Hypnotide releases The Ninja and the Sea Monster EP

Hypnotide's debut LP  was a surprise favorite from 2015. With only 6 tracks, Hypnotide can't possibly show the same flexibility with their sound that they did on the LP, and they don't really attempt to.

What's really on display here is is quick, nimble guitar lines that dance around and amidst each other, an effect that's pronounced by some heavy panning of each each guitar to a different speaker. It's really fun to switch back and forth, deciding which part to listen to (perhaps even deciding which is Sea Monster and which is Ninja). This hinges pretty closely on everybody being in lock-step with each other -- precision is key and there's loads of it. 

The standout (my wife has asked me about it from the other room twice now) is "Fire Eyed Girl", with a bit more of a psychedelic stir-up to it and played in 7.

It's on bandcamp and also available as a limited cassette run.


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