Introducing the New Releases calendar

When I first made this website I felt like I had to actually have some content that would make visiting worthwhile other than just playlists. So I thought "why not share all the surf music I've been finding"? I could let people know about every single new release that I found and give them the gist of it. I didn't want them to be reviews, I didn't have the heart to get serious about when something kinda sucked, just descriptions... and if I really liked it I would try to be extra gushy with my prose.


SSOR is on honeymoon! See you in May

This past weekend I married my best fried of over 10 years. It was an endless, perfect weekend, the wedding was beautiful and though I can't remember the last time I cried to the point of tears, I was a total wreck reading my vows.

So now I'm in Thailand and will be bouncing around here and Cambodia until about May 1st. Though I did get a response for somebody to contribute to the site, I didn't find enough time to set them up to do it. I'll announce their joining the team once that's happened.


Want to help out with Storm Surge of Reverb?

At some point I decided this radio show needed a website. Then I figured this website should, you know, have stuff on it. I was already looking for more surf rock every morning so I thought "why not let others know".

Since then has kind of taken on a life of its own independent of the radio show. It's been a lot of work, but it's rewarding, and I think it serves a unique purpose for people interested in instro music.

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The Chantays - Storm Surge of Reverb

I was thinking about how much I love the no-bullshit album covers that grace records like Link Wray's Jack the Ripper and The Chantays Pipeline. So I thought "Why I don't use that design?" And there went my Saturday afternoon.

There's still a few kinks to work out, but what do you think? Prefer the old bright yellow style? Somehow I doubt it.


Have you sent a promo to Storm Surge of Reverb through the mail? If so please read

I recently started realizing that something was fishy. In the past year I've revamped my entire strategy for getting the word out about my show, a big part of which was this website right here. And it was working: I got a lot more action on facebook and twitter, and I could see in analytics that the "Gimme Stuff to Play" page was being visited.


A new website!

It took a lot of work to make something this ugly and there's still a lot of stuff to work out! But it's nice to have a centralized spot for information, playlists, and links to cool surf stuff. Lemmy know what you think!


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