The Bills release Check's in the Mail

The Bills - Check's in the Mail

After 4 years this New Orleans local surf punk band has put out their third release. Every Bills release has sounded better than the last, and this one lets you know it right from the first loud and heavy note of guitar. And they're proud of it; even though half of this album is vocal, the guitars are always just as loud.

But we're here for the instrumentals. Some of these are familiar from past releases ("Apollo Creed", "The Maggot", "Cockface Creep") but sound great with the new treatment. You've also got a killer cover of The Mummies' "The Fly" which is just as savage and a bit more Hi-Fi than the original. The new instrumentals are "Go Bananas" which is predictably wild and raucous and "Lead Beach" which is a slower cruncher.

The Bills' vocal tracks accompany the instrumentals well, falling from a pretty light-hearted unpretentious branch of punk. Fans of The Spits and The Mummies should find this whole album to be right up their alley.

You can download from bandcamp or buy a CD. And I've had them in the studio about 3 times or so, so chances are you'll hear them on Storm Surge of Reverb soon.


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