Playlist! 12-4-23

The Krontjong Devils - Oet of Control (En Garde)
Burt Rocket - Hang Twang (Fiberglass Frenzy)
The Vara-Tones - Reverberator (Headin' Out)
The Mobsmen - Boom (Fraternitas Aurum Factorem)
The Deoras - Hitman (Surf Spy Tiki Instro)
The Surfin Beards - Mar del Plata (Surfin Beards)

Los Temerarios - Asesinato en la 10A. Avenida (La Catedral de Winchester)
Mike Patterson - Ramrod (Rock & Roll with Piano, Vol. 9)
The Phantoms - Peter Gunn (Wheels and Other Great Guitar Hits)
Duane Eddy - My Blue Heaven (45)
René And His Alligators - Gipsy Rock (Revived)
The Shadows - Dakota (The Shadows Know)

Instrumental Action Heroes - Attack of the Surfing Lizard (The Surfing Lizard)
Magnatech - Do the Swine (Do the Swine)
The Breakers - Escaping Through the Window (A Seahorse of the Different Color)
Los Protones - La Fosa del Pacífico Sur (La Fosa del Pacífico Sur)
Ship Canal Surfers - Never Gonna Give You Up (From Hulme to Honolulu)

WJLP - Roach Motel (Cocktails for One)
The Raulis - Chicken Haole (The Raulis)
Los Kosmos - Dead or Alive (Los Kosmos)
Los Straitjackets - Galaxy Drive (Supersonic Guitars in 3-D)
Richie Allen & The Pacific Surfers - Goochy Bamba (Long Lost Honkers & Twangers)

The Fuzillis - Tiki Max (Grind a Go Go Volume 2)
The Dustaphonics - Rock A Rolla Boogaloo (100% Instrumental)
X Ray Cat Trio - Surfin' Sasquatch (Out for Blood)
Guns of Utopia - Brain Jelly (A Million Flies Can't Be Wrong)
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Bennett Cerf (Savvy Show Stoppers)
Planet Seven - Point and Shoot (The Tomorrow That Never Was)

Doombox - Driftrod (DBX-0)
The Manakooras - Snowfall (Christmas with The Manakooras)
Chucknee - Theme from Godzilla (Akira Ifukube) (A Display of Performances Imitating Things)
Les Paul & Mary Ford - Three Little Words (45)
Los Belking's - Sabor Dulce (Instrumental Waves (1966-1973))

Man... or Astro-man? - Gargantua's Last Stand (Radcliffe Session) (Radcliffe Session 1994 - EP)
Threesome - GTO Crash (Adriatica)
The Apehangars - Kung Flu (The Apehangars)
The Beyonderers - Besieged By Orbs Live - Live (Live in Akron)
The Chuguysters - Double Trap (First Warning)
Bande de los Apaches - Holy Dick Business (Forever)
Chum - Type-D (Super Not Cool)
Drebin - Srfsng#2 (Y2K19)
The Obsidians - Seismic Surfin' (Live) (Notre Histoire)
Monsters From The Surf - Hangman (Monsters From The Surf)
The Trashwomen - Surfin' on Uranus (Vs. Deep Space)


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