Y Niwl releases 5

Y Niwl - 5

After 6 years without a release, Y Niwl (pronounced Ur Nyool) have emerged with a new sound. For lack of better terminology, it's a bit more "indie' with guitar tones more in-line with modern music and with the keys (still prominently featured) expanding to different tones as well. I like it. They keep their whimsy from earlier works but have moved into something a little more expansive sounding.

This album is a bit front-loaded, slowing down and perhaps even reverting to a more familiar sound after the first 3 tracks. I won't pretend to know the meaning behind any of the song titles but I found that I preferred songs that start with "Trideg" more than "Dauddeg". What's always been appealing about Y Niwl is an apparent personality to the music, and not only is that personality still visible, but it still feels like the same Y Niwl just trying some different clothes. It's still a likeable personality.

It's available for download as well as CD and vinyl. Previously I believe their physical releases made their way to Double Crown for those of us in the US, but that's just a guess.


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