Los Venturas release Miles High

Los Venturas - Miles High

This is the last entry of the month of Green Cookie Records. Within a few weeks, they've released Los Venturas, The El Caminos, The Aqua Barons and on their subsidiary label Surf Cookie they released Bamboogie Injections and a repackaged Surfoniani record. I'm guessing this is all leading up to Italy's Surfer Joe festival happening this weekend.

In the past I really haven't given Los Venturas the attention they deserve. I know a lot of people enjoyed their past two releases Paisley Beach and Kaleydoskop. Halfway through the opening track "El Rey De Los Cielos" it was clear that I was missing out on something. It's a beautiful, airy, patient instrumental -- it doesn't punch but it's a knockout nonetheless. That mood continues into the next track, but then you get "Pradesh Hypno Beat" that takes on a stomping psychedelic tone similar to the Phantom Four. It's clear that they wanted to try things on this record, even dipping into a reggae sound.

This is a easy-going record though, with a lot of tunes taking on that light mood that the first track took on so well. Much like the Los Straitjackets' Jet Set record, it hearkens to a mid-century feeling of stress-free exploration through sound. 

This one is on CD, vinyl, and bandcamp digital download. The physical copies even include instructions for joining the Mile High Club!


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