Playlist! 11-13-23

Mary Ann Hawkins - Daring Trappers (Mary Ann Hawkins)
Pointbreak - Chuck Norris (Get Wet!)
Silver Sand Surfers - Pueblo Ghost (Silver Sand Surfers)
The Longboards - Luigi's Hot Rod (Naked Jungle)
The 'Verb - We Must Be Cautious (Only 'Verb Can Break Your Heart)

Frankie Stein and his Ghouls - Bodies under the Bridge (Shock! Terror! Fear!)
The Ventures - Hot Line (The EP Collection)
Aki Aleong and the Nobles - Body Surf (Come Surf With Me)
The Thundermen - Odyssey (Elemental Instrumentals!! Raw, Primitive Instrumental Rock From Cuca)
The Sidewalk Sounds - The Born Loser's Theme (Born Losers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack))
Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnies - Walk Don't Run (eleki guitar no subete)

Los Protones - Boqueron del Diablo (Double Feature: Paifico Sur + Abaixo de 7 Palmos Naoma Reverb)
Intóxicos - Quebra-Queixo (Sick Drop)
THE BURIAL QUARTET - Eye of the Devil (Por Qué Me Miras Así)
Jay Poisön and the Bat People - Vampire Wipeout : The Return of Nosferatu (Night of the Bat People)
Monster Wave - The Great Rinaldi (Pazuzu Luau)

Los Grainders - Deep Grotto (Surf Beat '23)
Rocket Cairo - Helvaci (single)
The Derangers - The Impaler (The Legend of Daphne Blue and the Westernmental Sound)
Herschel Yatovitz - Fast Layne (Narabeen)

Magnatech - Valiant Rides Again (Herr Magnatech Bittet Zum Tanz)
Super Sport - Kahiki Supper Club (Scioto Surf Club, Vol. 1)
Looney Tunes - Zirkus (Beyond the Dune)
Benny & the Mid-Knights - Tsunami (Last Run / Tsunami)
The Atlantics - Islands in the Surf (Remixed) [Remastered] (Flight of the Surf Guitar 21st Anniversary Edition (Remixed) [Remastered])

Chauffeur et Parlak - Covo Tides (Covo Tides)
The Mermen - Little Stinky Kitty (The Amazing California Health And Happiness Road Show)
The Manakooras - Howl of the Jaguar (Un Sueño)
Thee Orbits - Venice After Dark (Loveless Beach Club)

Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! - Sincerely Satan Of Sin City (Acid Chalet)
Trve Kvlt Surf - Surf! (Trve Kvlt Svrf Muzik)
The Atomic Mosquitos - Danger Island (Reverb Nation)
Cannibal Mosquitos - Notsouko (Surfin' Heroes Party)
Dick Satan Trio - El Marciano (El Marciano/Sangria Diablo)
Light Strucks - Fermentação Radioativa (The Light Strucks)
Amphibian Man - Program (Program)
The NineteenElevenS - Hibachi Samurai (The NineteenElevenS)
Howling Guitar - Silver Bullet (Howling Guitar)
The Good The Bad - 33 (From 018 to 033)


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