Playlist! 11-6-23

The Wave Chargers - Sheitanus Maximus (Caravelle)
Impala - Anna Vienna (Night Full of Sirens: Anthology '93 -'97)
Blackball Bandits - Powerline (The Cursed Island)
Frankie and The Pool Boys - The Whammy (The Wet Season)
Ventura Dives - Tales from the Rip (Ventura Dives)

Link Wray and His Ray Men - Slinky (Link Wray & The Wray-Men)
The Lively Ones - Goofy Foot (Hang Five! The Best Of The Lively Ones)
Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings - The Shack (Al Garcia & the Rhythm Kings)
The Sentinals - Tor-Chula (Big Surf)
The Belairs - Movin' & Groovin' (Volcanic Action!)

Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks - And The Devil On Guitar (Gallret)
Amphibian Man - Decision (Program)
THE BURIAL QUARTET - The One Legged Dancer (Por Qué Me Miras Así)
Monster Wave - Phantom Board (Pazuzu Luau)
Intóxicos - Zeitgeist (Sick Drop)

Los Grainders - Buff (Surf Beat '23)
The Slimetones - Turtle Pond (Turtle Music)
Jay Poisön and the Bat People - Many Fangs (Night of the Bat People)
Magnatech - The Mighty North Sea (Herr Magnatech Bittet Zum Tanz)

Los Fuckin Surfer Smokers - Kumbia Surfin' (Kumbia Surfin')
Super Sport - Love Butter (Scioto Surf Club, Vol. 1)
The Dead Beat - Sting Ray (Boss Sound)
The Daytonas - The Coffin (Parabolica)
The Ghastly Ones - Double Agent 73 (Who came in From the Cold) (Target Draculon)

Takeshi Terauchi & the Bunnies - Uskudara (Eleki Guitar no subete)
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Land Of Swinging Atoms (The Flawless Ms Drake)
The Dynatones - The Fife Piper (Indie Psyche Rock - Rare Recordings from the Attic)
Sincron - In Gara la Leordeni (Planetary Pebbles Vol. 1: Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtan)
Les Robots - The Eastern Market (Exploring the Boundaries of the Multiverse)

Demoni - Defcon 4 (Dawn of Demoni)
Trve Kvlt Surf - Exercises in Surfing VI (Trve Kvlt Svrf Muzik)
X-Ray Vision - Nascar (X-Ray Vision)
Bitchin Rail Banger - Surf Time (Shacked)
Thee Cormans - Mingo (Mingo 7")
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! - Sincerely Satan Of Sin City (Acid Chalet)
Joel Grind - The Invisible Landscape (Split)
Arno De Cea And The Clockwork Wizards - The Clock Crusher (Rétrofuturisme, vol. 1)
The Nebulas - Firewall (It's Go Time!)


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