Beertubes release Holy Shit Twangy Reverb Villains Attack

Beertubes - Limited Edition Mini Debut Album

Beertubes are one of the few (if only?) surf groups representing Indonesia, and they do it with burlap sacks or a red cloth covering their head. I don't know. They've got a pretty trad sound played with gusto and a few sound clips interspersed. This is a warmup as they get an LP ready before the end of this year

It's streaming on bandcamp or if you'd like one shipped to you, check out their


Apicultores Clandestinos release Astronauta do Campo

Apicultores Clandestinos release Astronauta do Campo

Not using google translate on this one: I think the name means secret beekeepers. This LP is loud, fun, and playful. It's got 3 vocal tracks, sure, but it's also got about 3 theremin tracks and one kazoo track (perhaps meant to simulate bees?). Give it a spin on bandcamp!


The Out of Limits release The "Rough Masters" Demo EP

The Out of Limits - The "Rough Masters" Demo EP

The Out of Limits descend pretty clearly from the Man... or Astro-man? lineage of surf with zonked out effects, vintage sci-fi sound clips and, most importantly, mind-enhancing scientific headgear. They also have a healthy chunk of that raw energy. Even for a demo, this is loud, frantic, big, and fun stuff. It's pay-what-you-want, so watch the video and give it a download.


The Urban Surf Kings release Play Along with Urban Surf Kings vol. 1

Urban Surf Kings - Play Along with Urban Surf Kings vol. 1

USF are often trying to think outside the box. Last year's Penguin Vs. Robot was an interesting release strategy (4 song vinyl EP with 4 extra songs included as a download). This idea isn't necessarily new, or even their own entirely, but one that I haven't seen others do. In homage to the Play Guitar WIth the Ventures albums, they've made an EP that has two songs: Livorno Twist (a tribute to Surfer Joe festival!) and Calafuria Nights. Then it has versions without the guitar, and includes tabs with the download.


Los Protones release 20 Monstruos! 2007​-​2015

Los Protones - 20 Monstruos! 2007-2015

If you listen to Storm Surge of Reverb regularly, you might have picked up how much I love the Peruvian take on surf. Bands like Los Belking's, Los Holy's and Los Jaguar's had a truly unique mix of surf rock, psychedelic music and cumbia that come together into something I have heard since from anywhere else in the world.


The Phantom Operators release Il Retorno del Mariachi EP

The Phantom Operators - Il Retorno del Mariachi

Are The Phantom Operators starting to settle on a Western sound? We've had an album called Metal Mariachi Music and now a total of 4 consecutive songs going for a lonely, desolate, spaghetti Western angle. I think it works! These two are on bandcamp for free/pay-as-you-want, and they've said they have an LP on the way.


Trabants release FREAKOUT

Trabants - FREAKOUT

Every Trabants release has stuck out to me so far, and this is no exception. Or rather, this is also exceptional. You know what I mean. I'm not sure if I can pinpoint exactly what it is, they just seem to be one of those bands where everything lands in the right place. The drums aren't necessarily showy, but keep things moving in the right way, and really know how to add some punch when they need to. They've always got a good helping of variety and fresh ideas on every album, and the tunes stick with you.


The Mighty Swells release Off The Top

Off the Top with The Mighty Swells

Gee Whiz! The Mighty Swells have been dripping songs onto Soundcloud and Reverbnation for years, but finally went ahead and made a long-player. They've got a well polished very trad sound where the fun finds its way through. This LP is predominantly covers, but originals like "Lone Rhino" and "Mr Infiltrator" really hold their own amidst the time-tested classics. Apparently they've got another LP of originals on the way!


The Satin Chaps release Stompin' 7"

Just a few weeks ago I was listening to The (Fabulous) Wailers' "Tall Cool One" LP and thinking "Why are there not thousands of bands still making this stuff?". I just wanna stomp and twist and dance and leave my music at that!

The Satin Chaps get it! They've got some swingin' organ, honkin' brass, and percussion ready to make you move. Too bad two tracks aren't even enough to work up a sweat, but they're both right on target!



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