Something a little different for Bandcamp Friday: Xmas music!

The Tourmaliners - Surfin' Christmas Carols

So there were e in November, but overall it wasn't a big month. Meanwhile I'm trying to scoop things up to get my 2020 non-surf picks and of course the 2020 Gremmy Awards ready to go, so let's do a lazy one.

One interesting trend about 2020 that I've noticed is that there's been a LOT of small one-offs. Halloween had a ton of singles ready for my show, and Christmas is shaping up to be the same way. Here's some 2020 releases to get you in the mood. I won't write about all of them because, let's face it, it can be hard to write about how bands play the same well-known songs and write about them in a way that sounds unique. OK I'll be more honest: I'm not in any rush to listen to Christmas music until week of, so I've barely listened to any of these. Also, for the sake of being thorough, I'll include a few non-bandcamp releases.


The Blue Hawaiians are on kickstarter for another Christmas record

The Blue Hawaiians - Christmas on the Big Island

Since we're way out of season, I feel no shame in admitting that on the whole I hate Christmas music. But boy howdy is there a lot of it in surf, and if it is your sorta thing then I know you all have at least one album in your collection. It's Christmas on the Big Island by the Blue Hawaiians. And they wana do another one.


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