The Bahareebas release Tell Me a Story About

The Bahareebas - Tell Me a Story About

In their 4th LP, The Bahareebas have found a sweet spot that I expect should resonate with just about any modern-trad surf fan. Despite a pretty no-frills surf sound, The Bahareebas manage to play with a sense of purpose and emotion in every moment of the melody. It's bright and sunny and energetic, but also with a sense of danger -- while not being vicious. They take cues from many of trad surf's memorable leitmotifs without feeling like rip-offs, just channeling the spirit of the music. I think "Moai from Outer Space" is the best encapsulation of all this: a mid-tempo mysterious track with some envigorating swells.

Their are four vocal fuzzy garage rock tracks with instrumental backing that doesn't deviate too far from the surf tracks. I rarely give vocal tracks a fair shake when I'm listening to a surf record, but they don't take away.

This is pay-what-you-want on bandcamp, but if you'd like a vinyl copy you can email them at for 20 Swiss Francs + postage. Something I learned today: exchange rate between swiss francs and USD is currently 1!


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