The Tiki Creeps release Idol Worship

The Tiki Creeps - Idol Worship

The Tiki Creeps' last year was definitely a standout, so I'm glad they've kept that momentum up by releasing a followup. They haven't shaken up the formula much: a solid mix of cool low-tempo numbers (perhaps the tiki part of their name) and a few with the guitars howlin'. "Ride Creeps Ride" is actually a bit of a twistin' number, something missing from their last one. I get a bit less of a sci-fi vibe on this one, but the creepiness definitely prevails, especially with the reverb a smidge deeper. All-in-all, more solid stuff, and I hope they keep up (or exceed) this 7 songs per year rate. 

Right now this is only a digital download, but they've got CDs in too, so hang in there if that's your preferred means of consumption.


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