Fifty Foot Combo release self-titled LP

Fifty Foot Combo - self-titled LP

It's real! Belgium's finest have released their first full-length in 12 years! And it's a self-titled too, which honestly makes me a little uneasy. I often feel like a self-titled is a statement of a new sound, new direction, and that would be very understandable after such a long absence. What form are they taking here?

Your fears are unfounded. This is Fifty Foot Combo with swirling organs, aggressive guitars, furious bongos, tribal rhythms, even a little theremin all present and accounted for. While I'd say that there is something different here, it's hard to nail down. Maybe just composure: it feels a little less swanky, a little more cocky, and that's totally acceptable for your longtime comeback album. It's a little noiser, maybe fuzzier, fewer sound clips, maybe even a tad more psychedelic but it all works.

Ah wait, I know what it is. Drippy, reverbed surf guitar. I can't find it anywhere, and part of me says that's sad, but on the other hand removing that from the equation amplifies what made them stand out from the rest of the surf pack while still sounding out from, well, everybody (unlike the latest Man? or Astro-Man record). They still know where they come from; there's a cover of Link Wray's "Law of the Jungle" just two tracks. The important thing is it's good. I mean like Evil A-Go-Go or Go Hunting good.

At the moment I think you can only get this from , which means an overseas shipping wait for us yankees. I'm sure in good time Double Crown and others will be carrying it. No digital either, but it does come in CD and more excitingly, a deluxe vinyl package that includes the LP, CD, and 7" with the excellent vocal track "Trop Sauvage".

edit: turns out it's up for download on Google Music and iTunes as well


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