SSOR is on honeymoon! See you in May

This past weekend I married my best fried of over 10 years. It was an endless, perfect weekend, the wedding was beautiful and though I can't remember the last time I cried to the point of tears, I was a total wreck reading my vows.

So now I'm in Thailand and will be bouncing around here and Cambodia until about May 1st. Though I did get a response for somebody to contribute to the site, I didn't find enough time to set them up to do it. I'll announce their joining the team once that's happened.

After weeks of surf rock drought, naturally everybody decided to release new music on my wedding weekend. Thanks surf rock universe. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to most of these and certainly won't get a chance to write up about them for a while, so I'll list them.

But first! Here's my wife's balkan band covering The Shadows' "Theme for Young Lovers" for our processional. It's a really unique take and I thought it was amazing.

Recent Releases I can't listen to now

The Surfing Robbers - Surf Rock is the Right Way

Mickey y Los Doras - Buaaah Chaval!!!

Beninghove's Hangmen - Pineapples & Ashtrays

The Phantom Dragsters - Surfin' After Death EP

Nahuelaizers - Profundidad Desconocida


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