The Fuzillis release GRIND A GO GO Volume 1

The Fuzillis - GRIND A GO GO Volume 1

Las Vegas Grind is a compilation series put out by Crypt records featuring bawdy instrumentals that were more about honkin sax than reverbed guitar. That series helped identify a different style of rock & roll instrumental that might have otherwise been shrugged off we came to get a little more obsessed with genres and focus on this idea of "surf music". If you need a reference point, Tequila would fit nicely into Las Vegas Grind, though I'd suggest just grabbing those compilations, they're really great.

Despite the popularity of those compilations, there aren't too many modern bands that focus on that sound. In fact, The Fuzillis are the only group to use the Las Vegas Grind tag on bandcamp! The Delusionaires do, and Impala certainly tended in that direction. But man, The Fuzillis are really about that sound. Saxophones wailing, guitars sounding like they're filling a room, just a whole lotta commotion and energy screaming at you to get down.

There's a few of the Las Vegas Grind classics like "Take it Off" and a couple of tracks that are more well-known in the surf world like the Tornadoes' "Beavershot", The Strangers' "Caterpillar Crawl", and The Fabulous Wailers' "The Wailer". They all fit in perfectly (The Wailers were never really a surf group anyway). I *think* they have a bunch of songs they wrote themselves, but they blend in so well that I can't be sure that they're not just more obscure covers.

I find this hard not to love. Really, a good instro record often just boils down to how much gusto it's played with, and this has so much gusto it's disgusto.

On bandcamp, CD, and vinyl.


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