Kozyol release self-titled LP

Kozyol - Kozyol

I don't know too much about Kozyol - despite being based in Portaldn, I'm guessing at least one of their members is Russian, which would explain why some of these songs are in what I assume to be Russian. Definitely pretty funny for me, writing this on a trip to the nation of Georgia and having just gotten back from the Stalin museum. That really doesn't have anything to do with anything.

Kozyol play a loose, jazzy, flamenco-ish surf. Kinda makes me think of Dead Combo or Big Lazy, but with a more overt surf influence. Personally, I love stuff like this, and there aren't a whole lot of bands with a similar sound. There are a few vocal tracks, two of them on songs that instro fans are comfortable with hearing surf covers of (Harlem Nocturne and Dark Eyes).

Overall, a very unique and refreshing sound. You can either download or it buy the cassette release.


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