Black Flamingos release Neon Boneyard

Black Flamingos - Neon Boneyard

Black Flamingos' name and album art suit them well: fun and exotic, but with a sketchy side. There is a beach party going on for sure, but somebody said they saw a shark. 

First and foremost, this is a surf record. "Flamingo Twist" and "Cock Grease" are plain ol' fun party tracks with no hint of anything "wrong". But there's tinges of jazzy drumming, some darker, slower, more minor key guitar playing, some harpsichord, (!) some eerie whistling that adds a bit of a strange, hollow side to them. Go straight to "La Mirada" for a good sample of what I mean. I'd put the vibe somewhere between Bambi Molesters and Big Lazy, though perhaps creepier but without a straight up horror surf vibe.

You can grab this one on CD or Vinyl or BOTH! Or digital on (though I can't embed).


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