Demon Vendetta release Vigilante Surf

Demon Vendetta - Vigilante Surf

Demon Vendetta's previous LP "Guardians of the Bitter Sea" was absolutely excellent, with one track "Black Skull: Master of the Dark" that will probably be a mainstay on my Halloween show until forever. I had listeners genuinely tell me they were creeped out by it!

So naturally I'm thrilled to see another one. Vigilante Surf is just as savage as the record that came before it. But it takes more than just a mean tone to make a good horror surf record: there's a number of twists and outside-surf influences brought in that keep this fresh and perhaps more importantly, drive home a cinematic 80's horror vibe. And then there's a few other surprises too like a distinct moment of space age pop influences while still keeping the horror face on in "Real Surfers Wear Black".

And as a member of Prodcutions Impossible records (Irradiates, Hawaii Samurai, Taikonauts) it's a given that it's got stellar production: loud, punchy, scummy as it wants to be.

For now you can grab it from Bandcamp. They'll also be pressing to vinyl, released on May 15th, and it looks like you can already order it from . And there's a CD from


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