The Surfin' Surfers - Still Surfin'

The Surfin' Surfers - Still Surfin' EP

In a genre where originality is admittedly optional, The Surfin' Surfers almost embrace that low bar with their name, 3-color artwork, and the lack of original songs. However, I still quite enjoyed their debut "Surfers' Surf' and even bought the 7".

Their follow-up "Still Surfin'" is apparently scraps from that session deemed not good enough, but these scraps are still better than plenty of surf bands I've heard. These covers are pretty by-the-book, but they've got just the right lo-fi sound to pump some serious strength into them without sounding trashy enough to obscure the music.

Maybe I'd judge a little bit more harshly were these not at name-your-price, but for a surf fan it's hard to turn down a good, free, tasty meal.


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