This Machine Kills Robots release A History of Violent Crime in the Darkest Corners of the Ocean Floor

This Machine Kills Robots - A History of Violent Crime in the Darkest Corners of the Ocean Floor

This Machine Kills Monsters have a sound all unto themselves. Metal and surf rub up against each other plenty, but TMKR seem to grab the speed and intensity of metal (and perhaps the drumming) and otherwise stick with modern surf tones and structures. Like The Madeira cranked up to unsafe speeds. On a quick listen, this might be my favorite work of theirs so far: more emotive, more ambitious, and more interesting instrumentation choices, with a big satisfying finish.


Genki Genki Panic release Ghoulie High Harmony

Genki Genki Panic - Ghoulie High Harmony

Genki Genki Panic is a twosome comprised of guitarist Chancho and drummer El Fatsquatch. A little while ago they had a six-song demo EP up, and it's nice to hear how those songs have progressed into a much more polished product, and of course it's nice hear the new tracks that came along the way. If you like horror surf it's well worth a listen.


Les Vice Barons release The Model EP

Les Vice Barons - The Model EP

Wow! The\Les Vice Barons released two great LPs back in the 90's and since then I would have presumed they were done. But here we are with a brand new EP. Four songs, including a great version of The Model. I wonder of Kraftwerk knows that their tune has somehow become a surf standard. Anyway, this one's great: it sounds gigantic, and there's some great organ playing all over it.

Here's the bandcamp stream


The Invisible Surfers release Straight From Hell

The Invisible Surfers - Straight From Hell

It's been a good while since the Invisible Surfers' last LP "Till That Day" and it's great to see them back. They've changed - a lot less fuzz, a lot more traditional reverb-drenched sound, but they've also stayed the same - aggressive, quick-picked, adrenaline-minded. You can give a listen to the previews and purchase it over at


The Tarantinos NYC release Surfin' the Silver Screen

Tarantinos NYC - Surfin' the Silver Screen

The Tarantinos NYC have a new LP out chock full of film soundtrack surf covers. They've been at it for a while though, and they're starting to dig pretty damn deep - a few covers that I certainly haven't heard! They've also written a few originals! I've only heard a few of the samples on CDbaby, but it sounds like it's got a good punch and a good traditional surf sound.



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