Have you sent a promo to Storm Surge of Reverb through the mail? If so please read

I recently started realizing that something was fishy. In the past year I've revamped my entire strategy for getting the word out about my show, a big part of which was this website right here. And it was working: I got a lot more action on facebook and twitter, and I could see in analytics that the "Gimme Stuff to Play" page was being visited.

And yet, I hardly received any promo material. In fact, I received less than I have in previous years. I still got digital promos, and I still got some that were sent directly to my house, but my mailbox at WTUL remained empty. I shouldn't assume anything, but it was a bit hard to believe.

We recently had a switch at the music director position and I immediately get three packages post-dated to April: The Tarantinos NYC, Tsunamibots, and King Pelican. This doesn't confirm it, but it's pretty strong evidence that the music director this year wasn't forwarding mail meant for this show to my box.

So if you sent something in and were thinking "Why isn't he playing my stuff?" it's very possible I never got it in the first place. If you think that may be you, let me know so I can try to get to the bottom of this. I'm not sure I can find it, and I don't think it's fair for you to spend your money to send another one, but it would be good to know.

I do think the new music directors should be handling this pretty well, so I'm not going to discourage bands from sending to that address. This is just an unfortunately thing that happened, and I'm pretty upset about it.

Again, this should only apply to things sent to the WTUL New Orleans address, but if you think I didn't receive any other mail, physical or digital, please email releases  at stormsurgeofreverb.com


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