Two cool reissues coming up! Watang! and The Del-Vipers

Two winners are getting some nice reissues that should let them reach a wider audience. 

The Del-Vipers' Terror of the Del-Vipers (album art abocve) was previously only available digitally and on cassette. They've recently joined the Double Crown roster and with it they'll get a CD release. I had given them an honorable mention for  and  - absolutely a standout from last year. It's not out just yet but official release date from Double Crown is March 24th.

Meanwhile, Watan's Miss Wong won the Gremmy for . Green Cookie has helped this one see a 10" vinyl release. With that comes a track order change AND two additional tracks: Surfzilla and Chopstick Joe. 

Here's Surfzilla. You can buy it from


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