Ted Boys Marinos - Surf Sessions

Ted Boys Marinos - Surf Sessions

Album Good.

Trad surf records are some of the hardest ones to write about, or at least to write something unique. You have to grasp at the intangible or embellish something irrelevant into something meaningful. I've been listening to this album for a few weeks now and I've made no progress with those avenues.

This album doesn't show you anything new, doesn't do anything in an exceptional manner, it's just a collection of great surf songs. Even "Adrenal", which I imagine is supposed to be their hardest-hitting, probably hits a 7/10 on the surf intensity scale at its most savage, but I still liked it enough to play on my show.


"Tesoura Voadora" with a nice acoustic guitar layer, driving bass, and guitar riffs that seem to splash against each other.

"Blue Hawaii" a cool number with a simple, swooning guitar melody. I almost caught myself making up lyrics for this one, and certainly found myself whistling it.

"Space Station" is a repeat from their debut EP and remains very similar, with moments of "hyperdrive" and moments of easy space flight.

"Panico Na Riveira" an unassuming melody pushed along by an overeager bassline knocks you into an unassuming crescendo that makes you wanna go back and hear it all again.

Really though, it's all good hitting a nice and easy sweet spot of melody and tone that's neither too nasty nor too tame. It's a good album.


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