takeshi Terauchi and the Blue Jeans - Aoi Hoshikuzu (Let's Go Wakadaisho)

Jubarte Ataca - Peixe Diabo Negro (Das Profundezas, Emerjo!)
Egotones - Cheng-Chun Bye-Bye (Geodesic Dome)
Del Sotos - Moon Lover (Del Sotos)
Surf Zombies - Iron Invasion (In Color)
Bodhi & the Zephyrs - Charging (The Third Wave EP)

Mark Malibu and The Wasagas - Surfin’ a Go-Go (Return of the Wasagas)
Moms I'd Like to Surf - Soulstep for the Masses (Beach Control to Major Knob)
Guns of Utopia - Concrete Cowboys (Labradoodle)
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Surfs You Right! (Cosmopolis: 1988 - 2008)
The Hang Ten Gallon hats - Wyldewood (Giddy Up Surfboard)

The Delstroyers - Wrong Planet (Here Come)
Ray Daytona And Googoobombos - Speed Limit 65 (A Wild Shot of...)
Johnny & the Waves - Wet Noodle (Vol. 1)
Langhorns - Point Neuf (Club Gabardino)
The Killer bananazz - Ocean Reef (Frutti di Mare)
X Ray Cat Trio - Surfin' Sasquatch (Out for Blood)

Pekka Laine - The Silent Star (feat. Esa Pulliainen) (The Enchanted Guitar of Pekka Laine)
Phantom Frank - Flageolet (Phantom Frank)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - November Morning (The Spooky Sound Sessions)
expressway sketches - sunstroke (Surfin' the day, lovin' the night)

Jay Poisön and the Bat People - Daikaiju Mikazukigeri (Escape From the Bat People !)
Steve Reverb & the Sound-Tones - Shootin' the Pier (Steve Reverb & the Sound-Tones)
Hypnotide - Hot Rodder (Landlocked)
Surf Report - Heptane (Lavarockreverb)
Demoni - The Mask (The Punk Arcade, Vol. 4)
The Chemist & the Acevities - Silicium (Sounds from Chemistry Town, Vol. 4)
Terreur Twist - J'ai rencontré la bête (Hotep California)
The Archers - Moon Over Istanbul (The Coffinshakers / The Archers)
Nature Recordings - Skies Of Darkness (Clouds) (Palm Songs To Relax To)
Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards - Cecilia Ann (Sergent Surf Split Tape (w/ Demon Vendetta))

Post date: 11/09/2021 - 19:47

Shout-out to everybody that reached out to let me know that a 502 is the police code for drunk driving, so "like getting pinched on a 502" means getting arrested for drinking and driving.

Surf-a-tomica - Málaga Stomp (A por la ola del Melillero)
The Bomboras - Hold Tight (The Return of The Up Up Sound)
The Dustaphonics - Tura Stomp (100% Instrumental)
Les Robots - Only Rust Remains (Standoff at Planet 'T')
Surf Zombies - Hellride (In Color)

The Rhythm Surfers - “502” (Like Getting Pinched On A 502) (Surf Age Nuggets)
Jim Waller & The Deltas - Exotic (Surfin' Wild)
The Deuce Coupes - Gear Masher (Gear Masher)
The Hustlers - Inertia! (1963) (Beach Classics)
The Ventures - Mod East (Guitar Freakout)
The Shadows - Prelude In E Major (Jigsaw)
The Street Cleaners - Garbage City (Wail on the Beach)

Messer Chups - Dracula Hates Killer Icicles (Dracula Hates Killer Icicles)
Del Sotos - Moscow River Coast (Moscow River Coast)
Chillingsworth Surfingham - Fly Banana (Chillingsworth Surfingham)
Voodoo Surf Tribe - Egyptian Dragster (The Psyched EP)
Peopleperson - Suave Surf (Woof!)
The Desolate Coast - Escape From Ape Canyon (This Can't Be A Dream)

Blind Rage and Violence - The Shiv (The End of Rock and Roll)
The Fathoms - Incognito (Fathomless)
Satan's Pilgrims - Hester Synne (Frankenstomp: Singles, Rarities & More 1993-2014)
The Mystery Men? - Preparation: Space (Sonos Delirium)

Man or Astro-man? - Put Your Fingers in the Socket (Project Infinity)
Pointbreak - Tsunami (Sing! - Single)
Y Niwl - Tridegtri (5)
The Treble Spankers - Hasheeda (Hasheeda)
Oskar Benas Instro Combo - Pericolossus (Obic)
Turbine Powered Heroes - Century Clogs (Totally Wiped Out! - Deluxe)
Full Load of King - Cocktail Moon (Hula Blue Aloha Cocktail)
Volcano Kings - Starry Night, Death Valley (Roadkill)

The Void Surfers - Garmonbozia (Void Surfer)
The Space Cossacks - Solaris Stomp (Live Supernova)

*yikes, something messed up!*

The Hollow Grinders - Piha Death Rip (The Hollow Grinders Dig Chicks)
Jay Poisön and the Bat People - City of the Bat People (Escape From the Bat People !)
El Fossil - Manana Manhole (Escape from Crabhorse Island)
Commando - Marabunta (Piet)
Surfterraneos - Abduccion (Transmision A Venus)
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! - Haintmaker (Blood Drinkers Only)
Tiki Riot - The Slasher! (A Strange and Terrible Demo)
EGOTONES - Harmonic Voltage (Geodesic Dome)

Post date: 11/05/2021 - 22:27

The Bradipos IV - Night Creeper (Lost Waves)
Sir Bald Diddley & his Wig-Outs - Absolute Zero (The Man With Two Left Hands)
The Kahuna Kings - First Wave (Who Wants to Party with the Kahuna Kings)
The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Speed Wobble (vista cruiser country squire)
The Impulse 3 - You Can't Fool me (3-4-Motocross!)
Atomic Mosquitos - Dangerous Mission (An Evening with Vincent Price)

Thunder Rocks - Johnny Sax (On the Rampage)
The Cyclones - Mandrake (THE CYCLONES with Dyllis Stevenson and Errol Hickey)
The Monzels - Sharkskin (Surf-Age Nuggets)
hal blaine and the young cougars - Challenger II (Deuces, T's Roadsters & Drums)
The Shadows - The Rumble (Dance On)
the clee-shays - The Executioner Theme (The Dynamic Guitar Sounds of the Clee-Shays)
Duane Eddy - Poppa's Movin' On (45)

The Bomboras - Heads or Tails? (The Return of the Up Up Sound)
Egotones - Sabu the Triumphant (Geodesic Dome)
The Cranzers - Soyuz-Apollo (Soyuz-Apollo)
Jay Poisön and the Bat People - Another Bubblegum Crisis (Escape from the Bat People)
Voodoo Surf Tribe - Surfin Hip priest (the Psyched EP)

Chillingsworth Surfingham - Lipstick lane (Chillingsworth Surfingham)
Peopleperson - riff wars (woof!)
Surf Zombies - Badass (In Color)
Agent Flipper - Undercover Cop (Undercover Cop)
Del Sotos - François Bailliet) (Del Sotos)
They Honeybrains - Deauxmstoned (Strange Things Afoot in Bad Heaven)

Ethan Luck - North Beach (The Golden West)
The Desolate Coast - High-Rise Stakeout (This Can't Be a dream)
Sheverb - Rattle Can Thrash (Once Upon a Time In Bombay Beach)
glasgow Tiki Shakers - madras (In venice)
Ghiblis - Novembre Mood (Surfinia)

Les Robots - Standoff at Planet 'T' (Standoff at Planet 'T')
The Insanitizers - The Arrival of Doctor Space (Space Force)
The Spytones - Dominica 67 (Dead Note Theory)
The Ventures - kern county Line (45)
Full Load of King - Happy Bongos (Somebody Put Something in my Drink) (Hula BLue Aloha Cocktail)

Tiki Riot - Savages! (A Strange Terrible Demo)
Ups! - Crackin' Waves (Ups!)
The Treblemakers - Impact Zone (Flippin the Bird)
Krontjong Devils - Reverberoska (On Tour!!)
The Mobsmen - Wavys Revenge (fraternitas aurum factorem)
robert johnson & the punchdrunks - Sham (Fried on the Altar of Good Taste)
Terrorist Bengala Party - Pacific Trash Vortex (Surf Post Atomico)
Underwater Bosses - Red Tide (Aqua La Vista)
Echo Sector - Erotic Anvil (...From 12th Planet)
The Void Surfers - The Vault of Abyss (Void Surfer)
Volcano Kings - Vaya Con Velocidad (Roadkiller)

Post date: 10/26/2021 - 12:20

The HamilTones - Dracula Invitational, 1791 (Dracula Invitational, 1791)
Spike Marble - Theme From "The Murderqueen" (Theme From "The Murderqueen")
Hypnotzar - Beware (Travel & Entertainment - EP)
The Metalunas - Wolf Pack (Interstellar Surf Party)
The Surfaders - Zombie (Shaken and Disturbed)

Morgus & the Darginers - Morgus Creep (45)
Jan Davis - Watusi Zombie (Jan Davis - Boss Guitar)
B Brock & the Vibratos - Fright (Strummin Mental Part Two)
The Deadly Ones - There's a Creature In the Surfer's Lagoon (It's Monster Surfing Time)
Duane Eddy - Twistin' Off A Cliff (Twistin' 'N' Twangin' (With Bonus Tracks))
Ed Burkey - Rosemary's Baby aka Apache Ghost (Intoxica! Strange and Sleazy Instrumental Sounds From the SoCal Suburbs)

Jason Janik - Behind the Door (Behind the Door)
Beware of Blast - Special Forces (Special Forces)
Atomic Drag - Atomic Drac (Atomic Drac)
Jason Lee - Do You Voodoo? (Do You Voodoo?)

Blackball Bandits - The Wolves and the Fireflies (The Cursed Island)
The Wet Ones! - Shakey Dracrophobula (The Monster of Jungle Island)
Wave Electric - Shot in the Head (Shot in the Head)
The Routes - Guitar Weirdo (Shake Five)
The Breakers - Tubular Bells (Single)

The Honeybrains - Which Breasts (Strange Things Afoot in Bad Heaven)
The Me Gustas - The Bell Witch (Say Goodnight)
The Jagaloons - The Creature From The Jagaloon Lagoon (Ruin The Party)
The Ouija Chirds - Jupiter Talisman (single)
Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th - Lurking in the Depths (Beached Wail)

The Creature Preachers - Surf a.D. (Surf a.D. - Single)
Zerox - Hollywood Babylon (self-released)
Genki Genki Panic - The Moth Mandino Effect (The Munge)
The Frogenstein - Dawn of Cthulhu (Surf Clusters)
Los Bang - Zombie Blues (Zombie)

Trieste - Shake the Devil (The Black Squall)
The Zombie Army - The Pain of Being Dead (In Order to Live Your Must First Die)
The Grave of the Wizard - Slaughter at the Gates of Time (Slaughter at the Gates of Time)
Messer Chups - Rock It, Creature From The Break Lagoon (Heretic Channel)
K.V. Raucous & the Cave Dwellers - Tarantula Twist (Beach Party at Drac's)
The Radtones - Brains (Rad Times in Sun City)
Bobby's Bar - Brain Dead House (Shrunken Head Famillia)
Terreur Twist - Ou est michael ? (Hotep California)
The Void Surfers - Waves Of Hell (Void Surfer)

Post date: 10/19/2021 - 13:52

Special interview with Volcano Kings in the last half hour!

the necronautics - bikini kill (the necronautics)
Hipbone Slim - Standoff (Hipbone Slim vs Sir Bald)
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Plutonium (Under the Influence of...)
Black Valley Moon - The Haunted Waves of Hells Bay (Spectral Melodies Vol. 1)
Durango14 - Surfin Waikiki (Vol. 3)

The Motions - Notions (45)
Hal Blaine And The Young Cougars - The Phantom Driver (Deuces, T's, Roadsters and Drums)
Jerry Cole and his Spacemen - Racing Waves (Surf Age)
Thunder Rocks - Rampage (On the Rampage)
Travis Wammack - Night Train (45)
The Legends - Late Train (45)
Lionel Torrence - Rockin' Jole' Blonde (45)

Surf Zombies - Cocklebur Boogie (In Color)
Ethan Luck - Dorado (The Golden West)
The Impulse 3 - 3-4-Motocross (3-4-Motocross!)
Peopleperson - At Dawn We Ride (Woof!)
Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th - Surfer Funeral (Beached Wail - EP)

The Me Gustas - Black Cat Crawl (Say Goodnight)
Bobby Marsh and the Deep Ones - Super Atomic Men (Odyssey in N.Y.)
Los Javelin - Moliendo Cafe (Surf-a-Billy & Roll)
Los Coronas - Youza (Caliente Caliente)
The MelTones - Surf Before Sunrise (Surf Sensation (songs from Nickelodeon's SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS))
The Mel-Tones - Surf Before Sunrise -

Davie Allan & The Arrows - Another Cycle In Detroit (Cycle-Delic Sounds)
The Goldentones - Junior (Atmosphere)
The One Night Standards - dragline (octane)
dobermen - gold plated beretta (surf pacific surf trash)
the atomicons - speedster (demo 2018)
howling guitar - the wizard (howling guitar)

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Flawless Ms Drake (The Flawless Ms Drake - Single)
The SpyTones - Arabesque (Dead Note Theory)
Dalindeo - The Devil From Porthan Street (Kallio)
The Dustaphonics - Twangy Batucada (100% Instrumental)
Zerox - Hackers 2.0 (September 2021)

Volcano Kings Interview


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