Robotron releases Robotron Versus The Invincible and Indestructible Reptilicus

Robotron - Robotron Versus The Invincible and Indestructible Reptilicus

Robotron is a project by Bjørn Hovland featuring 7 tracks of monstrous fuzzed out tough surf. While a lot of these projects where one member writes and plays many parts tend to sound stripped down, this gives no indication based on the music itself. Partially because this was hardly a bedroom recording: Bjorn hails from Norway, the album was mixed in Brazil and mastered in Seattle!

The kaiju-style imagery of the album comes through in the music: its aggression oscillates between a wild romp and a big stomp. Though it certainly has moments where melody reigns over power, like on "Among the Galaxy and Stars", it never drops the darkness completely. Which is good! It's a consistent theme to the point where you could even construct a narrative. Standout for me is "Attack of the Giants" though I do tend to gravitate towards the faster ones.

For the moment this is digital only through Reverb Brasil's bandcamp pagel Reverb Brasil has been working pretty hard lately, with some pretty cool ones already teased for an August release.


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