Los Protones release 20 Monstruos! 2007​-​2015

Los Protones - 20 Monstruos! 2007-2015

If you listen to Storm Surge of Reverb regularly, you might have picked up how much I love the Peruvian take on surf. Bands like Los Belking's, Los Holy's and Los Jaguar's had a truly unique mix of surf rock, psychedelic music and cumbia that come together into something I have heard since from anywhere else in the world.

So naturally, any modern Peruvian instro groups immediately have my attention. While Los Protones are not trying to replicate that sound, there's one thing that they have in common: attention to TONE! The guitars have the perfect timbre to accentuate the mood they're going for in each song, and they're often joined by instruments less heard in surf, like violins or acoustic guitar (and there's great organ playing throughout). 

This is compilation of sorts spanning their work from 2007 to today. It includes studio cuts, live cuts, unreleased material and demos. I've only given it one listen, but I found it to be VERY consistent throughout!

Give it a lissen!


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