The Catamounts release St Nuomatic

The Catamounts - St Nuomatic

This is the second LP from Winnipeg's The Catamounts. Though there's plenty here for the guitar nuts among us, there's an equal helping of organ - not the fun, mod go-go kind, but more of a crazed, mysterious, atmospheric kind. So now it's sounding like a horror surf record, and yeah it could probably sit well on your halloween playlist, but they're more about intrigue and mystery - hence covers of The Sicilian Clan and You Only Live Twice. It's not too deep in the fog -- there's a cover of The Wedge that isn't too far off the map. I've mentioned a lot of covers, but the ones that (I believe) are original are great, with Swamp Creature vs. The Banshee especially standing out to me.

The sound production is dynamite, adding a little bit of force in places that otherwise might have really flattened this. As a result it's ALMOST a fun listen through and through... for some reason they decided to throw in several of theirs songs played backwards. It does confirm the use of the word "crazed" but I had to start skippin' through those.

As far as I can tell, bandcamp is the main place to get this, but they've got vinyl and CD copies if you wanna get physical. Worth a listen!


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