Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited releases Music from the 6th Floor

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Music from the 6th Floor

For nearly 20 years Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited have been putting out records that are rock solid and sound like nobody else. This is and while this is no exception to that rule, it is slightly different. The space age sound is toned down a bit, and in its place I hear a bit more of an Italian soundtrack vibe and often a lot more electronic, often in a bedroomy nostalgic way.

If this is causing you panic in any way, it's going to be OK. "Night Boat to Antalya" has that classic SSSU mix of bachelor pad crime funk surf, and in general that sound is still present throughout, just with a few different ingredients and twists. This is a little bit of a diversity in a flawless discography that never gets old, and probably just adds a little more spice if you want to throw that discography on shuffle.

You can get it from Dionysus' . I got the 12" vinyl which includes a download code.


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