Kingargoolas release Ao vivo na Rádio Cadillacs

Kingargoolas - Ao vivo na Rádio Cadillacs

This is a live set by Kingargoolas on the Brazillian radio show . It definitely doesn't have the studio polish you can get from their great 2013 self-titled LP but you've got a lot more songs than you'll find there! That includes a number of covers such as Eddie & The Showmen's "Squad Car" fit to their signature off-kilter syncopation. 


Anybody got a question for Dick Dale?

Dick Dale

The King of the Surf Guitar is heading to New Orleans on April 12th (Sunday). Thanks to WTUL's ticket coordinator being pretty great at what he does, I've got a phone interview with him for the second half of tomorrow's show. This isn't the first interview I've done with him (trying to find the old one) and based on the last one chances are he'll run the show on his own, but I'm open to any suggestions for prompts. I have a few ideas of my own but I also used a bunch of them the first time around.

Of course, I'll edit it down for internet consumption afterwards.


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