Os Brutus release Übersurf

Os Brutus - Übersurf

When Os Brutus released , I concluded by saying I was looking forward to hearing more of them. I didn't have to wait long! Os Brutus have a great dirty tone to them but stay solidly within the surf realm. Some of the tracks from their EP have made it onto this one, but with a full album they get to breathe a little bit more, try different tempos.


Hitchcocks release self-titled EP

Hitchcocks - Hitchcocks

We've got four songs from the sci-fi horror group the Hithcocks, absolutely drenched in reverb, complete with some echoey and ominous synthesizers and spooky ghastly voices. They choose darkness over speed, with most of these songs finding more of a zombie-shuffle pace. Dig the retro sci-fi video then give it a spin on bandcamp


Apicultores Clandestinos release Astronauta do Campo

Apicultores Clandestinos release Astronauta do Campo

Not using google translate on this one: I think the name means secret beekeepers. This LP is loud, fun, and playful. It's got 3 vocal tracks, sure, but it's also got about 3 theremin tracks and one kazoo track (perhaps meant to simulate bees?). Give it a spin on bandcamp!


Kingargoolas release Ao vivo na Rádio Cadillacs

Kingargoolas - Ao vivo na Rádio Cadillacs

This is a live set by Kingargoolas on the Brazillian radio show . It definitely doesn't have the studio polish you can get from their great 2013 self-titled LP but you've got a lot more songs than you'll find there! That includes a number of covers such as Eddie & The Showmen's "Squad Car" fit to their signature off-kilter syncopation. 


Baleia Mutante release Versões Macabras Para Crianças Malcriadas

Baleia Mutante - Versões Macabras Para Crianças Malcriadas

The Metallica reference on the album art isn't just a gag; this is a cover record and Baleia Mutante's tends to go a little outside the normal surf favorites. On this one we've got instro covers of Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Dead Kennedys, and the Live and Let Die Theme.


Intóxicos release Vila Velha Todo Dia

Intóxicos - Vila Velha Todo Dia

Intóxicos have been playing live since 2013 and have finally released their first LP "Vila Velha Todo Dia". It's got a wide range of themes and ideas with solid guitar work throughout. I particularly got a kick out of their attempt to make Intoxica more intoxicated in their self-titled track "Intóxicos".

They've also got a pretty fun pixel art video poking fun at the old California Games video games.


Tsunamish release vs. Los Fantasmas EP

Tsunamish vs. Los Fantasmas EP

The band that mixed the Pennsylvania Dutch with surf has now thrown horror into the mix. Really though, this EP only really goes for the spooky vibes on the title track and "La Culpa", the rest is solid trad surf. They've got physical copies on the way to the manufacturer, but in the meantime you can hear and download the songs on bandcamp


The Dead Rocks release Surf Explosão

Dead Rocks - Surf Explosão

While Brazil has no shortage of great surf groups, if you asked me to name the first that comes to mind, it would probably be the Dead Rocks. They've been around for about 10 years now and put out some great albums, my favorites being International Brazillian Surfs and One Million Dollar Surf Band. They're relentless promoters and have made their music easy to obtain across the world. And most importantly, who can forget those sharp outfits. After a brief Spaghetti Western stint on their last LP, they're back to plain ol' surf and doing it well.


Os Brutus release Cidade Suja Desastrada EP

Os Brutus - Cidade Suja Desastrada EP

It's been a slow week for surf releases, but Sao Paolo's Os Brutus have given us a three-song EP to help us out. For those of you that don't speak Portugese (including me), Google Translate says the album title means "Dirty City Clumsy". Eh, I don't know. Love the take on the Dead Kennedy's album cover. Great heavy sound on "Nabila", looking forward to hearing more from them.



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