Bandcamp Friday Roundup: October 2022

The Bradipos IV - s/t
Today is Bandcamp Friday and for once I started writing this up earlier than last minute... but unfortunately this has been one of the slowest release periods of the year!* I guess that makes it easier for you to buy ALL of these great releases that came out in the past month.

Of course, this drought is basically over as of today. There's records by Los Atarrayas, The Jagaloons, Zak & the Krakens, The Dreadtones, Magnatech, singles by Black Flamingos, Surfrajettes and more that popped up today but I haven't gotten a chance to listen to them yet. And inevitably there's going to be a bunch of groups releasing records leading up to Halloween. Don't release your records on Halloween, y'all. If you do we probably won't get to hear them until November 1st.
Anyway here's what I'd recommend.

Z & The Tiki Twisters - S/T

I don't think I've really recognized how great this band is despite enjoying everything they've done. Ferocious and impactful surf that compares well to Man or Astro-Man but still feels like their own thing. I listened to this on a road trip and it certainly did not make me a safer driver.

The Bradipos IV - Endless Bummer

I've had this for a while, have wanted to a big fancy review for it, but have struggled to say something poignant enough. The fact that their opening track and lead single is called "Endless Bummer" actually sets you up pretty well; this record is full of *mood*, hanging out in minor keys and sparing energetic and sunny moments for when you deserve it. However, I wouldn't say that's morose, slow, or least of all boring. It's a measured meditation on surf and melody, full of heart and feeling in a thoughtful but easy-to-approach manner. It's a statement when a band self-titles a record 25 years into their career, and I think it's one that fans of this revered surf band will appreciate.

Humanga Danga -Watusi Peak EP

It's kind of surprising to learn that it's been about 4 years since the debut EP of this group. It left an impression! It's follow-up doesn't disappoint, with an impressive array adventurous tracks with some very impressive guitar playing both in technical terms and in melodic sensibilities.

Man... or Astro-man? - Distant Pulsar 7"

I don't normally put pre-release stuff in here (doesn't officially release until December!), but you gotta jump on it fast for the MOAM stuff. I haven't gotten to hear this yet but I know there are already copies floating around the southeast.


While September on the whole was pretty slow, Otitis Media went kinda nuts with releases this past month. The following are new releases on that label -- and each of these have vinyl releases through Otitis' website. There are some that I haven't mentioned too.

Arno de Cea & the Clockwork Wizards - Everything Under the Sun is for Everyone 7"

Arno hasn't released anything not worth grabbing, and in keeping with the name of the EP, it's pay-what-you-want... but you can also order it in 7" form from Otitis Media. The title track in particular is a little more upbeat and punk than usual, doesn't sound like the world ending.

Genki Genki Panic - This Is... Dungeon Surf!!!

New LP from Tennessee horror goofs has a bunch of songs that may look familiar from the tracklisting, but I get the sense that GGP is rarely "done" with a song, throwing in new ingredients/instruments along the way and seeing how they taste. Their previous LP "Beyond the Black Reverb" was described as basically being a concept album that turned into something else -- this feels more like a proper LP effort. I want to say more "polished" or "focused" but I can't because there's too much wild extra stuff going on -- and that's what's great about it -- but suffice it to say that the recipe they've landed on here is very much fit for consumption -- no promises there won't be any side effects.
And if you really wanna go all-in on GGP, they've got a split 7" with the Jagaloons coming out right about now PLUS the re-release of their great record Spooky Fingers is finding its way to vinyl.

Retrofoguetes - The New Hypnotic Wave of Retrofoguetes EP

I had just bought a digital copy of their 2009 LP two weeks ago! A great group from Brazil that can pull off heavy and weird in equal measure. Great to see them back on the map.

That's it for now


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