Llobarros - Exotica & Fuzz EP

Llobarros - Exotica & Fuzz

This short debut EP from Llobarros gets a lot done. It starts out with a great, trashy trad surf song that will probably excite in the same way that The Wave Chargers have recently, moves into a guitar-exotica number that could fit right in on one of those Surfer's Mood compilations (or that Technicolor Paradise comp that Numero Group recently put out), then moves into a more progressive-styled nasty instro with fuzz guitar and some really growly bass, then another exotica-styled number with much more pounding percussion that tends to lose its temper in a way that Arthur Lyman never exactly did.

For just a trio their sound is never thin and with the sort of range they show in just these four songs, there's reason to be excited for what these guys hold in the future. In fact, forget the future, this is a great EP now.


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