The Reigning Monarchs rework their scheme in preparation for a new album

The Reigning Monarchs

The Reigning Monarchs are a really interesting case.

Let's start off by just saying that they're very good. Their LP "" was fun and energetic from start to finish, and full of variety and creativity. They talk a lot about melding surf with ska, reggae, punk - which I hear, but I hear them as a surf-influenced band first and foremost.


Satan's Pilgrims release Frankenstomp

Satan's Pilgrims - Frankenstomp

A while ago Satan's Pilgrims held a to fund a trip to Europe and their compilation of singles, live cuts, and unreleased tracks titled "Frankenstomp". That album has found its way into a number of hands since the kickstarter, but for those of us that didn't go that route, we can now buy it too! I've heard great things about it, which is unsurprising because everything they've done has been quality.


The Blue Hawaiians are on kickstarter for another Christmas record

The Blue Hawaiians - Christmas on the Big Island

Since we're way out of season, I feel no shame in admitting that on the whole I hate Christmas music. But boy howdy is there a lot of it in surf, and if it is your sorta thing then I know you all have at least one album in your collection. It's Christmas on the Big Island by the Blue Hawaiians. And they wana do another one.


Satan's Pilgrims need your help for a tour and a new record

Satan's Pilgrims T-Shirt Design

Yikes! I meant to post about this when it first started, but there's only a week left and about a third to go!

Satan's Pilgrims have been around for 20 years and everything they've released along the way is worth owning (at least I'd say that based on the ones I own). They need YOUR help for two purposes:


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