Kingargoolas release Tales From the Instro Zone

Kingargoolas - Tales From the Instro Zone

This one has actually been floating around as a vinyl and CD release for a few months now, but it wasn't clear to me where your average internet-surfin' joe could get it. That answer is now free on bandcamp.

Tales from the Instro Zone is all over the place, with some cool groovers lke "Pullover Tom Pastel", theremin-infused weirdos like "Saturn Safari", fuzz crashers like "Mata Hari", and I don't even know what to call "Tarantella Tarantinesca". From their self-titled I thought the trademark of Kingargoolas were their unconventional rhythms. That still occurs sometimes, but they seem to have smoothed it out a bit. It's still pretty wild and playful regardless, and still sounds like Kingargoolas.


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