Moms I'd Like to Surf release Surf Cops are Watching You

Moms I'd Like to Surf - Surf Cops are Watching You

Mom's I'd Like to Surf may hold the crown for goofiest surf band name, and seeing what might even be a on the cover can make you think "hooo boy, where's this going?". As it turns out, the goofy cover art is mostly just that; this is still comfortably within the surf realm. That's not to say it doesn't have some quirks to it. The singing on "Surf Blast Inferno" (still wordless) has a spacey quality that reminds me of the Star Trek theme or Southern Culture on the Skids' "For Lovers Only", and the guitar on "Bruce Killed the Harlot" wanders into a blusey jazzy territory. More good stuff from MILS, hope they'll treat us to an LP sometime in the future.

Oh and before you give it a listen on bandcamp, check out the promo video.


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