The Top 100 Surf Records of the 2010s: 20-1

The final chunk of the is here, with plenty of longstanding surf heavyweights but also some great new upstarts. Thank you to everybody that voted on this list and I hope you're satisfied with the results!


The Top Surf Records of the 2010s: 60-41

The Top Surf Records of the 2010s: 100-81

2010s 100-81

This is the first set of albums included in this countdown. Though these may be lower on the list, being on the list at all is a great accomplishment, and if it were entirely up to me several of these would be much higher. That said, since these had fewer votes than higher on this list and there were more tie-breakers to decide, their position was a little less absolute and my thumb pressed on the scale a little bit more than it will in subsequent chunks.

For more details about how this list was decided upon,


The Top 100 Surf Records of the 2010s: Introduction

Best of the 2010s

The 2010s were an interesting time for surf music. There were barely a handful of remnants from the great Pulp Fiction explosion, and the tiny boost that surf may have seen from a garage rock explosion was long gone. Surf is an obscure genre, and nobody is waiting for a lifeline to change that. But I think surf has thrived in the meantime.


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