Post date: 08/01/2023 - 16:58

Classical works played surf style, recorded in an airport.

Black Flamingos - Black Swan (Play Speedway and Other Hits)
Los Fantastcios - William Tell (alternative version) (Into The Infinity Tunnel With Los Fantasticos)
Pavlov's Woody - Fur Elise (Abstract Adventures)
Bang! Mustang! - Bolero (The Big Twang! Theory)
Atomicos Elektrozombies - Over the Waves (Orchestra Pit's Reverberation)

The Nauticals - Rockin' Chopin (45)
The Ventures - Nutty (Where The Action Is!)
The Chantays - Tragic Wind (Pipeline)
The Ramblers - Mozart Stomp (Surf Legends and Rumors)
Judd Proctor - The Turk (Ku-Pow! British Instrumental Guitar Music of the 60's)
The Cougars - Saturday Night at the Duck Pond (Home Grown British Rockers, Vol. 1)
Takeshi Terauchi - Theme From Unfinished Syphony (Let's Go Classics)

The Ventures - Rap City [Live
n 1965] (Rap City [Live In Japan 1965])
The Spotnicks - Habanera (In Spain 1963)
Les Mégatones - Nut cracker (Les Mégatones)
Duane Eddy - The Story of Three Loves (The 18th Variation from Rapsodie on a Theme of Paganini) (Best Of The RCA Years- Hits & Rarities)
The Playboys - Sabre Dance (Board Boogie)

Satan's Pilgrims - Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Satan's Pilgrims)
The Isotopes - The Marriage of Figaro (Duck and Cover)
The Guantanamos - El Surfer Barbero (Orchestra Pit's Reverberation)
The Vara-Tones - Ave Maria (Have Yourself a "Vara" Merry Christmas !)
Arno De Cea And The Clockwork Wizards - Première gymnopédie (Surf It Up!)

The Baronics - Spring R.269 Concerto in E Major (Get Bach ! re-edited)
Thomas Lauderdale and Satan's Pilgrims - Rhapsody in Blue (Thomas Lauderdale meets The Pilgrims)
The Tomorrowmen - Claire de Lune (It's About Time!)
The Ventures - Peter And The Wolf (Joy)

Chicha Libre - The Ride of the Valkyries (Canibalismo)
Travelers Of Tyme - Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (Singles Collection 2011-2015)
Insanitizers - Choclo Argentina (Guitar Fun Version 2)
Los Destellos - Para Elisa (The Roots of Chicha)

The Surf Coasters - Tragic Wind (Easter!)
The Hillbilly Rockets - Bumblebee Twist (The Way Way Out Sound Of...)
Los Twang! Marvels - Flight of the Bumblebee (Prueba de Fuego)
The Jancee Pornick Casino - Suka Blad Sinfonia (Orchestra Pit's Reverberation)
Estrume'n'tal - Marcha Funebre (Surfme'n'tal)
The Toy Dolls - Toccata in Dm (Absurd-Ditties)

I Fat Tones - Surf Summer Storm (Orchestra Pit's Reverberation)
Atomic Mosquitos - Sabre Dance (Meltdown)
The Coffin Daggers - In the Hall of the Mountain King (Out of Limits EP)
The Tornados - Pop Art Goes Mozart (The Tornados Play Telstar And Other Great Hits)

Post date: 07/31/2023 - 10:45

The Fuzziyama Surfers - Fuzziyama Beat (Wild Echizen)
The Good Boys - Good Boys Gone Bad (The Good Boys)
Bitch Boys - Rat Pfink Theme (Ride The First Wave)
The Necronautics - Modulator (The Necronautics)
The Volcanics - Lost Souls (Concrete Carver)

Eddie and the Showmen - Mr. Rebel (45)
Richie Allen and the Pacific Surfers - Put it On (The Rising Surf)
The Bel-Aires - Baggies (Get a Board!)
Steve Cooper and the Avantis - Sky Diver (Sand Surfin': El Paso Rock, Vol. 9)
The Invictas - Missing (Surfer Mood Vol. III)
Silüetler - Ali Baba (Anilarla Mogollar & Silüetler)
Tajfuny - Rozstanie z morzem (Tajfuny - Z Archiwum Polskiego Radia, vol.7)

Jaguatirica Fever - Canoa Quebrada (Kaifuku)
Lords Of Atlantis - Temple of Poseidon (Lords of Atlantis)
Supertubos! - La Cuarta Ola (The Fourth Drive)
Los Tiki Phantoms - La Patilla (La Patilla)

Man... or Astro-man? - Mouthful of Exhaust (Radio Scotland 1994)
The 427's - Diablo (Stay Gold)
The Atlantics - Aegean Blue (Still Making Waves)
Agent Octopus - Satellites... REVOLT!!! (From Atlantis with Love)
Buzzy Frets - Eyesore (The Return of Buzzy Frets)

The Mutants - Agents of the Universe (Deathrace 3000)
Vern Jules & the Aquanauts - The Devils Tail (The Devils Tail)
Flato Duo Jets - Crow's Feet (Introducing)
Atomic 7 - Stab it and Steer It (En Hillbilly Caliente)
Phatlynx - Wildwood Psycho Crunch (Loosen Your Belt!)
the Tentakills - Low Tide/High Tide (Low Tide/High Tide)

Kioea - Lion's Mane (Stand Tall)
Los Cerros - Héroe (Cuchillito)
Cosmic Mud - Hobo-Stoked (Nowheremansland)

The Tikiyaki Orchestra - BOMBS AWAY ! (Tropica)
Thomas Lauderdale - It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera) (Thomas Lauderdale Meets the Pilgrims)
The Bomboras - Mockingbird (Songs From Beyond!)
The Volcanos - Beatnik Bandit (Surf Quake!)
Hipbone Slim - Louieville (Hipbone Slim vs Sir Bald)
The Irradiates - Shut up, Let's Grow! (Revenge of the Plants (3rd Album))
The Concussions - Wray Conniff (Break Up With the Concussions)
The Hellbenders - Sabata (Today We Kill... Tomorrow We Die)
The Surf Kings - Take No Prisoners (Blue Pacific)
Pollo Del Mar - Wabi Sabi (Speed of Dark)

Post date: 07/24/2023 - 11:51

El Ray - Spacecar 2001 (Highwave to Hell)
The Surfites - Launch Pad (Escapades In Space)
Los Daytonas - Moon Race (Troublemaker)
Wjlp - Zero Gravity (WJLP Is out of This World)
The Akulas - The Hook (Inundated Land)

Rob E.G. - Jezebel (45)
The Joy Boys - The Frolic (Board Boogie)
Voodoos - Voodoo Walk (Elemental Instrumentals!! Raw, Primitive Instrumental rock from Cuca Records)
Nocturnes - Space Probe (Rare Surf: Volume 2 The South Bay Bands)
The Super Stocks - Ventura (Surf Route 101)

Buzzy Frets - El Chupacabra (The Return of Buzzy Frets)
Supertubos! - Nueva Siberia (The Fourth Drive)
The Strings Aflame - Ataque Relampago (Totali Catastrofica)
Agent Octopus - Silver Surfer: Redemption (From Atlantis with Love)

Lords Of Atlantis - Atlas (Lords of Atlantis)
Northern Tides - Black Stripe (Wrong Orange County)
Los Tiki Phantoms - Loco por Tus Huesos (Y el Enigma del Tiempo)
The Fuzillis - Hot Nuts (Grind a Go Go Volume 2)
The Mixtures - Sen-Sa-Shun (The East Side Sound: 1959-1968)

The Starhoppers - Starflight (Nominal AF)
Night Zoo - Journey To The Stars (Journey To The Stars)
Cosmic Mud - Diablo Del Mar (Nowheremansland)
The Charades - Moonshot (Supersonic Action)
Los Cataclismos - Moon Valley (El Vertigo de las Olas)

The Dismal Tide - Lunar Crossing (The Dismal Tide)
Les Robots - To the Moon and Back Again (Exploring the Boundaries of the Multiverse)
The Spacemen - Moonbeams (Music for Batman and Robin)
The Jimmie Haskell Orchestra - Moon Mist (Countdown)

The Madeira - Burning Mirage (Sandstorm)
Man... or Astro-Man? - Transmissions from Uranus (Pell Session 1993)
The Evil Eyes - Evil Eyes (The Evil Eyes)
The Cave 4 - Blast Off (Bikini Crash)
King Ghidora - Escape Plan 'delta Omega' (The Secret Origin of an Unknown Planetary Destroyer)
the Tentakills - Low Tide/High Tide (Low Tide/High Tide)
Sir Bald Diddley & His Wig-Outs - J.A.T.O. (Nitrous Peroxide)
Primitive Men - Evil Flames on Flat-Black Steel (Roadside Entertainment)
Los Vampiros Del Mar - Attack of the Surf Bat! (Attack of the Surf Bat EP)

Post date: 07/17/2023 - 12:05

The Fuzillis - Kablooie! (Grind a Go Go Volume 2)
Les Atlantiques - Atlantis (Atlantis)
Los Tiki Phantoms - Trago Largo (Y el Enigma del Tiempo)
Halibuts - Church Key (Halibut Beach)
The Whys - Mideast Spies (A Day On Mercury)

Dave Meyers and the Surftones - Surferama (Moment of Truth: the Best of Dave Meyers and the Surftones)
The Crossfires - Inferno (Out of Control)
Ed Burkey - Whitewater Wipeout (More Long-lost Honkers & Twangers)
The Lancasters - Earthshaker (Pulp Surfers)
The Chevells - Let There Be Surf (It Came from the Beach: Surf, Drag and Rockin' Instrumentals)
Hal Jones & the Wheelers - Wheeler Dealer (King's of the Hot Rods)
The Rally-Packs - bucket Seats (Wail on the Beach)

Supertubos - Thunderchicken (The Fourth Drive)
Lords Of Atlantis - Libertas! (Lords of Atlantis)
The Akulas - Grand Prix (Inundated Land)
The Strings Aflame - Volkov 1 (Totali Catastrofica)
Northern Tides - Wrong Orange County (Wrong Orange County)
Agent Octopus - Black Sea Reef (From Atlantis with Love)

Cosmic Mud - Diablo Del Mar (Nowheremansland)
The Creature Preachers - Zombie Tsunami (Necro A Go-Go)
Kincaid and the Memetics - Slackline (Storm Front)
Halibears - Lani (Helsinki Twister)

The Del-Vipers - Kohala Bay (Los Del-Vipers)
Messer Chups - Black Saddle (Church of Reverb)
Ethan Luck - Dorado (The Golden West)
JJ and The Trashdogs - The Deep End (Donde Estas)
Gasolines - Beachnik II (Jungle Surfers)
Indy Tumbita & The Voodoo Bandits - La Danza del Mirlo y el Escorpión (Cocodrilia: Cumbia Surf a la Tumbita's Way)
Los Juniors - Tercera piedra en el sol (Back To Peru Vol 2)
baksey Cham Krong - B.C.K. (Don’t Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll)
The Tornados - Earthy (Ridin' the Wind - The Anthology)

Man... or Astro-man? - Invasion of the Dragonmen (Peel Session 1993)
The Irradiates - Locked in the Chromatic Spectrum (Revenge of the Plants (3rd Album))
The Tiki Creeps - Bottom Feeder (Live) (More "Live" Than Dead!)
The Breakers - Tornado Magnet (Transmissions from a Hornet-Free Environment)
The Flying Faders - Wee-Ow (No Sweat)
Dynowaves - Street Surfer (Big Sun)
The Surf Coasters - Midnight Trooper (EASTER!!)
the Tentakills - Ghosts of Atlantis - Radio Edit (Ghosts of Atlantis (Radio Edit))

Post date: 07/10/2023 - 07:01

The Dead Rocks - Center of the Universe - Instrumental (Tiki Twist)
The Amen - Let's Fly to Mars (Let's Fly to Mars)
The Atlantics - Whitewash (Remixed) [Remastered] (Flight of the Surf Guitar 21st Anniversary Edition (Remixed) [Remastered])
Eldanka - Fatal Apogee (Twanging Tritones)
Barbacoa - Western Medicine (Barbacoa Italian Medallion)
Los Holy's - Sueño Sicodelico (Sueño Sicodelico)
RJ & the Riots - Fuzzed (RJ & the Riots)
The Treasures - Minor Chaos (The Birth of Surf Vol. 3)
The Surfriders - Rum Runner (Surfbeat, Vol. 2)
Jerry Cole and his spacemen - T. Roadster Rock (hot rod dance party)

Lords Of Atlantis - Atlas (Lords of Atlantis)
Los Tiki Phantoms - El Vampiro Robot (Y El Enigma Del Tiempo)
The Creature Preachers - Haunted Swamp (Necro A-Go-Go)
Springbo - Pipeline Confessional (The Book of Duderonomy)
HALIBEARS - Nectar (Helsinki Twister)
The Fuzillis - Nayland Rock (Grind a Go Go Volume 2)

King Pelican - The Worm (Volume 2)
Magnatech - Party @ Frank's House (An Evening With Magnatech!)
The Evanstones - Number Tien (1961)

O.C. Supertones - Caught Inside (Supertones Strike Back, The)
The Phantom Surfers - Rochambeau (And Dick Dale)
The Hellbenders - Winchester Justice (Today We Kill... Tomorrow We Die)
The Daytonas - The Sound Barrier (Diggin' for Gold)

The Space Agency - Silver Haze (The Celestial Sounds of the Space Agency)
Cameronoise - Wish You Could See Yourself (A Henry Shade of Winkler)
Christine 23 Onna - The Last Hunter (Acid Eater)
Cem Karaca Ve Apaslar - Sans Cocogu (Cem Karaca Ve Apaslar)
Yawning Man - Split Tooth Thunder (Rock Formations)
Lawndale - Strees of Desire (Beyond Barbecue)

The Coffin Daggers - Cruel Sea (The Coffin Daggers)
Moussaka - Budi, Budi (Moussaka EP)
Intóxicos - Invasion (Vila Velha Todo Dia)
Las Yakets - Perezoso (Regresa el Rocanrol)
The Terrorsaurs - Kutanga (SWAMP BEAT)
Los Pecadores - Disintegrator Cannon (Tough Love)
The Katatonics - Spf 666 (Operation Neptune)
Los Pinche Pinches - Tweaker Creaker (Los Pinche Pinches)
The Defiant Ones - Shiva's Little Grind (SUPER SECRET DISASTER)
Durango14 - A Quemarropa (Vol. 3)

Post date: 06/26/2023 - 13:34

The Wave Chargers - Eddie Would Go (Caravelle)
Eddie Angel - Kawanga! (Guitar Party (Re-mastered))
Husky And The Sandmen - Diamond Eye (Ridin' the Wild Surf)
Lewis Bailey - The Ageo Flash (The Instrumental Stylings of Lewis Bailey)
the phantom dragsters - harem (dragsters sounds)
Stories from Shamehill - Il sorpasso (Return of the Space Mariachis)

Rj and the Riots - Weightless (RJ And The Riots)
The Hollywood Tornadoes - The Gremmie (Part II) (45)
The New Dimensions - Miserlou (The Best of)
The Revels - Good Grief (Intoxica!!! The Best of the Revels)
Boots Brown and his Blockbusters - Chili Beans (45)
The Quests - Tea Break (Recollecting the Quests)

HALIBEARS - Lucky Winner (Helsinki Twister)
King Pelican - Dancing Bear (2)
The Guantanamos - Charlie Don't Surf (Lost in Deep Waters)
The Meteoroids - P-22 (P-22/Boss Angeles)

The Apollo Four - Nitro Twist (Blast Off)
Boom Pam - Daber Yafe´ (Royal)
Messer Chups - Vampira's Curse (The Incredible Crocotiger)
The Kanaloas - The Day of Malibu War (Surf a Go Go!)
The Greaseballs - High Plains Hodad (Tombstone Wax)

The Lords of Atlantis - The Barbary Corsairs (The Continental Vol. 31)
The Biarritz Boys - Surf Wind from the North (Inside Clean Waves)
Bradipos Four - Amaro è 'o bbene (The Parthenophonic Sound of Bradipos Four)
Magnatech - Christopher Lee (An Evening With Magnatech)
WJLP - Sunrise (Uncle Henry's Magic Shizzle)

Trio Koko - Torro (Taruko II)
Harmonica Lewinski - Camel Crush (Lost Weekend)
Exotico Paradisio - Panther Prowl (Jungle Feast)
Los Holy's - Piedra de Doce Angulos (Sueno Sicodelico)

The Intoxicators - Hodad of Huntington (Easter Eggs on Halloween)
Slacktone - PCH (Slacktone)
The Invisible Surfers - Two Miles Woman (Till That Day)
Bande de los Apaches - Tennesse Kid (Forever)
13th Magic Skull - Twistin' Massai (Sungazing in Rapa Nui)
Timecop Beach Party - Set Phasers to Chill (Transmission Received: Hang Ten)
Underwater Bosses - Aqualizer (The Night Divides The Ride)
Daikaiju - The Great Hyperspace Train Heist (Phase 3)
The Orions - Midnight Mugrabi (The Orions)

Post date: 06/19/2023 - 11:44

OK Kings - Mosquito (It's OK)
Les Agamemnonz - Artemis (Amateurs)
Blackball Bandits - Bullshark (The Cursed Island)
The Tourmaliners - Grimace (Surfidia)
Los Twang! Marvels - Cannonball (Prueba de fuego)

Hangten Horwitz - Sax Now, Surf Later (My Son the Surf-nut)
The Ventures - Ravin' Blue (The Fabulous Ventures)
The Motions - Big Chief (45)
The Sentinals - Exotic (Big Surf!)
The Original Surfaris - Delano Soul Beat (Wheels, Shorts & Hot Rods)
"Bo Diddley" - Surfboard Cha Cha (Surfin' with Bo Diddley)

The Guantanamos - Smell of Swell (Lost in Deep Waters)
The Meteoroids - Boss Angeles (P-22/Boss Angeles)
Magnatech - Tika Hates Tiki (An Evening with Magnatech)
The Tricky Dicks - Tricky Dick Dale (Political Enemies Project)
Pelomono - Alguien me Persigue (Danza de la Cobra)

Thomas Lauderdale - It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera) (Thomas Lauderdale Meets the Pilgrims)
Los Daytonas - Big Rod (Directo En Delia Records)
The Breakers - Mesozoic Melee (Voodoo Treatment)
Surf Zombies - Iron Invasion (In Color)
Los Twang Marvels - Surf Dilemma (Jungle Of Twang)

The Head Henchmen - Party At The Bongo (Oh No! It's The Head Henchmen)
The Fuzillis - The Flop (Grind A Go Go, Vol. 1)
Los Straitjackets - San Diego Shutdown (Supersonic Guitars in 3-D)
Sandy Nelson and the Sin City Termites - Senior Beat (Nelsonized)

The Scimitars - Bari Simone (Damascus Steel / Bari Simone)
Sunil Ganguly - Laila o Laila (Swinging Hits)
Omar Khorshid - Ya Naseeny (Omar Khorshid With Love)
Los Pirañas - Palermo's Grunch (Historia natural)

The Zipheads - Agent Z (Surf Wars Vol 1: The Day The Surf Stood Still)
The Del-Vipers - Sex Cauldron (Terror of the Del-Vipers)
Amphibian Man - Bonfire (Waves)
Z and the Tiki Twisters - Hardcore Twist in Istanbul City (Hardcore Twist in Istanbul City)
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! - North Texas Cobra Squadron Theme (5 After Midnight)
The Aquaholics - Superbee! (Psycho Satanic Surf Party)
The Dynotones - 99AD (The Dynotones)
The Volcanics - Trick Shot (The Lonely One)
Fifty Foot Combo - TripleXpresso (Locos Instrumentales Around the World)
The Break - Cyclops (Church Of The Open Sky)

Post date: 06/12/2023 - 14:36

This one was rough. Had some major technical difficulties going in, but they smoothed out eventually. So if you're listening online, hang in there!

Juan Garcia Esquivel - Mi Riviera (Sonidos de Otros Mundos y Algo Más)

The Bomboras - P.O.P. Pier (Songs From Beyond!)
The Pyramids - Outer Limits (Penetration)
Scott Lauderdale and Satan's Pilgrims - Bali hai (Scott Lauderdale Meets The Pilgrims)
The Mach IV - Big Foot (Eleki!)
The Mystery Men? - Blood At Dawn (Session Obscura)
The Coffin Daggers - That Sweet Girl (Eleki Album)

Magnatech - Die Elafantin (An Evening with Magnatech)
Pelomono - Alguien Me Persigue (Danza de la Cobra)
Skoteenas - Invisible Hands (Tunes for Twangoloids)
Jay Poisön and the Bat People - Arnulf (The Mullet Vampire) (Echoes From The Batcave)
The Tricky Dicks - Unimpeachable (Political Enemies Project EP)

El Capitan & The Reluctant Sadists - New Sensations (Prelude to the Mass) (The Satanic Surf Sounds of)
Les Panches Surfers - La Huida (La Balasera)
Zako - Hurakan (1)
The Wave Chargers - Les Cavaliers De L'apocalypse Sont Des Surfeurs (Strike Again !)
Robotron - Surfin_ Fjord (Atomium)

King of Hawaii - Oaxaca (Road Trip)
Raul Malo - Para Los Muertos (For The Dead) (Say Less)
The Blue Hawaiians - Hot Rods to Honolulu (Live at the Lava Lounge)

The Scimitars - Damascus Steel (Damascus Steel / Bari Simone)
Trio Koko - Bombay Jam (Bombay Jam)
Stereo Donkey - San Onofre (Stereo Donkey)
Bongho Krappul - Sospechozo Regozo (Jao San)
Los Jaguars - por ti estoy sufriendo - mi gran noche (de fiesta con...)

Wave Electric - Moon Surfing (Wave Electric)
El Ray - Volcano (Highwave to Hell)
Alien SixTine - Into the Donkey Tube (Covid 19 Sessions)
the_birdcage - sea daddy (wave machine)
The Hollow Grinders - Piha Death Stomp! (Surfin' Taniwha)
The Vara-Tones - Repeto 2000 (Jetty Subject To High Surf)
The Looney Tunes - Wild Action (Modern Sounds of the Looney Tunes)
Underwater Bosses - Basshead (Aqua La Vista)
Ahmet Güven - Trenin Vagonlari (Karanlik Yasamlar)
The Grande Bois - Vodka Train (Grande Finale)
The Apemen - When Johnny Comes Wreckin' Home (7+ Inches of Love)
The Madeira - Caravela (Ancient Winds)

Post date: 06/05/2023 - 08:27

The Bomboras - Frenzied (Songs From Beyond!)
Lazer Gun Saloon - The Sasquatch (Yeti and Sasquatch)
The Incredible Sucking Sponges - Barracuda (The Incredible Sucking Sponges)
Pounded by the Surf - Beach Cholo (No Waves)
The Surfdusters - Danger Beat (Save the Waves)

The Chantays - Sentimental Guitar (A Dawning Sun)
Eddie & The Showmen - Far Away Places (Rockin' Instrumental Classics)
The Revelairs - Riding High (Rare Surf Vol. 2 The South bay bands)
The Gestics - Rockin Fury (Surf Age Nuggets)
Jim Messina & His Jesters - The Jester (The Dragsters)
The Velvetones - Static (The Birth of Surf Vol. 3)
The Champs - Mr. Cool (45)

Raul Malo - Granada Boulevard (Say Less)
Trio Koko - Vivace (Taruko II)
Unkle Kook - Astro (COMING IN BUNCHES)
Skoteenas - Shakin' Shaitan (Tunes for Twangoloids)

Kitten And The Tonics - SurfRat (Painkiller)
Les Panches Surfers - Último verano en Torremolinos (La Balasera)
Shorty's Swingin' Coconuts - Earthquake (Surf Shack Shindig)
Abyssal Lurkers - Call of the Kraken (The Kraken Wakes)

Thomas Lauderdale - Rhapsody in Blue (Rhapsody in Blue)
Los Protones - Anconenta (¡Maravilla!)
Los Frenéticos - La Furia (Teletransportación)
The Dangermen - Culmination Point (Tranquille Shore)
Insect Surfers - Plankton Dance (Infra Green)
The Bradipos IV - When the Sirens Sing (When the Sirens Sing)

Ronald Reagan? The Actor? - Wasteland (Sky Bits)
Les Robots - Hommage Au Le Trio Fantastique (Extracts from the Multiverse)
Los Javelin - Ska Surf (¡Cocktail Caracas!)
Los Belkings - Condenado a Muerte (El Sonido de los Belkings)

El Capitan & The Reluctant Sadists - Séance of the Damned (The Satanic Surf Sounds of)
The Coffin Daggers - Instigator (Sultans of Surf)
Terrorist Bengala Party - L'Aquila Contromano (Surf Post Atomico)
Zako - Astrozombi (1)
Hawaiian Astro Boys - Thank U Sir, May I Have Another? (Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?)
The Irradiates - Shut up, Let's Grow! (Revenge of the Plants (3rd Album))
Bitchin' Rail Banger - Surf Punk (Shacked)
Dick Dale - HMFIC (Guitar Legend: The Very Best Of Dick Dale)
Travelers of Tyme - The HomN (Mango Marshmallow)

Post date: 05/29/2023 - 10:18

The Bomboras - Homage to Dave Pilgrim (SONGS FROM BEYOND!)
The Flying Faders - Bone Shovel (Bone Shovel)
TarantinosNYC - Spanish Steps (Surfin' the Silver Screen)
The Bluebottles - Stink Face (Poolside With the Bluebottles)

The Chantays - Mr. Moto (A Dawning Sun)
The Fabulous Coachmen - Down in the Dumps (45)
The Champs - 3/4 Mash (45)
The Pablo Ponce' Four - Hanky Panky (inst) (45)
Earl Stanley and the Stereos - Fish Eyes (45)

Thomas Lauderdale - Out of This World (Thomas Lauderdale Meets the Pilgrims)
Unkle Kook - Sert beat (Coming in Bunches)
Les Panches Surfers - La Balasera (La Balasera)
El Capitan and the Reluctant Sadists - Hand of the Hanged man (The Satanic Surf Sounds of...)
Zako - eternauta (1)

The Desolate Coast - High Plains Grifter (Without A Planet)
Kitten And The Tonics - Ghost Of Bob Wills (Ghost Of Bob Wills)
Abyssal Lurkers - Belly of the Beast (The Kraken Wakes - Single)
The Babalooneys - False Start (Winternationals / False Start)
Shorty's Swingin' Coconuts - Blue Rain (Surf Shack Shindig)
Tsunamish - Let's Stay Together (Amigos Adiós!)

Los Perloras - Margaya (Los Perloras)
The Volcanos - Whirlpool (Surf Quake!)
Cato Dojo Clan - Waluigi Shuffle (Cato Dojo Clan EP)
Jay Poisön and the Bat People - Escape from the Bat People ! (Escape From the Bat People !)

Boom Pam - Daber Yafe´ (Royal)
Laika & the Cosmonauts - Six Seconds in Dallas (Instruments of Terror)
Double Naught Spy Car - Double Naught Spy Car (Comb in Blue Water)
Scenic - The Kelso Run (Incident at Cima)

The Barbwires - La Caja Del Muerto (Searider)
Trash Island - Huffing Rocket Fuel (Hot Rod Sunset)
Hawaii Samurai - Pacific Darkside (Let There Be Surf)
Speedball JR - Swimming With the Sharks (Treble In Paradise)
The Tulsa Doom - Set Tasers to Bro (War Chief)
The Tiki Creeps - BuZZ Bomb (Live) (More "Live" Than Dead!)
Atomic Mosquitos - The Liquidators (Meltdown)
The Obsidians - Two (Live) (Notre Histoire)
Captain Ahab & the Sea Crackens - Capitalism for Suckers (Jurmungandr)
The Deadbeats - Gooch in Space (Day of the Deadbeats)


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