Los Coronas release Señales de Humo

For 25 years Spain's Los Coronas have been pumping out first-rate surf records. It's been 4 years since their last LP Adios Sancho and Señales de Humo (Smoke Signals for us english speakers) builds on that sound, but even after one listen I think it exceeds their last effort.

Moreso than not, its a surf record, though with such prominent horns, it's tempting to try to think of this as a Spaghetti Western sorta record, and it does tend towards that direction at times. Really, that's all an oversimplification. There's a lot more instrumentation at work, and a lot more influences weaving their way into the record. On first listen you might not notice the keyboards buried in the mix on "Tono Viejo" but once you do start to notice things like that, you'll love them. But the other thing you might notice in that song is the obvious squeaky toy; there's a lot of silly stuff in this too. I guess what I'm saying is, this is a band that's been at their craft long enough that they've got a big toolbox to work with, and they know their way around all of it.

The key is the songwriting though. A lot of these songs ("Drama West" and "La Fiebre" for instance) may dance around with some fun tricks, but then they'll flatten out into these super-simple super-satisfying riffs. And it's all pretty fun and upbeat, a casual listen with serious depth.

At 17 tracks you're definitely getting your moneys worth. Speaking of moneys, there's a bunch of ways to get this one: Digital, CD, and vinyl. As far as I can tell no US distribution just yet, but here's a to a bunch of digital options.


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