The Delstroyers release Diabolical!

The Delstroyers - Diabolical!

After their promising 2016 EP "Here Come the Delstroyers" these Seattleites have thrown together a longplayer for us. And it's a lot of fun.

Really, you just have to listen to the opening track to get the picture with the Delstroyers: Straightforward modern surf played with passion. These are some of the hardest records to talk about because The Delstroyers don't exactly do anything in a way that sets them apart, but this is a style of music where the intangibles are important, and The Delstroyers really bring it all together so well. It has the oomph, the drive, a firm sense that everybody involved was loving it and confident in what they were doing. It's that confident sense of cool that's so core to rock & roll.

The whole record will set your knee bouncing, though they do cool it down for the mysterious "Curse of Cobra Island" and "The Count".

This is high quality stuff and should be pretty accessible to most surf fans. Digital, CD, and vinyl. Definitely give it a listen.


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