The Aqua Barons release Southeast Stompers

The Aqua Barons - Southeast Stompers

After 6 years and only two tracks on a Green Cookie compilation to show for it, Greece's The Aqua Barons have released their first LP. Though drawing on trad sounds, there's some very distinct creativity in here that really stand out as their own: from the loosely floating lead guitar in "the Lonely Siren", to a killer mix of fuzz and surf guitar in "Harbour Love" and some unhinged wildness on "Abandon Ship". The closer "Last Sunset" is a fun track as well, starting as cooled-off drifter but building into a roar.


Dirty Fuse release Back to Brazil EP

Dirty Fuse - Back to Brazil EP

This EP is Dirty Fuse's first with their new guitarist after their previous guitarist went Back to Brazil. I'd still say this sounds like the Dirty Fuse we're familiar with, but I can only say that because they're an adventurous group and change is expected. There's still prominent saxophone, there's a great sense of depth to the sound - partially nice recording, but the bass definitely rounds it out as well. "Evolution" starts it out as a pretty aggressive number, but you get a lot more chilled-out with "Back to Brazil" and "Wonderland" which are nice-n-easy sunny day tracks. 


The Invisible Surfers release Straight From Hell

The Invisible Surfers - Straight From Hell

It's been a good while since the Invisible Surfers' last LP "Till That Day" and it's great to see them back. They've changed - a lot less fuzz, a lot more traditional reverb-drenched sound, but they've also stayed the same - aggressive, quick-picked, adrenaline-minded. You can give a listen to the previews and purchase it over at


Dirty Fuse release Last Wave

Dirty Fuse, Last Wave, Youtube, release

Dirty Fuse's previous album  was definitely worth a listen: it seamlessly gave a surf twang to Greek rebetika songs. They're back to business hittin the surf with Last Wave, though they're still clearly up for a challenge. In this quick listen as I'm posting this I'm hearing LOTS of interesting saxophone, a mix of fuzz, glassy euro-styled guitar, some good ol' deep twangin'.. and that's just a start.


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